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Spotify USA Inc


Founded in 2006, Spotify USA is a music streaming service offering selections from both major and independent record labels to over 10 million users. Spotify USA is a subsidiary of Swedish parent company, Spotify Ltd. **Spotify does not have a corporate number - Please reach out via email. We have been unable to verbally confirm the contacts provided in this profile in the past 60 days.**

New York, NY USA
Primary Address:
Four World Trade Center
New York, NY 10007
Parent Company:
Spotify USA Inc

Employees (146)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
A**** A*****Product Marketing Managera****[email protected]
B**** A*****Strategy Operations Manager
T** A****Global Head, Marketingt**[email protected]
A** B*****Client Solutions Lead - Podcast Sales
J****** B***Marketing Coordinator - U.S.
B**** B*****Head, Advertising Sales - NAb***[email protected]
A*** B*****Vice President, Global Executive Creative Directora********[email protected]
M****** B****Principal Researcher, Experience Missionm****[email protected]
S****** B******Head, Global Medias******[email protected]
J*** B******Client Partnerj******[email protected]
D** B****Group Creative Directord******[email protected]
D**** B****Marketing Strategy Directord****[email protected]
N*** B******Manager, Ad Measurementn***[email protected]
L** B****Vice President, Global Head, Advertising
J******* B**Growth Marketing Lead
A*** B*****Client Partner - Easta*****[email protected]
B** B******Head, Markets Business & Operationsb********[email protected]
K**** B****Global Brand
A***** B****Marketing Coordinatora****[email protected]
L**** C******Client Solutions Partnerl******[email protected]
O**** C****Director, Engineering - Listener Experience
R*** C*******Senior Music Marketing Lead - Hip-Hop, R&B & Latin
C*** C****Creative Director & Head, Urban Musicc****[email protected]
C******** C**Director, Global Licensing[email protected]
K**** C**Senior Marketing Managerk****[email protected]
J******* C***Social Campaigns Director, Premiumj***[email protected]
R***** C***Client Solutions Partnerr***[email protected]
K*** C****Senior Manager, U.S. Consumer Marketingk*******[email protected]
(908) 432-****
J**** C****Head, Programmatic & Automation Salesj****[email protected]
M****** C*****Automation Lead
M***** D**********Associate Director, Growth
J****** D**Project Manager, Studiosj******[email protected]
B**** D******Group Product Managerb******[email protected]
K****** D******Client Partner - Financial Services
J****** E********Chief Strategy & Innovation Officerj********[email protected]
(443) 834-****
D***** E*Chief Executive Officer & Chairmand****[email protected]
S**** E********Vice President & Head, Content Businesss****[email protected]
T***** E******Director & Head - Omnicomt****[email protected]
B****** E*****Director, The Podcast Boutiqueb******[email protected]
A**** E****Category Development Officera****[email protected]
M******* F*****Publishing Relations Manager
M***** F***Product Marketing Manager, Podcastersm****[email protected]
L****** F******Producer, Branded Contentl******[email protected]
L*** F********Digital Media Specialist - Podcastsl***[email protected]
R****** F******Partner Solutions & Creative Directorr*************[email protected]
I** G*****Head, Business Developmenti*******[email protected]
K****** G****Global Head, Social Media Marketingk**[email protected]
Q**** G*****Product Manager
A**** G*****Podcast Marketing Managera****[email protected]
A***** G*****Head, Creative Artist Partnershipsa***********[email protected]
B*** G*****Head, Client Partnerships - U.S.b*****[email protected]
C****** G********Global Brand Leadc**********[email protected]
K**** G*******Senior Brand Manager - Spotify Premiumk*******[email protected]
T***** G******Experiential Music Marketing Managert******[email protected]
K****** G******Global Media Manager
H****** G********General Counsel & Vice President - Business & Legal Affairsh*****[email protected]
A****** H********
N***** H******Marketing Manager - Performancen**********[email protected]
E**** H********Producer, Creative Studio
C****** H******Vice President & Head, Music Productc*****[email protected]
J******* H******Strategist, Creativej**************[email protected]
J**** H******Global Creative Strategistj**********[email protected]
C******* H***Head, Studios & Videoc*******[email protected]
H**** H*****Artist & Music Marketing Manager, LatinXh****[email protected]
M******* I**Head - Sales Trainingm**[email protected]
C**** I*Associate Data Scientist - Global Marketingc****[email protected]
G****** J******Senior Manager, Premium Consumer Insightsg******[email protected]
D***** J******Head, Global Communications & Public Relationsd****[email protected]
P******* J******Head, Marketing Automationp**************[email protected]
A****** J******Producer, Comedy Podcastsa******[email protected]
