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Triplelift, headquartered in New York, NY, is a technology company whose mission is to make advertising better for everyoneby reinventing ad placement one medium at a time. With direct inventory sources, diverse product lines, and creative designed for scale using our patented Computer Vision technology, TripleLift is driving the next generation of programmatic advertising from desktop to television.
(502) 354-3801
New York, NY USA
Primary Address:
400 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10003
Parent Company:

Employees (45)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
G**** A***Product Managerg***[email protected](502) 354-****
S**** A****Chief Financial Officers***[email protected](502) 354-****
J**** A****Sales Directorj****[email protected](502) 354-****
T***** A*******General Manager, Mobilet****[email protected](502) 354-****
A*** B*****Director, Solutions Engineeringa*****[email protected](502) 354-****
A**** B*******Director, Product Line Management& Privacya*******[email protected](502) 354-****
L** B****Senior Partner Managerl****[email protected](502) 354-****
E*** B****Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officere**[email protected](502) 354-****
J***** B********Chief Marketing Officerj********[email protected](502) 354-****
A***** B****Associate Marketing Managera****[email protected](502) 354-****
M****** D*****Co-Lead - Women's Initiative Network (WIN)m*****[email protected](502) 354-****
J**** E****CRM Administrator & Revenue Operations Managerj****[email protected](502) 354-****
K**** F**Product Managerk**[email protected]
C******** G*****Senior IT Managerc*****[email protected]
D** G*****Vice President, Engineeringd*****[email protected]
J*** G********Sales Director, Performance Mediaj********[email protected]
A***** G*******Sales Directora*******[email protected]
D*** K*****Vice President, Peopled*****[email protected]
J***** K***Associate Director, Partner Managementj***[email protected]
J******* K**Director, Platform Partnershipsj**[email protected]
A******* K***Sales Managera***[email protected]
K****** N*****Vice President, Global Brand Marketingk*****[email protected]
A****** M******Solutions Engineer IIa******[email protected]
R***** K*****Account Director, Publisher Client Servicesr*****[email protected]
J******* L**Vice President, Global Partner Managementj**[email protected]
E**** L****Partner Managere****[email protected]
A** L*****Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officera*[email protected]
J****** L*Associate Marketing Directorj*[email protected]
A*** L****Event Marketing Coordinatora****[email protected]
A**** M******Product Managera******[email protected]
M***** O******Vice President, Global Revenue Operationsm*****[email protected]
I***** P**Senior Product Manageri**[email protected]
K****** P*****Account Director, Publisher Client Servicesk*****[email protected]
J********* Q********Global Chief Revenue Officerj********[email protected]
A***** R********Market Research Managera********[email protected]
L** R*****Technical Solutions Consultant Leade*****[email protected]
A***** S******Senior Event Marketing Managera******[email protected]
J***** S******Senior Marketing Managerj******[email protected]
M****** S******General Manager, Advanced Advertisingm******[email protected]
J**** S*******General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officerj*******[email protected]
M*** S****Director, Sales & Partnershipsm****[email protected]
J***** S**Technical Solutions Consultantj**[email protected]
T***** Y*Director, Global Campaign Management & Operationst*[email protected]
S**** Z*******President & Co-Founders***[email protected]
J***** Z********Vice President, Solutions Engineeringj********[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020