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Vice Media, Inc.


Vice Media, Inc., founded in 1994 as a punk zine is now a global youth media brand. With operations in over 30 countries, Vice is a global network of digital channels, Vice magazine, VICE.com, television production studio, record label, an in-house creative agency, and a book-publishing division.
(718) 599-3101
Brooklyn, NY USA
Primary Address:
49 South Second Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Parent Company:
Vice Media, Inc.

Employees (36)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
N**** A*******Senior Media Strategistn************[email protected](718) 599-****
L**** A*****Creative Director, Branded Contentl**********[email protected](718) 599-****
S****** A***Co-Founders**********[email protected](718) 599-****
S**** A*****Video Producers**********[email protected](718) 599-****
J**** A****Senior Vice President, Insightsj*********[email protected](718) 599-****
S****** B***Chief Brand Officer & Founder - VIRTUEs**********[email protected](718) 599-****
N**** B***** *****Global Chief Marketing Officern****************[email protected](718) 599-****
H***** B**********Senior Communications Managerh****************[email protected](718) 599-****
D** B****Senior Vice President, Production - North Americad*******[email protected](718) 599-****
J****** B*****Creative Directorj************[email protected](718) 599-****
E**** C**********Associate Creative Directore***************[email protected](718) 599-****
A*** C***Media Strategista*******[email protected](718) 599-****
T** D********Senior Vice President, Global Revenue Operations & Strategyt***********[email protected](718) 599-****
(478) 451-****
A***** F******Vice President, Entertainment Categorya************[email protected]
C**** G******Chief Creative Officer, Vice Media Group & Co-President Virtuec***********[email protected]
C**** G******Vice President, Production Series, Documentary & Specials - Vice Newsc***********[email protected]
S*** G*****Senior Media Strategists*********[email protected]
C*** H***Chief Digital Officerc*******[email protected]
F**** H******Director, Branded Social Mediaf***********[email protected]
A**** H****Associate Director, Media Strategya*********[email protected]
N*** H****Senior Commercial Product Manager
G*** K********Associate Creative Directorg************[email protected]
O***** N****Video Producero**********[email protected]
N****** M*****Graphic Designern************[email protected]
C*** L****Vice Presidentc********[email protected]
H***** L**********Chief Strategy Officerh****************[email protected]
V******* P*********Designerv*****************[email protected]
H**** S******Vice President, Client Partnershipsh***********[email protected]
N*** S******Director, Client Partnershipsn**********[email protected]
S**** S****Executive Chairman & Co-Founder
Z*** S******Video Producerz**********[email protected]
C***** T*******Client Partner, Technology & Cannabisc*************[email protected]
K******* T***Associate Director, Marketing Strategyk***********[email protected]
L****** T****Chief Legal Officerl*****[email protected]
A***** V******Designera************[email protected]
K*** Y*******Designerk***********[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020