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Stitch Fix, Inc.


Stitch Fix is an ecommerce styling service for men and women catering to the clients needs and lifestyle. Stitch Fix sends curated clothes to the client, and you pay for what you like and return what you don't like.
(415) 882-7765
San Francisco, CA USA
Primary Address:
One Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94104
Parent Company:
Stitch Fix, Inc.

Employees (39)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
B****** B****Director, SEOb***********[email protected](415) 882-****
B**** B******Email & CRM Marketing Leadr*************[email protected](415) 882-****
M*** B****Head, Marketing Technologym********[email protected](415) 882-****
H***** B****Digital Marketing Lead(415) 882-****
J****** C****Growth Marketing, Paid Socialj***********[email protected](415) 882-****
S***** C********Chief Product Officers**************[email protected](415) 882-****
E*** C*****Chief Algorithms Officer Emerituse*****[email protected](415) 882-****
T*** C******Art Directort**[email protected](415) 882-****
L**** C*********Senior Manager, Integrated Marketingl**************[email protected](415) 882-****
L**** D********Director, Growth & Medial********[email protected](415) 882-****
(215) 990-****
A****** E****Email Marketing Managera****[email protected]
A******* F*****Growth & Media Lead, Creative Strategya*************[email protected]
L*** F*****Manager, Growth Marketing & Creative Strategyl*****[email protected]
L****** F*********Vice President, Strategyl*********[email protected]
J*** H*****Growth & Media Leadj*********[email protected]
R****** H*****Marketing Strategy & Operations Manager
T***** H*******Director, Strategic & Responsible Sourcingt*************[email protected]
T**** J*****Growth Marketing Leadt**********[email protected]
J**** K**Growth & Media Lead, Paid Socialj*******[email protected]
J*** M********Manager, Influencer Special Projectsj************[email protected]
K**** M*****Head, Growth Marketingk**********[email protected]
V******* M******Art Directorv******[email protected]
K****** L***Founder & Chief Executive Officerk***[email protected]
R*** L****Growth Marketing Managerr********[email protected]
E** M*********Vice President, Creative Operationse*********[email protected]
K*** M****CRM Lead, Product Marketingk****[email protected]
A******** P********CRM & Lifecycle Marketing Consultanta*****************[email protected]
T**** R*****Strategy Directort**********[email protected]
J****** R******Senior Manager, Lifecycle Strategy - Marketingj******[email protected]
P****** R*****Senior Vice President, Marketing[email protected]
U***** R**** *** *****Growth Marketing Lead, SEOu**********[email protected]
N**** R*****Project Managern*****[email protected]
S*** S******Vice President, Global Communicationss**********[email protected]
M*** S****Board Directorm****[email protected]
P**** V****Director, Messaging, Content & Creative Strategyp*********[email protected]
C****** W***Growth Marketing Managerc**********[email protected]
L***** W****CRM Associatel**********[email protected]
G**** Z*******Growth Marketing Manager, Paid Search & Displayg************[email protected]
X***** Z****Senior Product Designerx**********[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020