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Public Broadcasting Service


Founded in 1969, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is a private, non-profit organization owned and operated by about 350 US public television stations. PBS provides television programming and related services such as distribution, fundraising support, and technology development.
(703) 739-5000
Arlington, VA USA
Primary Address:
2100 Crystal Drive
Arlington, VA 22202
Parent Company:
Public Broadcasting Service

Employees (28)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
L**** A*******Director, Communications - Children's Media & Educationl*******[email protected](703) 739-****
B****** A*****Head, PBS Digital Studiosb*****[email protected](703) 739-****
K**** B****Vice President, Digital, Strategy & Operationsk****[email protected](703) 739-****
J******* B*******Chief Operating Officerj*******[email protected](703) 739-****
J**** B*******Director, Partner & Platform Marketingj*******[email protected](703) 739-****
(703) 739-****
C**** B*****Director, Creativec*****[email protected](703) 739-****
(703) 725-****
S****** B*****Director, Content - PBS KIDS Digitals******[email protected](703) 739-****
D****** C******Creative Director - Primetime Promotiond******[email protected](703) 739-****
S**** C*******Senior Director, Product Management - KIDS Digitals********[email protected](703) 739-****
(703) 739-****
T***** D***Director, Digital - NewsHourt***[email protected](703) 739-****
S*** D*****Vice President, PBS KIDS Digitals*****[email protected](703) 739-****
J******* E******Senior Director, Partnerships & Station Relations - PBS Kidsj******[email protected](703) 739-****
(703) 739-****
B*** G******Vice President, Programming & Developmentb******[email protected]
C**** G****Associate Director, Promotion Strategy & Special Events - Children's Media & Educationc*****[email protected]
G***** H*****Creative Directorg*****[email protected]
A*** J******Senior Director, Content - KIDS Digitala*******[email protected]
C***** J******Senior Director, Primetime Audience Strategy - NPRc******[email protected]
K**** J****Print & Digital Producerk****[email protected]
M******* J*****Senior Manager, Multiplatform Marketing
P**** K*****President & Chief Executive Officerp******[email protected]
S**** N*****Vice President, Digital Product Developments*****[email protected]
M**** M************Senior Director, Digital Asset Management Productsm************[email protected]
S***** P*********Vice President, Strategy & Engagement - PBS Children's Media & Educations**********[email protected]
I** R*********Chief Digital & Marketing Officeri*********[email protected]
J*** R*********Senior Creative Director - Brand & Digital Innovationj*********[email protected]
M*** R***Brand Strategy & Creative Services Leadm***[email protected]
M****** V*****Assistant Director, Digital Sponsorshipm******[email protected]
C**** W***Director, Brand Strategyc***[email protected]
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