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Wells Fargo & Company


Based in San Francisco, CA, Wells Fargo & Company provides a range of financial services to consumers and businesses. Products include banking, insurance, investment management, and mortgage lending. The company has banking locations and ATMs throughout the United States.
(415) 979-0775
San Francisco, CA USA
Primary Address:
420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94104
Parent Company:
Wells Fargo & Company

Employees (191)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
J*** A****Executive Vice President, Chief Operating & Strategy Officerj********[email protected](415) 979-****
L*** A*****Vice President, Brand Managerl***********[email protected](415) 979-****
(415) 547-****
J**** A***President - Asia-Pacific & Head, Corporate & Investment Bankingj********[email protected]
E**** A*******Senior Vice President, Strategic Insights & Researche**************[email protected]
C******** A*****Vice President, Brand Program Manager(415) 979-****
S**** A****Director, Corporate Sponsorship
K****** B********Vice President, Business Systemsb*****[email protected]
G*** B*******Senior Vice President, Change Initiativeg***********[email protected](800) 869-****
L***** B******Director, Account & In-House Agencyl************[email protected](415) 979-****
A*** B******Vice President, Pro Sports & Manager, Naming Rights Sponsorshipa**********[email protected](415) 979-****
J**** B******Vice President, Corporate Communicationsj*************[email protected](415) 979-****
(415) 222-****
A*** B****Architect - Enterprisea********[email protected]
B*** B*****Senior Vice President, Financial Crimes Specialty Operations & Solutionsb*********[email protected]
R*** ** B******Vice President, Consumer Small Business Bankingr***[email protected]
N****** ** B*******Vice President, Marketingn**************[email protected]
J******* B**** ******Senior Brand Journalist & Content Writerj***********[email protected]
M******* B********Senior Vice President & Manager, Digital Marketingm****************[email protected]
A***** B*****Senior Vice President, Global Marketinga***********[email protected](415) 979-****
J**** B****Digital Marketing Leaderj*********[email protected](800) 869-****
M***** B******Vice President, Learning & Developmentm************[email protected]
T**** B******Assistant Vice President, Communicationst***********[email protected]
R***** C*****Vice President, Digital Operationsr****[email protected]
J**** C****Marketing Manager, Brand & Advertisingj*********[email protected]
S**** C******Vice President, Corporate Communicationss**************[email protected]
(515) 782-****
M****** C***Controllerm**********[email protected](415) 979-****
E*** C***Manager, Strategic Planning - Wholesale International Trade Servicese*******[email protected]
J******** C***Senior Vice President & Head, Brand Advertising & Marketingj************[email protected](415) 979-****
(415) 515-****
T*** C*****Senior Vice President, Business Initiatives - Education Finance Servicest*********[email protected]
L*** C****Manager, Graphic Design ProductionL*******[email protected]
G*** C****Senior Vice President, Virtual Channels Group Strategic Analysisc****[email protected]
V******* C******Senior Manager, Communications & Public Affairsv****************[email protected]
(704) 288-****
S**** ** C****Regional President & Executive Vice President - Southeasts*********[email protected]
K**** C***Head, Digital Artificial Intelligencek********[email protected]
T****** C*****Vice President, Integrated Marketing - Media & Paid Social SMEt************[email protected]
J**** C****Managing Director, Business Developmentj*********[email protected]
C******* C***Assistant Vice President, Marketing Integration & Communicationc***********[email protected]
A***** C*******Senior Vice President & Head, Branch Banking Marketinga*************[email protected]
I*** C*****President - Regional Banki*********[email protected]
M*** C*******Control Leader - Middle Market Banking Businessm***********[email protected]
J******* D********Vice President & Digital Marketing Manager, Acquisition Growthj****************[email protected]
H****** D*****h************[email protected]
N***** D********Vice President & Manager, Operationsn**************[email protected]
(704) 383-****
