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SAS Institute, Inc.


SAS Institute, Inc., the world's largest privately held software company, is a leader in the market for business analytics, data warehousing, and data mining software used to gather, manage, and analyze enormous amounts of corporate information. Clients such as Air France and the US Department of Defense use its software to find patterns in customer data, manage resources, and target new business. Headquartered in Cary, NC, SAS also offers industry-specific integrated software and support packages.
(919) 677-8000
Cary, NC USA
Primary Address:
100 SAS Campus Drive
Cary, NC 27513
Parent Company:
SAS Institute, Inc.

Employees (34)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
J*** B****Principal Marketing Strategist - Digital Contentj********[email protected](919) 677-****
L****** B******Senior Marketing Specialist & Go-to-Market Lead, Learningl*************[email protected](919) 677-****
A***** B****Principal Editora**********[email protected](919) 677-****
J******* C****Senior Vice President, Marketingj************[email protected](919) 677-****
(919) 531-****
M*** C*****Director of Digital Marketing solutionsm*********[email protected](617) 262-****
H****** C**Account Managerh*********[email protected](919) 677-****
(919) 531-****
B*** D****Senior Partner Marketing Managerb********[email protected](919) 677-****
D**** D****Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice Presidentd*********[email protected](919) 677-****
T**** D****Chief Corporate Services Officer & Executive Vice Presidentt*********[email protected](919) 677-****
B***** F******Manager, Product Marketing - SAS Fraud & Security Intelligenceb************[email protected]
J** G********Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officerj*************[email protected]
A****** G****Vice President, DACH - Germany, Austria & Switzerlanda***********[email protected]
G*** G****Vice President & General Managerg********[email protected]
E******** H*****Senior Manager, Marketinge**************[email protected]
B**** H*****Vice President, Development Operations Engineeringb**********[email protected]
K**** J*****Senior Manager, Partner Marketingk**********[email protected]
S***** M*****Senior Product Marketing Managers***********[email protected]
J**** M***Vice President, Internet of Thingsj********[email protected]
J******* M***Chief Human Resources Officerj*******[email protected]
C**** O*****Senior Account Executivec*********[email protected]
D***** P*****Executive Vice Presidentd********[email protected]
T**** P****Senior Marketing Managert*********[email protected]
C******* P*****Principal Marketing Specialistc*************[email protected]
J******* P*******Senior Account Executivej***************[email protected]
W***** R**Director, Global Customer Intelligencew********[email protected]
J*** S***Co-Founder & Executive Vice Presidentj*******[email protected]
D*** S***Global Advocacy Program Managerd*******[email protected]
M**** S********Senior Marketing Managerm*************[email protected]
C***** V*****Manager, Product Marketingc***********[email protected]
K******* V***Principal Marketing Specialist: Analyticsk***********[email protected]
K****** W*******Senior Specialist, Marketing - Retail, CPG & Manufacturingk**************[email protected]
M******* W****Senior Marketing Managerm************[email protected]
L**** W*****Director, Advertisingl**********[email protected]
T*** W*****Senior Product Marketing Managert*********[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020