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U.S. Bancorp


U.S. Bancorp is a financial services holding company. It is the parent company of US Bank which is one of the largest banks in the United States. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, U.S. Bancorp has locations throughout the United States with some smaller operations in Canada and Europe.
(651) 466-3000
Minneapolis, MN USA
Primary Address:
800 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Parent Company:
U.S. Bancorp

Employees (109)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
A*** A****Senior Vice President, Enterprise Artificial Intelligence & Analyticsa********[email protected](651) 466-****
S** A*******Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy, Analytics & Operations Corporate Segment Marketings**********[email protected](651) 466-****
B***** A****Vice President, Content & Searchb**********[email protected](651) 466-****
M***** B******Senior Vice President & Director, Marketing - Shared Servicesm************[email protected](513) 632-****
(513) 632-****
D***** B***Vice President & Group Product Managerd*********[email protected](651) 466-****
S**** B*****Vice President, External Communicationss**********[email protected](651) 466-****
(612) 303-****
L**** B********Deputy General Counsel & Corporate Secretaryl*************[email protected](651) 466-****
A**** B****Experiential Marketing Specialista*********[email protected](651) 466-****
S******* B***Marketing Specialists***********[email protected](651) 466-****
L**** B*******Campaign Development Specialistl*************[email protected](513) 632-****
L*** B****Customer Insights Program Managerl********[email protected](651) 466-****
S**** B*****Marketing Specialists**********[email protected](651) 466-****
A*** C*****Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officera***********[email protected](651) 466-****
T*** C******Vice President, Corporate Communications - Payment Servicest**********[email protected](651) 466-****
K**** C******Senior Vice President, Brand Advertising & Social Mediak***********[email protected](513) 632-****
D*** C***Vice President & Head, Design - Online Bankingd*******[email protected](651) 466-****
G*** C*********Chief Diversity Officer & Senior Executive Vice Presidentg****************[email protected](651) 466-****
M******* D****Assistant Vice President, Product Marketing Managerm************[email protected](651) 466-****
T******* ** D****Vice Chairman & Chief Financial Officert************[email protected](651) 466-****
R*** D*******Executive Vice President & Chief Social Responsibility Officer & President, U.S. Bank Foundationr***********[email protected](651) 466-****
S****** D****Senior Marketing Managers***********[email protected](651) 466-****
K****** D******Assistant Vice President & Manager, Segment Marketingk*************[email protected](651) 466-****
R****** F******Senior Vice President, Head Enterprise CommunicationsR*************[email protected]
K**** F*******Vice President & Omni Channel Marketing Manager- U.S Bank Wealth Managementk************[email protected]
A***** F********Media Managera**************[email protected]
G***** G*****Executive Vice President & Chief Digital Officer, Enterprise Platforms & Capabilitiesg***********[email protected]
E**** G*****Marketing Analyste**********[email protected]
R**** G*************Digital Marketing & Personalization Risk Managerr******************[email protected]
E*** G*****Vice President, Brand Publishinge*********[email protected]
K**** G********Director, Social Media - Corporate Marketingk*************[email protected]
E*** H*****Visual Interactive Designer - User Experiencee*********[email protected]
J***** H*******Vice President & Senior Manager, Digital Productj*************[email protected]
J*** H*******Assistant Vice President, Marketing Manager - Western Community Divisionsj***********[email protected]
D******* H******Vice President, Marketing Managerd**************[email protected]
T*** H********Vice President, Marketing - Wealth Managementt************[email protected]
D***** H*********Marketing Managerd***************[email protected]
K**** H***Vice President, Integrated Marketing, Consumer Strategy & Partnershipk********[email protected]
J**** H****Vice President & Director, Social Businessj*********[email protected]
E***** H***********Assistant Vice President, Asian Segment Strategy Manager
E***** ** J*****Executive Vice President & Head, Strategy, Corporate & Commercial Bankinge***********[email protected]
N**** J*****Manager, Client Experiencen**********[email protected]
M******* J****Vice President, Marketingm************[email protected]
C******** J******Marketing Specialist, Southern California Regionc***************[email protected]
M*** J******President - Wealth Managementm**********[email protected]
S******** J****Assistant Vice President, Cultural Marketings*************[email protected]
G***** K****Vice Chairman - Wealth Management & Securities Servicingg**********[email protected]
A**** K****Director, Experiential Marketinga*********[email protected]
S*** K******Manager, Consumer MarketingS**********[email protected]
C****** M*****Marketing Managerc************[email protected]
