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Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.


Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. is the North American division of Japanese automaker Toyota, one of the largest automakers in the world. Luxury, mid-priced, and economy vehicles are marketed under the Toyota and Lexus brand names. The company operates several North American manufacturing plants. ** NOTE: As a privately held subsidiary of a publicly traded parent company, annual revenue and employee count are not readily available. Therefore, the revenue and employee figures presented below are those of the parent company. **
(469) 292-4000
Plano, TX USA
Primary Address:
6565 Headquarters Drive
Plano, TX 75024
Parent Company:
Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

Employees (135)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
L***** A****Director, Marketing(469) 292-****
A**** A**********Senior Analyst, Digital & National Promotionsa*********[email protected](469) 292-****
W**** A***Corporate Services & Finance Administrativew********[email protected](416) 438-****
J***** B******Manager, Loyalty Strategy & Marketingj************[email protected](469) 292-****
S**** B****Group Vice Presidents*********[email protected](469) 292-****
E***** B******Vice President, Retail Market Developmente************[email protected](469) 292-****
S****** B*****Vice President & Corporate Secretary - Canadas*****[email protected](416) 438-****
D****** B****Vice President, Enterprise Resource Planningd********[email protected](469) 292-****
B**** B*****General Manager - Lexus Internationalb**********[email protected](469) 292-****
J**** B****Director, Technology & Innovation Policyj*********[email protected](469) 292-****
E*** B****Senior Manager, Corporate Communicationse********[email protected](469) 292-****
(469) 292-****
M****** B*****Senior Analyst, Marketing Communicationsm************[email protected](469) 292-****
(469) 782-****
C****** B****Senior Marketing Manager, TDA & Toyota Certified Used Program - Nationalc***********[email protected](469) 292-****
A** B**Manager, Innovation Strategya*****[email protected](469) 292-****
J*** B****Senior Analyst, Product Communicationsj**********[email protected](469) 292-****
(469) 292-****
L*** C**Senior Analyst, Concept Plannerl******[email protected](469) 292-****
J** C*****Technical Services & Training Managerj********[email protected](925) 830-****
R***** C*****Executive Vice President, Salesb********[email protected](469) 292-****
C***** C********External Communications Managerc***********[email protected](469) 292-****
(469) 292-****
S***** C*********Senior Officer, Global Brand Development & Creative Marketings***************[email protected](469) 292-****
(310) 408-****
D**** C*****Group Vice President & General Managerd**********[email protected](469) 292-****
M***** C**********Manager, Cross Brands Digital Experiencem****************[email protected](469) 292-****
D*** C******General Manager, Advanced Product Strategyd**********[email protected](469) 292-****
J** C****Vice President, Salesj*******[email protected](469) 292-****
S**** C****Chief Financial Officer - Americas & Oceania Regions*********[email protected](469) 292-****
L*** C****President, Manufacturing - West Virginial********[email protected](469) 292-****
P*** D******General Manager, Product Planning & Strategyp**********[email protected](469) 292-****
D**** D******Group Manager, Sponsorship Strategy, Integration, & Auto Showsd***********[email protected](469) 292-****
T** D******Manager, National Commercial & Government Fleet Salest*********[email protected](469) 292-****
S**** D******Senior Manager, Business & Internal Communicationss***********[email protected](469) 292-****
B****** D***Manager, Consumer Insights - Toyota Truck TeamB**********[email protected](469) 292-****
B**** D***Manager, Marketing Strategy & Retail Experienceb********[email protected](469) 292-****
C**** D*******Vice President, Sales & Marketingc************[email protected](416) 438-****
T***** D**Chief Financial Officer & Group Vice Presidentt********[email protected](469) 292-****
E**** D********Director, Corporate Social Resposibilitye*************[email protected](469) 292-****
A** D********Manager, Media - Model & Series Campaignsa***********[email protected](469) 292-****
(469) 292-****
F******* D******Senior Manager, Product Marketingf**************[email protected](469) 292-****
M** D*****Senior Manager, Strategic Communications - Lexus Internationalm************[email protected](469) 292-****
(714) 889-****
J** E****Manager, Corporate Strategyj****[email protected](416) 438-****
V******* E****Senior Vehicle Marketing & Communications Analystv************[email protected](469) 292-****
C***** E*******Vice President, Product Planningc*************[email protected](469) 292-****
N**** F***Group Vice President - Customer Servicen********[email protected]
T*** F*******Manager, Nationalt***********[email protected]
D***** F*******Group Manager, Fleet Sales & Operationsd**********[email protected]
J**** G*****General Manager, Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions
A***** G********Global Vice President - Lexusa**************[email protected]
F**** G***Manager, Advertising Strategyf********[email protected]
K****** G****Content Strategistk***********[email protected]
J******* G**********Corporate Communications - Midwestj******************[email protected]
A*** H****Group Vice President - Toyota Finance Servicesa********[email protected]
K**** H***Senior Planner, Sponsorship & Engagement Marketingk********[email protected]
N**** H*****Senior Analyst, Product Communicationsn**********[email protected]
J*** H*****National Manager, Environmental, Safety & Quality Communicationsj*********[email protected]
L****** H*****Senior Planner, Medial************[email protected]
E* H******Manager, Safety & Quality Communicationse************[email protected]
Z****** H****President & Chief Executive Officer - Toyota Connected North Americaz********[email protected]
A****** H******Multicultural Business Alliance Strategy Analysta*************[email protected]
J*** H*****Senior Vice President, Automotive Operationsj*********[email protected]