A***** D******Vice President, Conduct Management & Senior Manager, Business Initiativesa************[email protected]
(314) 484-****
G******** D****Head, External Engagement, Diverse Segments Representation & Inclusiong*************[email protected](800) 869-****
(704) 715-****
S**** D*******Head, Wealth Content Marketing - Wealth Management & Investmentsd******[email protected]
C****** D***Director, Strategic Relationships(415) 979-****
(757) 962-****
C****** D****Vice President & Communications Managerc*************[email protected]
T***** D*******Executive Vice President & Head, Financial Institutionst*************[email protected]
J*** D***Vice President & Communications Managerj*******[email protected]
C**** E****** ***Executive Vice President, Regional Strategiesc***********[email protected]
M*** E*******Senior Vice President & Senior Manager, Business Initiativesm***********[email protected]
J**** E****Senior Vice President, Digital Capabilitiesj***********[email protected]
R** E****Co-President - Wells Fargo Securitiesr*******[email protected]
K** E********Vice President, Public Affairs Communicationsk***********[email protected]
M*** E****Senior Vice President, Corporate Media Relationsm********[email protected](800) 869-****
(704) 383-****
A***** E*******District Sales Managera***************[email protected]
J** E*******Senior Vice President, Government & Community Relationsj**********[email protected]
C**** F*******Senior Vice President, Consumer Lending Relationship Strategy & Programs Leaderc************[email protected]
S***** F*****Vice President, Digital Infrastructure & Analytics Managers***********[email protected]
D**** F*****Regional Vice President - Wells Fargo Home Mortgaged**********[email protected]
D***** F*****Vice President & Manager, Brand Strategyd***********[email protected]
K**** F**********Vice President, Corporate Communication - Northeastk***************[email protected]
D*** F*****Marketing Program Manager, Consumer Segmentsd*********[email protected]
F**** G******Assistant Vice President, Analyticsf***********[email protected]
J***** G******Assistant Vice President & Business Initiatives Consultantj************[email protected]
M******* G*****Vice President, Customer Communication Program Managementm*************[email protected]
B**** G*****Senior Vice President, Commercial Banking - Middle Market Bankingb**********[email protected]
P**** G********Senior Vice President, Strategy, Planning, Governance & Consumer Lending Riskp*************[email protected]
T****** G***Vice President, Investmentst************[email protected]
D**** G*******Vice President & Business Support Managerd************[email protected]
T** G****Senior Vice President & Manager - Media Relationst*******[email protected]
D****** ** G*****Assistant Vice President, Regional Marketing
A**** G*****Vice President & Manager, Integrated Marketing Campaigna************[email protected]
B*** G******Vice President, Analyticb**********[email protected]
R****** G***Sponsorship Activation Managerr************[email protected]
D*** G*****Vice President, Digital Product Managementd*********[email protected]
E******** G********Assistant Vice President, Digital Marketinge*****************[email protected]
L**** H******President - Regional Bankl***********[email protected]
I**** H*****Executive Vice President, Open Bankingi**********[email protected]
J**** H******Vice President, Commercial Real Estate & Structured Real Estate & Manager, Content Management System Analyticsj***********[email protected]
C**** H*****Senior Vice President & Commercial Banking Leaderc**********[email protected]
J**** H******Product Manager - Credit Cardj*************[email protected]
B**** H***Business Support Managerb********[email protected]
P**** H*Senior Vice President, Emerging & Digital Paymentsp******[email protected]
E**** H********Vice President, Digital Strategye***************[email protected]
S***** H*****Vice Presidents*************[email protected]
J**** H*****Chief Privacy Officerj**********[email protected]
D**** H****Vice President, Strategic Initiatives Leaderd*********[email protected]
K*** H*******Executive Vice President & Head, Commercial Banking - Wells Fargo Bankk***********[email protected]
J*** H******Senior Vice President, Corporate Risk & Manager - Credit Risk Analyticsh*****[email protected]
D*** H*******Senior Vice President, Media & CRM Channelsd***********[email protected]
