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The Boston Beer Company, Inc.


Founded in 1984, the Boston Beer Company is an American brewing company best known for its award-winning confection, Samuel Adams beer. The Boston Beer Company develops and manufactures beer using a four vessel brewing process and all natural ingredients. The Boston Beer Company, Inc. also brews under the tradenames Hardcore Cider Company and Twisted Tea Brewing Company.
(617) 368-5000
Boston, MA USA
Primary Address:
One Design Center Place
Boston, MA 2210
Parent Company:
The Boston Beer Company, Inc.

Employees (65)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
N***** A******Internal Communications(617) 368-****
M***** A*******Creative Directorm*************[email protected](617) 368-****
M*** A******Associate General Counsel & Corporate Secretarym**********[email protected](617) 368-****
(617) 877-****
V******* B********Senior Manager, Media & Sponsorships(617) 368-****
L***** B***Brand Manager, Samuel Adamsl*********[email protected](617) 368-****
T*** B*****Senior Director, Category Mangement & Shopper Insightst*********[email protected](617) 368-****
S**** B****Senior Manager, Brand - Truly Hard Seltzers*********[email protected](617) 368-****
T*** B****Brand Managert********[email protected](617) 368-****
D*** B******President & Chief Executive Officerd**********[email protected](617) 368-****
C******** B*****Area Manager, New York Cityc**************[email protected](617) 368-****
(617) 368-****
M***** C********Social Impact Leaderm**************[email protected](617) 368-****
A***** C********Strategy & Insights Managera**************[email protected](617) 368-****
S******* C****Brand Manager, Localization & Innovation, Samuel Adams(617) 368-****
J******* C***Purchasing Manager - Ingredientsj***********[email protected](617) 368-****
(617) 368-****
C***** D***Digital Marketing Managerc*********[email protected](617) 368-****
D*** D******Head, Communicationsd**********[email protected](617) 368-****
(914) 261-****
A***** D**********Associate Brand Managera****************[email protected](617) 368-****
R***** D***Senior National Account Manager - Travel, Sports & Entertainmentr*********[email protected](617) 368-****
(619) 300-****
E**** D****Associate Commercialization Managere*********[email protected](617) 368-****
R*** D***Manager, Integrated Marketing Communicationsr*******[email protected](617) 368-****
K****** E****Senior Buyer - Travel & Eventsk***********[email protected](617) 368-****
R*** F***Senior Trade Marketing Managerr*******[email protected]
G*** F******Director, Integrated Marketing Communications - Trulyg**********[email protected]
A****** F******Senior Director, Product Developmenta*************[email protected]
J*** G****Chief Sales Officerj**********[email protected]
K**** G*********Social Media Coordinatork**************[email protected]
B**** H******Associate Commercialization Manager
C* J**** ****Chairmanj******[email protected]
A**** K***Director, Insights, Analytics & Mediaa********[email protected]
P*** M***Vice President, Information Technologyp*******[email protected]
A***** M******Senior Graphic Designer
M****** ** M*****Chief Accounting Officer & Corporate Controllerm*********[email protected]
O*** M******Manager, Brand -o**********[email protected]
N**** N***Team Lead, Trade Marketing - Off-Premisen********[email protected]
C****** O******Chief People Officerc************[email protected]
M**** L*****National Channel Manager - Travel, Sports & Entertainmentm**********[email protected]
K*** L********Senior Experiential Managerk************[email protected]
C****** L*Senior Associate Brand Managerc********[email protected]
K****** L****Senior Buyer, Indirectk***********[email protected]
L**** L****Chief Marketing Officerl*********[email protected]
J** O*******Director, Marathon Brewing, Trade & Experiential Marketingj*********[email protected]
J****** P***Director, Communicationsj**********[email protected]
G****** P****Creative Directorg***********[email protected]
J*** P*********Team Lead Speedway - Euro Garage Americaj*************[email protected]
M****** Q****Senior Communication Specialistm***********[email protected]
M*** R****Associate Brand Manager - Twisted Team********[email protected]
G**** R*****Manager, Brand - Tura Kombuchag**********[email protected]
M****** S*******Regional Managerm**************[email protected]
S**** S******Operations Manager - BBC Local Brands & Taproomss***********[email protected]
F*** S*******Manager, Regional Marketingf***********[email protected]
C****** S*******Associate Brand Managerc**************[email protected]
F**** S*****Chief Financial Officer & Treasurerf**********[email protected]
S****** S****Manager, Research & Product Innovations***********[email protected]
E* S******Senior Buyere********[email protected]
T***** S******Custom Studio Supervisort************[email protected]
C****** S*******Diversity & Inclusion Leaderc**************[email protected]
E**** T*****Director, Marketinge**********[email protected]
R***** V***Directorr*********[email protected]
A***** V********Specialist, Print Production & Traffica**************[email protected]
M*** V********Associate Art Directorm************[email protected]
S**** W******Senior Director, Creative Servicess******[email protected]
A*** W****Brand Managera********[email protected]
E******** W*******Director, eCommercee****************[email protected]
M****** W*********Director, Marketing - Samuel Adamsm*************[email protected]
B******* Z********Senior Manager, Communicationb****************[email protected]
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