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Verizon Wireless, Inc.


Headquartered in Basking Ridge, NJ, Verizon Wireless is a mobile network operator. The company offers wireless voice, messaging & data products and services to customers throughout the U.S. Verizon Wireless is a joint venture between Verizon Communications and United Kingdom-based Vodafone. ** NOTE: As a privately held subsidiary of a publicly traded parent company, annual revenue and employee count are not readily available. Therefore, the revenue and employee figures presented below are those of the parent company. **
(908) 559-2000
Basking Ridge, NJ USA
Primary Address:
One Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, NJ 7920
Parent Company:
Verizon Wireless, Inc.

Employees (84)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
S****** A**********Senior Vice President & Global Chief Information Officers*****************[email protected](908) 559-****
M****** B******Digital Marketing Manager, Real Time Marketing - Site Leadm*************[email protected](908) 559-****
F**** B******Chief Revenue Officer, Verizon Consumerf***********[email protected](908) 559-****
D**** B****Vice President, Marketing Communicationsd*********[email protected](908) 559-****
C******** B************Marketing Transformation Leadc***************[email protected](908) 559-****
(908) 559-****
M****** B******Senior Manager, Agency & Partner Effectivenessm*************[email protected](908) 559-****
P*** B******Director, Digital Sales Enablement & Real Time Marketingp*************[email protected](908) 559-****
(908) 559-****
D** B*****Strategic Communications Manager - Corporate Social Responsibilityd***********[email protected](908) 559-****
J******* C********Senior Manager, Experiential Activationj****************[email protected](908) 559-****
M****** C***Vice President, Core Operationsm**********[email protected](847) 706-****
G*** C****Senior User Experience Designer
P**** C*****Director, Product Managementp**********[email protected](908) 559-****
(908) 559-****
M*** C****Director, Gaming & eSportsm********[email protected](949) 286-****
J******* C*******Creative Channel Lead - Verizon Creative Marketing Leadj***************[email protected](908) 559-****
D**** C*****Associate Director, Acquisition Direct Marketingd**********[email protected](908) 559-****
(908) 559-****
J***** C*******Manager, Marketing & Sponsorships - NFL, NBA & MLBj*************[email protected](908) 559-****
R*** C*******Manager, Operations & Marketingr***********[email protected](908) 559-****
(908) 559-****
D*** C******Director, Marketing Strategyd**********[email protected](908) 559-****
(305) 849-****
M*** C****Corporate Communications(908) 559-****
K**** C******Marketing Managerk***********[email protected](908) 559-****
J******* C*****Manager, Sponsorships & Eventsj*************[email protected](908) 559-****
P**** D****Senior Manager - Back to Business Brand Strategy & Communicationsp*********[email protected](908) 559-****
(908) 559-****
O*** D******Marketing Managero**********[email protected](949) 286-****
(831) 776-****
A****** D******Senior Manager, Product Development & Managementa*************[email protected](908) 559-****
J*** E******Executive Director, Consumer Communicationsj**********[email protected](678) 339-****
C**** E*Manager, 5G Commercialization Program Managerc******[email protected](908) 559-****
T*** E****Executive Vice President & Chief Executive Officer - Verizon Business Groupt********[email protected](908) 559-****
(908) 559-****
K******* E*******Director, Strategic Brand Designk***************[email protected]
J******* G******Vice President, Media Platformsj**************[email protected]
J**** G********Media Strategy Manager, Accessoriesj*************[email protected]
J** G*****Chief Communications Officerj**********[email protected]
N**** G*******Lead Experience Managern************[email protected]
B**** H******Senior Vice President, Device Marketing & Consumer Productb***********[email protected]
A*** H****Executive Director, Consumer Marketinga********[email protected]
M*** H****Manager, Productm********[email protected]
S***** J******Engagement Lead - Emerging Technologies, Learning & Developments************[email protected]
K*** J**Director, Employee Communicationsk******[email protected]
J*** K******Integrated Marketing Managerj**********[email protected]
L**** K*****Digital Marketing Manager - Test Lead, Real Time Marketing
B** K*****Manager, Public Relations - West Market
J****** K********Marketing Managerj***************[email protected]
A***** K*****Director, Corporate Strategy & Planninga***********[email protected]
K****** M*****Director, Customer Relationship Management & Growth Marketingk************[email protected]
R*** M****National Field Marketing Managerr********[email protected]
J*** N****Senior Vice President, Strategy, New Business, & Partner Developmentj********[email protected]
J****** M******Senior Analyst, Marketing Operations
K****** M*****Senior Vice President, Marketingk************[email protected]
J******* M*******Vice President, Marketingj***************[email protected]
Z****** K*****Senior Manager, Paid Searchz******************[email protected]
W*** L*********Manager, Creative Marketingw*************[email protected]
K****** L**Marketing Manager, Corporate Social Responsibilityk*********[email protected]
J***** L******Vice President, Global Demand Generation Marketing - BlueJean by Verizonj************[email protected]
A**** L*Manager, Corporate Strategy & Planninga******[email protected]
D**** L****Vice President, Communications, Verizon Consumer Group & Employee Engagementd*********[email protected]
K*** M*****Chief Technology Officer & Executive Vice Presidentk*********[email protected]
M**** M****Senior Manager, Marketing - Back to Business Customer Relationship Management Digital Lifecycle Strategym*********[email protected]
F****** O****Marketing Operations Managerf***********[email protected]
J***** O*******Director, Marketingj*************[email protected]
R**** P****Vice President, Consumer Operationsr*********[email protected]
J****** P******** *******Manager, Corporate Communicationsj*************[email protected]
V******* P****Manager, Consumer Product Marketingv************[email protected]
D***** P****Manager, Marketing & Corporate Social Responsibilityd**********[email protected]
M*** P********Senior Manager, Value-Based Marketing & Communicationsm************[email protected]
L*** P******Manager, Brand Integrated Marketingl**********[email protected]
E*** R***Vice President - Hawaiie*******[email protected]
G*** S****Director, Contact Center Technology Solutionsg********[email protected]
M*** S******Executive Director, Demand Generation & Marketing Executionm*************[email protected]
R*** S*****Manager, Sponsorshipr************[email protected]
K**** S*****Manager, National Corporate Communications & Public Relationsk**********[email protected]
D**** S*****Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officerd**********[email protected]
A***** S*****Executive Director, Brand Marketinga***********[email protected]
J******* S*******Manager, Lead Experiencej***************[email protected]
D****** S****Media Strategy & Activation Digital Leadd***********[email protected]
L*** S****Manager, Strategic Sponsorships & Partnershipsl********[email protected]
W****** S**Manager, Multicultural Marketingw*********[email protected]
N*** V******Social Media Manager - Social Media Governance Leader & Employee Advocacyn**********[email protected]
L*** V***Manager, Diversity & Inclusion Programl*******[email protected]
H*** V*******Chief Executive Officer & Chairmanh***********[email protected]
J**** W*****Manager, Network Business Developmentj**********[email protected]
T*** W****Chief Media Officer
E*** W***Marketing Managere*******[email protected]
E**** Y**Manager, Media Strategy
M*** Y***Senior Manager, Marketingm*******[email protected]
R***** Z******Vice President, Business Operationsr************[email protected]
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