A**** I****Director & Econometriciana*********[email protected]
J**** I****Managing Director, Corporate & Investment Banking - Healthcare Technologiesj*********[email protected]
J**** J********Executive Vice President, Innovation & Product Development
T**** J******Vice President & Manager, Customer Researchl***************[email protected]
D**** J****Senior Vice President, Digital Solutionsd*********[email protected]
J****** J*****Vice President, Digital Marketingj************[email protected]
C**** J****Senior Vice President, Customer Experience - Consumer & Small Business Bankingc*********[email protected]
G** K***Senior Vice President, Home Lending Services Change Delivery & Process Management Leaderg******[email protected]
W****** K*******Senior Vice President, Marketingw**************[email protected]
A*** K***Vice President, Social Media Listening & Intelligencea*******[email protected]
M****** K***Vice President, Corporate Communication - Southwest Regionm**********[email protected]
M****** K**********Vice President, Sponsorshipsm*****************[email protected]
K**** K***********Vice President & Manager, Marketing Program - Commercial Banking Groupk****************[email protected]
M**** K****Senior Vice President & Head, Deposit Products Group Customer & Banker Communicationsm*********[email protected]
M****** M*****Social Impact Communications Advisorm**************[email protected]
G**** N*******Product Managerg************[email protected]
S****** M*******Executive Vice President & Division Executive - Commerical Bankings**************[email protected]
B**** M********Vice President, Data Strategy & Human Resourcesb*************[email protected]
S****** M*****Manager, Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Teams************[email protected]
D**** M*****Vice President & Student Segment Strategyd**********[email protected]
D***** M****Head, Programs - Enterprise Payment Strategyd**********[email protected]
S******** M********Vice President, Credit Card Advertising & Branding
L***** K*****Executive Vice President, Consumer Insightsl***********[email protected]
J**** K******Vice President, Business Development - Wells Fargo Home Mortgagej***********[email protected]
A*** K*******Senior Event Plannerk******[email protected]
J*** L***Senior Vice President, Diverse Segment Marketing Strategyj*******[email protected]
J******* L*****Senior Vice President, Mediaj***************[email protected]
G***** L*******Head, Customer Excellence - Businessesg******[email protected]
J******* L**Senior Vice President & Strategy Leader - Small Business & Personal Lendingj**********[email protected]
E***** L**Senior Vice President & Head, Agency Managemente********[email protected]
G**** L**Program Officer, Small Business Technical Assistance & Business Growth Philanthropyg*******[email protected]
A***** L****Vice President, Credit Card Acquisitions New Product & Capabilitiesa**********[email protected]
X****** L***Senior Vice President, Head, Talent Acquisition National Partnerships & Programsx************[email protected]
C******** L***Head, Content Strategy
J*** M******Executive Vice President & Head Commercial Banking - West Regionm*****[email protected]
J** M********Vice President, Digital Marketingj***********[email protected]
I**** M****Head, Consumer & Retail - Corporate Banking Originationi*********[email protected]
T***** M*******Executive Vice President, Human Resource Functionalt***************[email protected]
C***** M*******Marketing Officerc*************[email protected]
L**** O*****Executive Vice President & Head, Central Region Commercial Bankingl**********[email protected]
R***** O*********Vice President & Strategic Sourcing Managerr***************[email protected]
D** Regional President - Utahd**********[email protected]
J***** P**********Senior Vice President & Head, Digital Transformation - Merchant Servicesj****************[email protected]
M******* P*******Senior Manager, Communications - Southeast & Desert Mountains Regionsm***************[email protected]
J*** P**********President, Wells Fargo Retirementj**************[email protected]
K**** P*****Head, Digital Design Innovation, Commercial, Corporate & Investment Bankk**********[email protected]
B**** P*****Senior Vice President, Enterprise Artificial Intelligenceb**********[email protected]
K***** P*******Assistant Vice President, Philanthropy
