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The New York Times Company


The New York Times Company, headquartered in New York, NY, is a media company that includes The New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, The Boston Globe, several daily newspapers and web sites, including NYTimes.com, Boston.com and About.com. The Company operates in four business units: The New York Times Media Group, New England Media Group, Regional Media Group, and About Group.
(212) 556-1234
New York, NY USA
Primary Address:
620 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10018
Parent Company:
The New York Times Company

Employees (133)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
J***** A***Executive Director - Media & Advertisingj*********[email protected](212) 556-****
J****** A*******Senior Editor - Newslettersj**************[email protected](212) 556-****
A****** A****Marketing Lead - New York Times Cookinga***********[email protected](212) 556-****
W****** B****Coordinator - TeleCommunicationw***********[email protected](212) 556-****
D*** B*****Washington Bureau Chiefd*********[email protected](212) 556-****
W****** B******Chief Strategy Officerw*************[email protected](212) 556-****
M****** B****Executive Director, Product & Growthm***********[email protected](212) 556-****
E**** B*******Senior Manager, Home Delivery Marketinge************[email protected](212) 556-****
K**** B***Director, Luxury & Event Sponsorshipsk********[email protected](212) 556-****
K******** B******Manager, Partnerships - Story Xk***************[email protected](212) 556-****
(914) 409-****
R****** B**********Deputy Managing Editorr*****************[email protected](212) 556-****
T** B*****Chief Creative Officer & Deputy Managing Directorb****[email protected](212) 556-****
(212) 556-****
D**** B******General Counsel, Secretary & Executive Vice Presidentd***********[email protected](212) 556-****
B*** B****Editor - Business Sectionb********[email protected](212) 556-****
L**** B*******Editor - Graphics & Multimedial************[email protected](212) 556-****
(260) 740-****
L***** C*******Senior Manager, Growth Marketingl*************[email protected](212) 556-****
R***** C*****Chief Financial Officerr*****[email protected](212) 556-****
A** C******Political Reportera*********[email protected](212) 556-****
P***** C*****Vice President, Internal Auditp***********[email protected](212) 556-****
C****** C******Editor - Social Mediac*************[email protected](212) 556-****
B******* C****Manager, Audio Ad Product Marketingb************[email protected](212) 556-****
A***** C**Editor - Dataa********[email protected](212) 556-****
G****** C***Editor - TVg**********[email protected](212) 556-****
S** D******Editor, Digitals*********[email protected](212) 556-****
G****** D*****Executive Strategy Director, Advertisingg************[email protected](212) 556-****
A*** D******Editor - Off Platform Strategya**********[email protected](212) 556-****
A***** E****Ad Operations Managera**********[email protected](212) 556-****
M**** E******Product Managerm***********[email protected](212) 556-****
C***** E****Editor - Weekend Businesse***[email protected](212) 556-****
B***** E****Manager, Digital Strategy & Operationsb**********[email protected]
P*** F******Managing Director - PrePress Operations & Advertiser Servicesp**********[email protected]
J** F****Chief Financial Officer
D**** F******Program Managerd***********[email protected]
L***** F****Executive Media Director - Southeast, Caribbean & Latin Americal**********[email protected]
J******* G*******Director, Newsroom Strategyj***************[email protected]
C**** G**************Digital Production Managerg*****[email protected]
R***** G*******Sales Plannerr*************[email protected]
R***** G********Director, Story(X) Partnershipsr**************[email protected]
M****** G********Assistant Editor - Biz & Dealbookm***************[email protected]
G** G*****Executive Director - Advertising, Finance, Technology, Media & Auto Verticalsg********[email protected]
R****** G*************Vice President, Platforms & Audiencer************[email protected]
A******** H*******Chief Product Officerh****[email protected]
A***** H******Managing Director - Growth & Engagement Marketinga************[email protected]
M****** H******Senior Manager, Sales & Operationsm*************[email protected]
E***** H*****Managing Editorial Director, T Brand Studioe***********[email protected]
J**** H*****Sales Manager, Licensing - Eastern Regionj**********[email protected]
S**** H****Senior Director - Advertising Platformss*********[email protected]
I** H*****Associate Strategy Directori********[email protected]
A***** ** H******Senior Manager, Talent Development Programsa************[email protected]
L*** H*****Senior Vice President & General Manager, Medial*********[email protected]
J**** H****Executive Director, Marketing & Media Strategyj*********[email protected]
H**** I*****Director, Editorial - The Reader Centerh**********[email protected]
D**** I********Production Manager, Marketing Servicesd*************[email protected]
S**** J***Senior Manager, Custom Researchs********[email protected]
M***** J****Email Strategy Managerm**********[email protected]
J***** K***Editor - Foreignj***[email protected]
A***** K********Editor - Briefingsa**************[email protected]
T******* K**Director, Newsroom Fellowships & Internshipst*****[email protected]
M***** K*******Vice President, Advertising & Managing Directorm*************[email protected]
B*** K******Client Head, Travel Adv & Marketing Solutionsb**********[email protected]
