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Red Bull North America, Inc.


Red Bull North America produces & distributes the Austrian-originated Red Bull energy drink throughout North America. The U.S. Corporate headquarters for the company is located in Santa Monica, CA.
(310) 393-4647
Santa Monica, CA USA
Primary Address:
1740 Stewart Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Parent Company:
Red Bull North America, Inc.

Employees (56)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
G******* A*****Manager, Shopper Marketing - Small Formatg*************[email protected](310) 393-****
D*** B***Product Marketing Specialistd*******[email protected](310) 393-****
K***** B******Brand Communications Managerk************[email protected](310) 393-****
N*** B***Brand Marketing Managern*******[email protected](310) 393-****
M**** C******Senior Brand Marketing Managerm***********[email protected](310) 393-****
T** C*******Senior Director, Sports & Athlete Media Networkt**********[email protected](310) 393-****
A***** C*******Shopper Marketing Managerd***********[email protected](310) 393-****
J*** C******Senior Manager, Gaming & Esportsj**********[email protected](310) 393-****
B*** C******Executive Vice President & General Managerb**********[email protected](310) 393-****
R*** C*****Senior Vice President, On Premise & Foodservicer*********[email protected](310) 393-****
(310) 460-****
M*** D*******Head, Athlete Media Networkm***********[email protected](310) 393-****
P**** D****National Senior Manager, Social Innovation(310) 393-****
K**** E*****Sports Event Marketing Managerk**********[email protected](310) 393-****
S***** F*********Shopper Marketing Managers***************[email protected]
J***** G*****Sports Channel Managerj***********[email protected]
M***** G*****Marketing Manager, Consumer Products - North Americam***********[email protected]
L*** G***** *********** ******Director, Media Strategy & Audiencesl*********[email protected]
J***** H***Brand Manager
N*** H******Head, Community Programs & Partnerships & Inclusive Marketing Directorn**********[email protected]
M***** H*****Omnichannel eCommerce Leadm***********[email protected]
B******** H****Senior Manager, Programmingb*************[email protected]
R*** H*****Social Media Managerr*********[email protected]
A*** H*******Senior Manager, Sports Program Planninga***********[email protected]
P****** H*******Global Platform Partner Manager - Business Developmentp**************[email protected]
T***** J****Director, Marketingt**********[email protected]
S**** K*********Senior Director - Risk Management & Risk Counsels**************[email protected]
M**** M******Vice President, Advertising & Digital Marketing Servicesm***********[email protected]
A*** N*****Brand Manager - Gaminga*********[email protected]
K**** M******Athlete Marketing
M***** M*****Senior Manager, Culture Marketingm***********[email protected]
I*** M*****Vice President & Head, Sports Marketingi*********[email protected]
J******* M*****On Premise Marketing Manager - Northeastj*************[email protected]
K**** M********Global Head, Content & Platform Partnershipsk*************[email protected]
K*** K******Manager, Distributor Partnerk**********[email protected]
J*** L****General Manager - Rockiesj********[email protected]
J***** L******Director, Public Affairsj************[email protected]
K********* L****Sports Marketing Event Managerk**************[email protected]
E**** M***Director, Culture Marketinge********[email protected]
C**** M****Senior Director, Retail & Trade Marketingc*********[email protected]
J***** M*****Manager, Motorsports Marketingj***********[email protected]
L***** M******Brand Marketing Managerl************[email protected]
J*** M*****Athlete Marketing Managerj*********[email protected]
N*** P*****Manager, Content Partnerships
D**** P*******Head, Unscripted Red Bull Originalsd************[email protected]
M****** R********Advertising Specialist, Brand Marketing Managerm***************[email protected]
L**** S*****Senior Product Marketing Manager - Fieldl**********[email protected]
J*** S********Vice President, Learning & Development, Sales & Distributionj************[email protected]
M*** S*****Senior Manager, Marketing Operations - Strategy & Planningm*********[email protected]
R*** S*****Senior Manager, Communications & Activation - Content & Program Marketingr*********[email protected]
T*** S*****Event Marketing Specialistt*********[email protected]
N****** S******Head, Business Developmentn*************[email protected]
D*** S****Vice President, Brand Partnershipsd********[email protected]
K** T*****Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officerk********[email protected]
T***** W*******Director, Sports Marketingt*************[email protected]
P*** Y****Senior Manager, Activation, Marketing & Communications - Red Bull Media Housep********[email protected]
M**** Z*******Head, Media Communication - Worldwidem************[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020