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Headquartered in Bloomington, MN., McGladrey & Pullen, LLP is an accounting services company founded in 1926. McGladrey & Pullen, LLP's specializes in accounting and audit services for the healthcare, financial, not for profit and real estate industries.
(312) 634-3400
Chicago, IL USA
Primary Address:
One South Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60606
Parent Company:

Employees (25)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
J** A****Managing Partner & Chief Executive Officerj*******[email protected](312) 634-****
G***** A****Manager, IT Risk Advisoryg**********[email protected](312) 634-****
T**** A******Director, PR - Nationalt***********[email protected](312) 634-****
(704) 877-****
B**** B*****Head, Marketing - Bostonb**********[email protected](312) 634-****
A*** B*****Principal & Chief Marketing Officera*********[email protected](312) 634-****
(312) 375-****
R*** D**Partner Director, Accounting - Nationalr******[email protected](312) 634-****
C********** D***Directorc********[email protected](312) 634-****
J****** G****Marketing Managerj***********[email protected]
C**** H*******Manager, Marketing Productionc********[email protected]
W***** H********Manager, Technology Management & Consultingw**************[email protected]
B** J*******Principalb**********[email protected]
J*** J*********Partnerj*************[email protected]
K****** J******Marketing Managerk*************[email protected]
D*** J******Director, Market Analysisd**********[email protected]
K***** K******Partner & Head - Central Regional Taxk************[email protected]
B***** K******Senior Associate, Market Developmentb************[email protected]
J***** M****Head, Market - Los Angeles & Southwestj**********[email protected]
D*** O*****Chief Financial Officerd*********[email protected]
D**** O*******Manager, Corporate Citizenshipd************[email protected]
S****** P*******Manager, International Marketing - Western Regions**************[email protected]
J**** R***Managing Partnerj********[email protected]
M**** R****Manager, Consultingm*********[email protected]
C***** S**** *******Marketing Directorc*****************[email protected]
B****** S***********Information Technology Coordinatorb******************[email protected]
B**** V******Controllerb***********[email protected]
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