M******* K**** ******Chief Operating & Executive Vice Presidentm*************[email protected]
D*** ** M*****Associate Editor - Masthead & Investigationsd*********[email protected]
E***** M*****Senior Vice President, Communicationse***********[email protected]
A***** M*******Assistant Managing Editora*************[email protected]
M***** M************Manager, Advertising Operationsm******************[email protected]
G*** M*****Director, Licensing & Branded Servicesg************[email protected]
K****** M****Manager, Growth Media Strategyk***********[email protected]
W****** M*******Executive Director - Information Securityb***********[email protected]
M****** M******Assistant Managing Editor - Photographym*************[email protected]
M**** M******Senior Manager, Consumer Marketingm***********[email protected]
M****** M*******Managing Director - Specialty Printingm*****[email protected]
B****** M********Producer, Eventb***************[email protected]
D**** M*****Vice President & Deputy General Counseld**********[email protected]
T** K*****Executive Creative Director, Special Projects - NYT Livet********[email protected]
G**** L*****Product Design Leadg**********[email protected]
M*** L*******Executive Director - Research & Developmentm***********[email protected]
E**** L**Senior Product Designere*******[email protected]
C******** L**Senior Manager, Data & Insightsc***********[email protected]
D**** L********Editor, The Upshotd*************[email protected]
S***** L****Creative Director, T Brand Studio & Executive Producer - Videos**********[email protected]
C******* L***Editor - Metro & Associate Managing Editorc***********[email protected]
C**** L***Associate Managing Director & Metro Editorl**[email protected]
C******** L****Director, SEOc*************[email protected]
S**** L***Reporter - Technology & Economicss********[email protected]
D******* M*******Office Manager, Advertising & Sales Supportd***************[email protected]
J**** P****Deputy Editor - Climate Reporting Teamj*********[email protected]
E**** P******Editor - Businesse***********[email protected]
M*** P****Deputy Managing Editorm********[email protected]
K**** Q*****Deputy Editor - The Upshotk**********[email protected]
A*** R******Head - Product & Designa**********[email protected]
C***** R******Managing Director, Marketing & Media Strategyc************[email protected]
L***** R****Director, Audience & Editorial Special Projectsl**********[email protected]
N***** R****Director, Editorial - T Brand Studion**********[email protected]
D******* R****** **Vice President, Corporate Communicationsd*****************[email protected]
J*** R*****Director, Advertisingj*********[email protected]
M****** R*****Senior Editor - Sciencem************[email protected]
B***** R*******Editor, Weekend & Dispatches - Internationalb*************[email protected]
D**** R****Chief Marketing & Communications Officerd*********[email protected]
K**** R***Director, Photography - New York Times Magazinek********[email protected]
S***** S*******Director, Advertising Operations & Ad Solutionss*****[email protected]
B** S********Senior Project Manager, Audience & Brand Marketingb***********[email protected]
M****** S*******Director, Advertising Pricing & Revenue Analysism**************[email protected]
S**** S***Manager, Media Strategys********[email protected]
J*** S**********Editor - New York Times Magazinej**************[email protected]
J**** S****Editor - Audience Development Strategy & Special Projectsj*********[email protected]
M****** S*******Editor - Internationalm**************[email protected]
D****** S******Editor - Economicsd*************[email protected]
L**** S*********Vice President, Advertisingl**************[email protected]
R****** S********Editor - Europer***************[email protected]
A** S******Product Manager - NYT Cookinga*********[email protected]
P******* T**Editor - Technologyp**********[email protected]
J*** T****Associate Graphic Designerj********[email protected]
A**** T***Vice President, Licensing & General Managera********[email protected]
S******** T*****Senior Vice President & Global Head, Advertising & Marketing Solutionss**************[email protected]
L****** U********Editor, Smarter Livingl***************[email protected]
L** U****Director, Marketing Growth & Engagementl*******[email protected]
D***** V*****Senior Editord***********[email protected]
J***** V***Product Manager - Storytellingj*********[email protected]
A*** V******Sales Plannera**********[email protected]
D***** W*****Associate Director - Program Managementd***********[email protected]
A** W******Executive Director, Strategic Planninga******[email protected]
B****** W****Executive Advertising Directorb***********[email protected]
M****** W**Senior Program Managerm*********[email protected]
A** W*********Senior Vice President, Marketinga************[email protected]
P*** W****Editor - Diningp*******[email protected]
J****** W*********Project Managerj****************[email protected]
K*** W*****Deputy Director, Video - T Brand Studiok**********[email protected]
G*** W*****Editorw****[email protected]
G**** W***Executive Director - Internal Communicationg********[email protected]
A*** W*****Senior Vice President, Head of Story(X) Partnershipsw*****[email protected]
S**** Y*****Vice President, Audience Insightss**********[email protected]
H**** Y*********Editor-In-Chief - T Magazineh**************[email protected]
H***** Y***Senior Vice President & Head, Subscription Growthh*********[email protected]
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