K***** K*****Global Director, Live Event Production & Experiential Marketingk****[email protected]
P***** K******Global Brand Leadp****[email protected]
T*** K**Client Partner, Finance & Insurancet******[email protected]
T***** K***Data Scientistt*****[email protected]
J*** K**Senior Growth Marketing Manager, SoundBetter
C******** M****Brand Managerc*************[email protected]
R****** N***Director, Client Partnerships - Retailr***[email protected]
J***** N*****Partnerships Leadj*****[email protected]
E******** N****Global Head, Equity & Impacte****[email protected]
A**** M*****Director, Client Partners - Central Regiona****[email protected]
J****** M*****Creative Producer - Global Culturesj*****[email protected]
B****** M*******Head, Podcast Publishing
M******** M****Client Partner - Pharmaceuticalm****[email protected]
C***** M*****Data Scientistc*****[email protected]
M***** M******Associate Director, Brand Strategym****[email protected]
T*** K*****Manager, Studios Marketingt**[email protected]
D**** K***Global Head- Self Serve Advertisingk**[email protected]
G******* L**********Global Product Marketing Leadg******[email protected]
J******* L***Director, Performance Mediaj*****[email protected]
C****** L**Business Operations Managerc*****[email protected]
R****** L**Global Senior Manager, Experiential Productionr********[email protected]
M**** L*****Product Directorm***[email protected]
L*** M*****Head, Communications - Freemiuml***[email protected]
K****** M****Head, Global Business Marketingk****[email protected]
S**** M****Head, Creator Content & Marketing Leads****[email protected]
B****** O********Client Partner, Techb*****[email protected]
S****** O******Head, Client Solutions & Success - Centrals****[email protected]
J**** O****Head, North American & Global Partnerships - Business Developmentj****[email protected]
D*** O******Chief Content & Advertising Business Officer
T**** P****Senior Content Strategist - Spotify Advertising
M****** P*********Music Marketing Lead - Pop, Indie & Rock
A** P****Head, Client Partnerships - US Vertical Teama**[email protected]
C****** P***Premium Content Manager - Artist Campaigns
A*** R***Coordinator, Music Pilots & Programsa***[email protected]
A***** R********Senior Manager, Growth Marketinga*****[email protected]
A*** R******Associate Creative Directorr*****[email protected]
J**** R******Vice President & Head, Global Advertising Business & Platformj*[email protected]
S******* R****Data Scientist
R*** R***Operations Manager - Podcastsr**[email protected]
M****** S****Client Solutions & Success Lead - West Coastm****[email protected]
D****** S****Senior Director & Global Head, Creator Marketing
S****** S*******Director, Business Strategy & Operationss*******[email protected]
B******* S*******Head, Artist & Label Partnerships - Nashvilleb*******[email protected]
S**** S******Associate Manager, Medias******[email protected]
W****** S*********Senior Product Manager - Podcaster Mission
K***** S*******Manager, Global Consumer Marketingk****[email protected]
K**** S****Social Marketing Managerk****[email protected]
D*** S*****Senior Marketing Managerd***[email protected]
J***** S****Director, Licensingj****[email protected]
C*** S******Creative Strategist, Brandsc**[email protected]
L***** S******Head, Global Brandl*****[email protected]
S***** S*****Vice President, Corporate Developments****[email protected]
K****** S****Product Manager, Creatork******[email protected]
W*** S*****Head, Influencer Relations & Communicationsw*****[email protected]
J**** S******Head, Campaign Managementj***[email protected]
J*** S*******Manager, Independent Label Supportj*******[email protected]
E*** S*****Head - B2B Communicatione********[email protected]
A*** S*******U.S. Head, Podcast Monetization - Gimleta*******[email protected]
K******* S******Global Brand Manager - Artist & Music Marketingk*******[email protected]
L**** S*******Label Campaign Analystl*******[email protected]
P**** S****Head, Commercial Partnershipsp****[email protected]
A******** T******Vice President, Global Branda*********[email protected]
A******* T**Senior Art Directora******[email protected]
D**** T***Associate Manager, U.S. Consumer Marketingd***[email protected]
A******** V********Social Media Coordinatora*******[email protected]
P*** V****Chief Financial Officer
L***** V*Head, Podcast Marketingl*****[email protected]
S**** W******Experiential Lead - Music Marketings******[email protected]
R***** W*******Global Head, Brand Designr*****[email protected]
M***** W***Global Partner Marketing Leadm***[email protected]
C**** W*********Global Head, Industry - Automotive & QSRc****[email protected]
J**** W******Client Partner - Retailj****[email protected]
K****** W****Lifecycle Marketing Coordinatork******[email protected]
A*** W****Senior Director, Content Strategy - Analytics & Insightsa***[email protected]
K***** W**Product Marketing Managerk*****[email protected]
A***** W********Senior Product Manager
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020