C**** H********Group Vice President, Advanced Technology Research - North Americac*************[email protected]
C***** H*****Chief Human Resources Officerc***********[email protected]
J**** H********Director, Marketingj********[email protected]
L**** H*********President & Chief Executive Officerl**************[email protected]
K**** I****Group Vice President, Product, Marketing & Brand - Remarketing & Business Analyticsk*********[email protected]
N**** I*****Manager, National Marketing Communications - Scionn**********[email protected]
A**** J******Relationship Marketing & CRM Plannera***********[email protected]
M*** J***Domain Information Officer - Insurance Digital Transformationm*******[email protected]
S**** J***Manager, National Marketings********[email protected]
C****** K*** *******eCommerce Field Managerc*************[email protected]
D** K**Program Planner, Product Planning & Strategy - RAV4d*****[email protected]
D***** K*Brand Creative Experience Leadd*******[email protected]
R*** K****Senior Manager, Olympic & Paralympic Marketingr********[email protected]
N***** K****Senior Manager, Product Communicationsn**********[email protected]
V******* M*********Strategy & Analyticsv******************[email protected]
D*** M*****Group Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Planningd*********[email protected]
J*** M****General Manager, Integrated Marketing Operationsj********[email protected]
C**** N******Chief Quality Officer & Executive Vice President - Product Supportc***********[email protected]
K**** N******Internal Communications Managerk***********[email protected]
M****** M****General Manager, International Strategic Communications - Lexusm***********[email protected]
A***** M*****Senior Analyst, Brand Communications - Lexusa***********[email protected]
J***** M*****Vice President, Diversity & Inclusionj***********[email protected]
L*** M******Media Managerl**********[email protected]
C*** M*********Public Relations Manager - Midwestc*************[email protected]
T**** M******Senior Manager, Brand, Growth Audiences & Cross Vehicle Linet***********[email protected]
A** M****a*******[email protected]
L*** M********Group Vice President, Toyota Marketingl************[email protected]
J******* M*****Manager, Engagement Events & Partnerships - Lexusj*************[email protected]
E***** M******Vice Presidente************[email protected]
M*** **** K****Senior Consultant, Advertising & Marketing Managementm************[email protected]
M****** K****National Manager, Product Communicationsm***********[email protected]
S***** L**Manager, Marketing - Lexus Internationals********[email protected]
A*** L**General Manager, Marketing, Brand & Remarketinga******[email protected]
E**** L*******Senior Manager, Product Planning - CUVse************[email protected]
A*** L********Customer Experience Consultanta********[email protected]
L*** M*******Senior Manager, Dealer Digital Solutions & Relationship Marketingl***********[email protected]
C****** M****Auto Show Plannerc***********[email protected]
N*** M*******Manager, Product Communications - Lexus Internationaln***********[email protected]
K**** O****President & Chief Executive Officer - Toyota Motor Salesk*********[email protected]
A****** O*******Vehicle Marketing & Communications Analysta**************[email protected]
S******** O********National Director, Multicultural Alliance & Strategys*****************[email protected]
W***** O****Director, General Affairsw****[email protected]
K*** O*****Senior Strategist, Digital Marketing - Lexusk*********[email protected]
P***** P***Digital Makreting Managerp*********[email protected]
O*** P******Director, Retention Operations & Marketingo**********[email protected]
C****** P****Head, Digital Transformationc********[email protected]
M** P*******Senior Manager, Advertising & Media - Lexusm**********[email protected]
J****** P*****Manager, Product & Professional Educationj*********[email protected]
C**** P*******Head, Communicationsc************[email protected]
Z****** R***Manager, Communications - East Coastz**********[email protected]
K*** R***Group Vice President - Qualityk*******[email protected]
A***** R****Product Communications - Lexusa**********[email protected]
D***** R***Vice President, Sales Operationsd*********[email protected]
C*** S*******General Manager - Fleet Management Servicesc***********[email protected]
C**** S******General Manager, Olympic & Paralympic Marketing - Toyota Motor North America
M******* S*******Vice President, Product & Mobility Communicationsm***************[email protected]
L**** **** S*******Senior Manager, Lexus Communicationsl************[email protected]
V**** S******Vice President, Marketing - Lexusv***********[email protected]
M****** S******Group Manager, Digital Product Marketingm*************[email protected]
C***** S******Marketing Managerc************[email protected]
A***** S****Digital Senior Strategista**********[email protected]
K**** S********General Manager, Brand Communicationsk*************[email protected]
S*** ** S****Group Vice President, Social Innovations********[email protected]
C**** T******Senior Manager, Product Communications - U.S.c***********[email protected]
D**** T*****National Manager, Digital Innovation & Engagementd**********[email protected]
M*** T******President & Chief Executive Officer - Toyota Financial Servicesm**********[email protected]
J********* T*****Chief Compliance Officerj***************[email protected]
G*** T****Senior Manager, Lifestyle & Regional Communicationsg********[email protected]
J**** T*****Manager, National Social Innovaton Strategyj*****[email protected]
G*** T*****Regional Motorsports Coordinatorg*********[email protected]
P**** T*****Vice President, Customer Retention & Loyalty - Lexusp**********[email protected]
V***** V****Manager, Corporate Communicationsv**********[email protected]
S**** V****Chief Communications Officer & Group Vice Presidents*********[email protected]
A**** W****Senior Manager, Mediaa*********[email protected]
R****** W*National Manager, Marketingr*[email protected]
A*** W*Global Public Relationsa*****[email protected]
D**** Z******Vice President, Service & Parts Supportd**********[email protected]
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