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Red Ventures


Red Ventures is a media company that owns Lonely Planet, CNET, ZDNet, TV Guide, Metacritic, GameSpot, Giant Bomb, The Points Guy, and Chowhound as well as Healthline Media and Bankrate. The company was founded in 2000 and has headquarters in South Carolina.
(704) 971-2300
Fort Mill, SC USA
Primary Address:
1101 Red Ventures Drive
Fort Mill, SC 29707
Parent Company:
Red Ventures

Employees (41)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
S**** A****Senior Designers****[email protected](704) 971-****
P*** B*****Creative Directorp*****[email protected](704) 971-****
M*** B******Chief Financial Officerm******[email protected](704) 971-****
D**** C*****SEO Directord*****[email protected](704) 971-****
P******** C*****Digital Project Managerp*****[email protected](704) 971-****
A** C****Director, Paid Mediaa****[email protected](704) 971-****
L*** C*****Digital Designerl*****[email protected](704) 971-****
A**** D*****Product Designera*****[email protected](704) 971-****
R** E****Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officerr****[email protected](704) 971-****
G***** F*****Procurement Managerg*****[email protected]
C*** F******Digital Designerc******[email protected]
R*** F******Public Relations Managerr******[email protected]
D** F********Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officerd********[email protected]
O***** F*****Digital Designero*****[email protected]
M******** G****Senior Associatem****[email protected]
T***** G******Creative Directort******[email protected]
G******* G*******Digital Product Managerg*******[email protected]
J*** H******President - RV Healthj******[email protected]
A**** H**********Product Designera**********[email protected]
A*** I******Senior Product Designera******[email protected]
B**** K****Founder & Chief Executive Officer - The Points Guyb****[email protected]
L***** K******Design Directorl******[email protected]
J*** N*******Digital Product Managerj*******[email protected]
K**** M********Senior Creative Producerk********[email protected]
B******* M*****Digital Designerb*****[email protected]
K***** K**Digital Marketing Associatek**[email protected]
T** K******Chief Operating Officert******[email protected]
J******* L******Digital Designerj******[email protected]
E** L*********Digital Marketing Analyste*********[email protected]
J**** L*****Content Strategistj*****[email protected]
T** M*******Creative Directort*******[email protected]
J**** O*** ****Account Director
T**** P****Digital Marketing Analystt****[email protected]
P***** P****Marketing Director - NextAdvisorp****[email protected]
R**** R**Vice President & General Manager - Digital Partnersr**[email protected]
C**** S*******Director, Digital Marketingc*******[email protected]
C****** S*******Digital Designerc*******[email protected]
S**** S*****President - RV Movers & Chief Executive Officer - Allconnects*****[email protected]
L**** T******Digital Marketing Specialistl******[email protected]
G***** W******Executive Vice Presidentg******[email protected]
E*** W******Paid Social Analyste******[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020