C**** P***Managing Director, Asset Backed Financec********[email protected]
T*** P*****Vice President, Marketingt*********[email protected]
J*** P****Vice President, Integrated Marketing - Brandj********[email protected]
T*** P****Senior Vice President, Finance Advisor Marketingt********[email protected]
S**** P*****Chief Operating Officers**********[email protected]
A******* P****Vice President, Digital Marketing Consultant - Payments, Virtual Solutions & Innovationsa************[email protected]
R**** P*****Vice President, Communications - Pacific Northr**********[email protected]
K**** Q*****Senior Vice President & Digital Managerk**********[email protected]
R*** Q*******Channel Integration Leader, Innovation Group
B**** R*******Executive Vice President & Head, Corporate Communicationsb************[email protected]
C**** R**Vice President, Marketing - Integrated Marketing - Credit Cardsc*********[email protected]
J******* R*****Business Initiatives Consultant - Planning & Processj*************[email protected]
B****** R****Leader, Origination & Portfolio Management Transformation - Middle Market Bankingb*************[email protected]
M*** **** R*******Vice President & Senior Event Marketing Managerm***************[email protected]
E**** R**** ******Assistant Vice President, Strategic Public Relationse************[email protected]
H**** R*******Vice President, Corporate Communicationsh**************[email protected]
C***** R******Director, Client Engagement & Corporate Investment Bankingc************[email protected]
J** R***Executive Vice President & Head, Stakeholder Relations
J*** S******Vice President, Human Resources Communicationsj************[email protected]
S**** S****Senior Vice President, Brand Communicationss*********[email protected]
E***** S******Senior Vice President, Marketing Capabilities and Execution - Transformation, Tools, Operations & Chief, Staffe************[email protected]
K***** S*****Head, Diverse Segments, Representation & Inclusionk***********[email protected]
V**** S******Vice President & Director, Public Relations & Media Relations - Wells Fargo Wealth Managementv***********[email protected]
H**** S******Vice President, Strategic Planning & Platform Design - Small Business
C****** S*****Chief Executive Officer
B********* S*****Vice President & Brand Managers****[email protected]
M***** S******Vice President, Chief, Staffm**************[email protected]
D***** S****Manager, Employee Onboardingd**********[email protected]
J*** S******Senior Vice President & Head, Digital Marketingj************[email protected]
R***** S****Senior Vice Presidents****[email protected]
D**** S****Vice President, Wealth Management Communicationd*********[email protected]
K**** S****Associate Program Leader - Branch Bankings****[email protected]
B** S*******Senior Vice President & Head, Enterprise Money Movement & Data Sharingb**********[email protected]
K****** S******Vice President, Marketing & Group Creative Directors******[email protected]
E**** S*****Commercial Banking Market Executivee**********[email protected]
L****** T*********Vice President, Internal Communications
H**** T******Digital Transformation Product Strategy Executiveh***********[email protected]
J***** T******Social Media Manager, Paid Media Advertisingj************[email protected]
S*** T********Vice President, Brand Management & Sponsorshipss************[email protected]
J******* V******Executive Vice Presidentv******[email protected]
G**** V******Manager, Marketing Programg***********[email protected]
Z*** V***Vice President & Senior Manager, Digital Productsz*******[email protected]
C**** W****Manager, Strategic Sourcingc***************[email protected]
E***** W****Vice President, Enterprise Marketinge**********[email protected]
M*** W*****Executive Vice President & Head - Sustainability & ESG Integration
C**** W******Head, Credit Card Advertising & Brandingc***********[email protected]
J**** W***Senior Vice President & Business Initiativej********[email protected]
E**** ** W***Vice President, Analytice**********[email protected]
K**** W*******Vice President, Social Impact & Sustainabilityk****[email protected]
R** W****Vice President, Brand Marketing & Head, Card Centerr*******[email protected]
D****** Y**Vice President & Marketing Manager - Integratedy**[email protected]
C**** Z**********Vice President, Marketing Program Manager
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