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Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc.


Headquartered in Culver City, CA, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc. is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America, which is a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sony Corporation. Sony Pictures Entertainment's operations includes: motion picture and television production and distribution, digital content creation and distribution, home entertainment products and studio facility operations. ** NOTE: As a privately held subsidiary of a publicly traded parent company, annual revenue and employee count are not readily available. Therefore, the revenue and employee figures presented below are those of the parent company. **
(310) 244-4000
Culver City, CA USA
Primary Address:
10202 West Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232
Parent Company:
Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc.

Employees (74)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
K****** A******Senior Vice President, Partnership Marketingk*************[email protected](310) 244-****
A** A******Director, Digital Marketinga*********[email protected](310) 244-****
R**** A********Senior Executive Vice President, Operations & Distribution - Internationalr*************[email protected](310) 244-****
A*** A******VIce President, Media & Promotions(310) 244-****
S****** A******Chief Information Officer & Executive Vice Presidents*************[email protected](310) 244-****
P**** A***********Senior Analystp****************[email protected](310) 244-****
B*** B********Senior Vice President, Technologyb************[email protected](310) 244-****
Z** B******Vice President, Marketing - Worldwide Networksz*********[email protected](310) 244-****
R*** B****Vice Presidentr********[email protected](310) 244-****
K******* B*****President - Sony Pictures Animationk*************[email protected](310) 244-****
B**** B******Vice President, Marketinge***************[email protected](310) 244-****
T** B******Co-President - Sony Pictures Classicst*********[email protected](310) 244-****
(212) 833-****
E********* B****Executive Vice President, Post Media Center - Post Production Servicese****[email protected](310) 244-****
(310) 482-****
P*** B******Senior Vice President, Advertising Salesp**********[email protected](212) 833-****
(212) 833-****
W****** B*****Executive Director, International Digital Mediaw************[email protected](310) 244-****
R*** B****President - Distributionr********[email protected](310) 244-****
R****** B*****Executive Vice President, Strategic Pricing & Analysis(212) 833-****
S******** C****Senior Vice President, National Promotionss*************[email protected](310) 244-****
E*** C******Executive Vice President, Creative Marketinge**********[email protected](310) 244-****
A****** D****Senior Vice President, Programming Planning & Schedulinga***********[email protected](310) 244-****
(310) 244-****
M****** D*****Presidentm************[email protected](310) 244-****
R** D****Vice President, Music Affairs Groupr*******[email protected](310) 244-****
C****** D* **********Senior Creative(310) 244-****
A****** D******Executive Director, Marketing & Digital Mediaa*************[email protected](310) 244-****
(310) 244-****
A***** D********Director, International Marketinga**************[email protected](310) 244-****
M**** D*****Senior Vice President, Advertiser Sales & Branded Entertainmentm**********[email protected](212) 833-****
(212) 833-****
Z*** E****Executive Director, Digital Marketingz********[email protected](310) 244-****
L*** E***** ****General Counsel & Senior Executive Vice Presidentl*******[email protected]
K**** F****Executive Director, Special Market Salesk*********[email protected]
L*** F***** ******Vice President, Corporate Communicationsl*********[email protected]
P*** F*******Executive Vice President - Music Affairs Group & Administrativep***********[email protected]
C******** G*******Executive Director, Digital Marketingc**************[email protected]
W**** G*****President - Sony Pictures Televisionw**********[email protected]
T***** G*****Senior Vice President, Global Marketingt***********[email protected]
K**** G*****Vice President, Branded Integrationk**********[email protected]
M***** G********Vice President, Strategy & Creative - Crunchyroll & Funimationm**************[email protected]
J****** G******Executive Vice President, Brand Strategy & Global Partnershipsj*************[email protected]
C**** G******Senior Vice President, International Marketing, Distribution & Production - Sony Pictures Televisionc***********[email protected]
J*** G*********President, Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Groupj*************[email protected]
J***** G*******Director, Environmental Sustainabilityj*************[email protected]
M****** H**Manager, Strategic Alliancesm*********[email protected]
J** H******Senior Vice President, Content Acquisition & Strategy - Global TV Distributionj*********[email protected]
H****** I****Executive Director, Research & Analytics - USh***********[email protected]
J****** J********Senior Vice President, International Business & Head - Americasj***************[email protected]
S**** K****Senior Vice President, Consumer Marketing
K**** K******Manager, Digital Marketingk***********[email protected]
C**** K******Director, Advertising Salesc***********[email protected]
S******* N*****Executive Vice President, Global Media, Branded Content & Promotionss*************[email protected]
P*** N****Co-President, Global Marketingp********[email protected]
D******* M*****Co-Head, Marketing - Specialty Labelsd*************[email protected]
J*** M****Senior Vice President, Marketingj********[email protected]
E***** M****Senior Vice President, Intersectional Marketinge**********[email protected]
M***** M******Vice President, Publicity - Nationalm************[email protected]
R*** M******* ********Senior Vice President, Digital Marketingr***********[email protected]
B** L*****Chief Commucations Officer & Executive Vice Presidentb********[email protected]
R***** L*****Executive Vice President & Chief Communications Officerr***********[email protected]
E******** L**Account Executive, Advertising Salese***********[email protected]
A**** L**Director, Media Partnerships - Western Regiona*******[email protected]
D**** P********Marketing Directord*************[email protected]
A***** P******Director, Sales - Pan-Regionala************[email protected]
T**** P******Vice President, Digital Mediat***********[email protected]
C****** P******Executive Vice President, Marketingc*************[email protected]
E**** P*******Executive Vice President, Global Digital Marketing & Data Analytics
R***** R*****Director, Mediar***********[email protected]
P***** R*****Chief Financial Officerp***********[email protected]
A***** R**Executive Director, Media - Internationala********[email protected]
J**** R********Vice President, Branded Content & Media Promotionsj*************[email protected]
S**** S****Executive Vice President, Global Entertainment Strategy & Business Developments*********[email protected]
J**** S******Executive Vice President, Global Consumer Products & Licensingj***********[email protected]
J******* S****Manager, Publicityj************[email protected]
K**** U******Executive Director, Brand Marketingk***********[email protected]
M******* V*****Executive Vice President, Brand Marketing & Strategy - Sony Pictures Television Studiosm*************[email protected]
B**** W*****Senior Vice President, Media & Data Strategyb**********[email protected]
L***** W*** ********Executive Vice President, Global Marketingl*********[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020