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TechStyle Fashion Group


TechStyle Fashion Group was founded in 2010 and based in Los Angeles, CA. TechStyle's current roster of eCommerce sites are JustFab, ShoeDazzle, Fabletics, FL2 and FabKids).
(213) 389-8889
El Segundo, CA USA
Primary Address:
800 Apollo Street
El Segundo, CA 90245
Parent Company:
TechStyle Fashion Group

Employees (85)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
J**** A******Search Acquisition Specialist - TechStyle Fashion Groupj******[email protected]
T***** A*****Senior Data Analyst - TechStyle Fashion Groupt*****[email protected]
J****** B*******Production Coordinator - TechStyle Fashion Groupj*******[email protected]
T*** B**********Director, Omnichannel Marketing - Savage X Fentyt**********[email protected]
V******* B**********Director, Omnichannel Marketing - Savage X Fentyv**********[email protected]
D******* B******Director, Media Measurement & Analyticsd****[email protected]
B***** B*******Senior Graphic Designerb*******[email protected](213) 389-****
R**** B*****Director, Analytics - Fableticsr*****[email protected]
M******** B****Marketing Coordinator - JustFabm****[email protected]
(858) 382-****
M****** B*****Associate Manager, Brand Partnerships & Influencersm*****[email protected]
A**** B******Coordinator, Influencer Marketinga******[email protected]
T**** C**Marketing Specialist - Savage X Fentyt**[email protected]
M*** C*****Digital Asset Manager & Senior Producerm*****[email protected](213) 389-****
T** C******Chief Technology Officert******[email protected]
W*** C******Director, Media Measurement - TechStyle Fashion Groupw******[email protected]
M****** C*******Senior Director, Product - Productm*******[email protected]
C****** C*****Media Operations Specialist - TechStyle Fashion Groupc*****[email protected]
B**** d* ********Senior Manager, Digital Services - TechStyle Fashion Groupb*********[email protected]
G***** D*****Marketing Coordinator, Acquisition - Savage X Fentyg*****[email protected]
F**** D** ****Senior Vice President & Chief Merchandise & Design Officer - Fableticsf******[email protected]
(646) 337-****
S***** D***Chief Marketing Officer - Europes*********[email protected]
K*** D******Vice President, Strategy & Operationsk******[email protected]
M* E**Presidentm***[email protected](213) 389-****
E*** F****Director, Data Analytics & Mobile, Web Applications - TechStyle Fashion Groupe****[email protected]
A**** F****Senior Director, Creative - Fableticsa****[email protected]
S******* F*****Vice President, Retails*****[email protected]
N*** F******Chief Merchandise & Design Officern******[email protected]
M**** G********Senior Director, Creative Servicesm********[email protected]
A*** G*********Co-Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officera**[email protected]
R***** G*********Marketing Coordinator - TechStyle Fashion Groupr*********[email protected]
N****** G*****Co-President & Chief Marketing Officer - Savage X Fentyn*****[email protected]
C**** H*****Senior Manager, CRM - Fableticsc*****[email protected]
R** H******Senior Vice President, Head, Retail - TechStyle Fashion Groupr******[email protected]
R*** H*****Chief Marketing Officer - Fableticsr*****[email protected]
J****** H*****Marketing Manager - Fableticsj*****[email protected]
T**** J***Chief, Staff - TechStyle Fashion Groupt***[email protected]
K*** J*****Project Manager, New Stores Operations - Fableticsk*****[email protected]
R****** J****Junior Graphic Designerr****[email protected]
L**** J********President, Global Fashion Brands - JustFab, ShoeDalle & FabKidsl***[email protected]
M*** K*******Vice President & Head, Strategy & Operations - Savage X Fentym*******[email protected]
K***** K*****Senior Manager, Marketing Acquisition - FabKidsk*****[email protected]
J**** K**Studio Managerj**[email protected]
K*** K****Senior Designk****[email protected]
S*** K*********Digital Asset Manager - Fableticss*********[email protected]
K**** K******Advertising Manager, Digital Video - YouTube & Streaming - TechStyle Fashion Groupk******[email protected]
A***** N****Marketing & Social Media Manager - TechStyle Fashion Groupa****[email protected]
M*** N*****User Experience Designer - TechStyle Fashion Group
S***** N******Senior Manager, Email Marketing - Savage X Fentys******[email protected]
D***** O******Director, Creative Services & Operations - Savage X Fentyd*****[email protected]
M**** M*********Executive Art Director - Savage X Fentym*********[email protected]
K**** M****Senior Manager, Public Relations & Influencer Relations - Fableticsk****[email protected]
J***** M******Senior Marketing Manager, Acquisition - Savage X Fentyj******[email protected]
M******* M******Coodinator, eCommerce & Merchandisingm******[email protected]
S******** M*****Head, Content & Creatives*****[email protected]
J**** M******Vice President, Creativej******[email protected]
C******* L***Director, Socialc***[email protected]
V***** L*Marketing Managerv*[email protected]
S***** L**Marketing Associate - TechStyle Fashion Groups**[email protected]
R***** L**Planning Manager - FabKidsr**[email protected]
C****** L***Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships - Fabletics Menc***[email protected]
L***** L***Vice President, Marketing - Fableticsl***[email protected]
L*** M*****************Strategy & Operations Manager - Fabletics
K**** M********Director, Brand Partnerships & Influencer Relationsk********[email protected]
C**** O****Senior Director, Marketingc****[email protected]
J**** O****Senior Manager, Customer Acquisition Marketing - Fableticsj****[email protected]
R****** P***Vice President, CRM - Fableticsr***[email protected]
D****** P*****Director, Retail Marketing - Fableticsd*****[email protected]
N***** P****Creative Services Managern****[email protected]
K***** P********Director, Brand Marketingk********[email protected]
L*** P****Director, Brand Strategy & Content - Savage X Fentyl****[email protected]
C********** P******Vice President, Studio Group - TechStyle Fashion Groupc******[email protected]
D*** R***Senior Lingerie Designer - Savage X Fentyd***[email protected]
B****** R***Global Director, Market Research - TechStyle Fashion Groupb***[email protected]
J***** R***Influencer Relations Coordinator - Fableticsj***[email protected]
A***** R*****Vice President, Media & Acquisition, Social Influencersa*****[email protected]
R*** R********Director, Mediar********[email protected]
A****** S*********Senior Director, Corporate Communicationsa*********[email protected]
A******** S****Social Media Specialist - Fableticsa****[email protected]
J****** S*********Social Media Coordinator - Savage X Fentyj*********[email protected]
A**** S*******Senior Director, Men's - Fableticsa*******[email protected]
C******* S****Senior Director, Marketing & Ecommerce Merchandising - JustFabc****[email protected]
E*** T****Vice President, Brand & Communications - Savage X Fentye****[email protected]
E*** V*****Senior Customer Retention Marketing Manager - JustFabe*****[email protected]
K** W********Senior Director, Marketingk*[email protected]
J******* Y**Senior Vice President, Product & Innovation - Savage X Fentyj**[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020