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Roku, Inc.


Roku, Inc., headquartered in Saratoga, CA, develops, supplies, and sells products and software for digital media delivery. Roku's consumer products include compact devices for the streaming of video content to consumer's TV's, as well as connects TV or home entertainment systems to the internet and delivers various movies and TV episodes, and a variety of internet radio stations. Roku also offers several B2B digital signage and kiosk solutions.
(408) 556-9040
Los Gatos, CA USA
Primary Address:
150 Winchester Circle
Los Gatos, CA 95032
Parent Company:
Roku, Inc.

Employees (63)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
S*** A****Senior Director, Global Head Platforms****[email protected](408) 556-****
L*** A****Platform Team Lead - Westl****[email protected](408) 556-****
T** A*******Senior Account Managert*******[email protected](408) 556-****
I*** A****Senior Vice President, Roku OSi****[email protected](408) 556-****
J**** B******Ad Marketingj******[email protected](408) 556-****
J*** B******Director, Performance Marketingj******[email protected](408) 556-****
S**** B********Performance Marketing Managers********[email protected](408) 556-****
L**** B****Senior Vertical Marketing Managerl****[email protected](408) 556-****
C****** B****Vice President, Global Safety & Securityc****[email protected](408) 556-****
C**** C******Director, Product Marketingc******[email protected](408) 556-****
G**** C****Global Head, Endemic Mediag****[email protected](408) 556-****
P****** C*******Director & Head, Sponsorship Sales & Brand Partnershipsp*******[email protected](408) 556-****
I***** D***International Digital Ad Operations Manageri***[email protected](408) 556-****
T*** F*****Senior Vice President, Human Resourcet*****[email protected]
C******** G*****Senior Director, Cloud Technology & Infrastructure
C****** G******Director, Product Management - Ad Platformc******[email protected]
J** H***********Web Marketing Manager, Product & eCommercej***********[email protected]
J**** H******Vice President, Worldwide Retail Salesj******[email protected]
K*** H****Partner Marketingk****[email protected]
D***** I****Vice President, Platform & Cloud Engineeringd****[email protected]
R***** J**************Senior Manager, Content Marketingr****[email protected]
S****** K**General Counsels**[email protected]
J*** K****Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs & Communicationj****[email protected]
S******* M*****Senior Manager, Content Marketing & Platforms*****[email protected]
E**** N*****Head, Growth Client Services
S**** N******Senior Director, Global Public Relations & Social Media Marketings******[email protected]
M****** M*****Engagement Marketingm*****[email protected]
C****** M*******Head, Ads Marketing - The Roku Channelc*******[email protected]
E******** M*****Director, SVOD & Product Marketinge*****[email protected]
C****** M****Marketing Director, New Initiativesc****[email protected]
A***** L****Vice President, Advertising Sales & Strategya****[email protected]
E*** L****National Lead, Health & Pharma Verticale****[email protected]
J*** L****Creative Director, Growth Marketingj****[email protected]
B***** L****Head, Content Marketingb****[email protected]
A** M*****Senior Marketing Manager - Roku TVa*****[email protected]
A***** M******Senior Program Manager, Visual Experiencea******[email protected]
J***** M****National Brand Sales Leadj****[email protected]
S**** P****Vice President, Growth Marketings****[email protected]
J**** P******Senior Client Services Managerj******[email protected]
A****** P*******Product Marketinga*******[email protected]
A****** P*****Sales Marketing Managera*****[email protected]
D***** P****Manager, Client Servicesd****[email protected]
A******* R****Senior Manager, Communicationsa****[email protected]
J***** R*******Director, Product - Privacy
D** R******Vice President, Ad Marketing & Partner Solutionsd******[email protected]
N****** R*******Senior SEO Marketing Managern*******[email protected]
S**** R********Senior Vice President, Platform Businesss********[email protected]
J***** R***Head, Ad Marketingj***[email protected]
M******* S*******Vice President, Account Growth Marketingm*******[email protected]
W***** S**Senior Analyst, Sales Analyticsw**[email protected]
J***** S****Media & Entertainment Sales Managerj****[email protected]
K**** S*******Head, Business Operations & Client Servicesk*******[email protected]
N*** S******Senior Account Executive, Media & Entertainmentn******[email protected]
M****** T***Director, Advertising Publisher Servicesm***[email protected]
B**** T*****Director, Head of Content, Roku Brand Studio
L**** T*******Senior Analystl*******[email protected]
K*** V*******Director, Roku TV Marketingk*******[email protected]
M******* V*****Product Marketing Managerm*****[email protected]
A**** W****Web Marketing Managera****[email protected]
S***** W*******Senior Director, Global Partner Marketings*******[email protected]
T*** W********Director, Marketing Strategy, Account Growtht********[email protected]
A****** W***Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officera***[email protected]
T****** Y**Senior Director & Head, Analyticst**[email protected]
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