S****** M******Vice President, Digital Marketing Analytics & Strategy
M***** N***Vice President & Marketing Managerm*************[email protected]
C****** N******Marketing Specialist, Online, Mobile & Emerging Technologyc**************[email protected]
G**** N*****Vice President & Marketing Manager, Online & Mobile Marketingg**********[email protected]
J******* N******Vice President, Sponsorship Managerj**************[email protected]
D**** N*Vice President & Head, Cultural & Diversity Marketingd******[email protected]
S**** N*******Vice President, Global Disputes & Exceptions Strategic Initiativess************[email protected]
K****** M*****Digital Customer Engagement Managerk************[email protected]
K**** M*******Vice President, Creative Servicesk************[email protected]
T*** M*****User Experience Producert*********[email protected]
J*** M*****Marketing Managerj*********[email protected]
S******* K*****Vice Chairman - Payment Servicess*************[email protected]
G******** L*******Marketing Specialist IIg****************[email protected]
C**** L**Senior Vice President & Head, Sponsorships & Experiential Marketingc**************[email protected]
G**** L*****Content Marketing Managerg*************[email protected]
K**** L****Vice President, Campaign Developmentk*********[email protected]
K***** L***Vice President, Marketingk*********[email protected]
M*** L**Vice President, New Product Developmentm******[email protected]
C******* M****Assistant Vice President, Digital Marketing Manager - Affluent Segment & Wealth Managementc************[email protected]
N***** M******Vice President, Advertising & Marketing Managern************[email protected]
S***** M******Senior Vice President & Head, Small & Midsize Business Marketings************[email protected]
A** M*******Vice President, Portfolio Marketing
B*** M********Chief Marketing Officer & Executive Vice Presidente*****************[email protected]
M*** O*******Vice President, Marketingm**************[email protected]
M*** O****Vice President, Marketing & Project Management Office Directorm********[email protected]
B**** P*********Assistant Vice President, Corporate Sponsorshipsb**************[email protected]
D**** P******Executive Vice President & Chief Communications & Public Affairs Officerd***********[email protected]
T*** P******Vice President, Partnerships & New Product Development, Commercial Paymentst**********[email protected]
M*** P******Assistant Vice President, Marketingm**********[email protected]
L***** P******Vice President, Marketingl************[email protected]
K*** P*****Advertising & Marketing Specialist - Equipment Financek*********[email protected]
E*** P*******Assistant Vice President, Consumer Marketing Managere************[email protected]
J*** P***Vice President & Senior Marketing Managerj*******[email protected]
K*** Q****Vice Chairman & Chief Administrative Officer
D*** R*****Assistant Vice President, Innovation Product Developmentd*********[email protected]
E*** R******Vice President, Back to Business Marketinge**********[email protected]
C****** R***Marketing Manager, Consumer Lendingc**********[email protected]
M***** R********Marketing Project Manager
M*** R*****Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Transformation Officerm*********[email protected]
E****** S****Vice President, Multicultural Strategye***********[email protected]
P**** S*****Senior Vice President & Head, Consumer Lending Analyticsp**********[email protected]
M****** S******Market Research Managerm**************[email protected]
B**** S*****Senior Vice President & Portfolio Managerb**********[email protected]
R**** S******Vice President, Corporate Sponsorship Managerr************[email protected]
D**** S******Marketing Managerd************[email protected]
T** S*****Managing Director, Institutional Trust & Custodyt********[email protected]
R*** S*******Manager, Search Engine Optimization Marketingr***********[email protected]
T**** S*******Executive Vice President, Operations Executivet************[email protected]
R*** S*******Assistant Vice President, Corporate Sponsorships
J******* T*******Executive Vice President & Director, Investor Relations & Economic Analysisj***************[email protected]
P****** T****President, Twin Cities & Head, Commercial Banking Regionp***********[email protected]
D****** V******Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Digital Officerd*************[email protected]
J***** ** V** *******Vice Chairman - Technology & Operations Servicesj***************[email protected]
S**** W******Marketing Managers***********[email protected]
K**** W****Head, Sales Corporate & Institutional Trust Servicesk*********[email protected]
J**** W***Assistant Vice President, Consumer Marketingj********[email protected]
J******* W****Vice President & Marketing Manager, Brand Publishingj************[email protected]
B***** W*******Marketing Managerb*************[email protected]
B**** W*********Vice President & Manager, Digital Content Marketing & U.S. Bank Wealth Managementb*********[email protected]
J*** W*****Vice President, Marketing Communicationsj*********[email protected]
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