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West Elm


West Elm is a home goods brick and mortar and ecommerce company headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. West Elm is an innovative yet trendy consumer goods retailer that hosts pop-up events, in-store installations, tips and tricks and more.
(718) 473-1800
Brooklyn, NY USA
Primary Address:
Two Main Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Parent Company:
West Elm

Employees (20)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
A**** A***Vice President, Contenta***[email protected](718) 473-****
R****** A******Vice President, Merchandising(718) 473-****
A*** B*****President - West Elma*****[email protected](718) 473-****
N******* B****Ecommerce Contentn****[email protected](718) 473-****
R***** B******Ecommerce Production Coordinatorr******[email protected](718) 473-****
C***** C********Vice Presidentc********[email protected](718) 473-****
S***** D*****Director, Product Developments*****[email protected](718) 473-****
C********** E*****Ecommerce Site Manager - United Kingdom Marketc*****[email protected](718) 473-****
R**** J*******Marketing Strategy Coordinatorr*******[email protected]
K**** L********Vice President, Supply Chain Operationsk********[email protected]
S**** P*****Vice President, Talent, People & Cultures*****[email protected]
E**** P**********Senior Manager, Site Experiencee**********[email protected]
S**** R*****Senior Digital Marketing Managers*****[email protected]
A******** S*******Senior Manager, Email Marketinga*******[email protected]
C******** S*******Senior Vice President, Merchandising & General Managerc*******[email protected]
A*** S****Vice President Merchandising - Textiles
L*** S******Director, Site Experiencel******[email protected]
M****** T******Social Media & Digital Content Managerm******[email protected]
D**** T*****Director, Digital Marketing & Brand Advertisingd*****[email protected]
A****** V*******Senior Manager, Cross Channel Marketinga*******[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020