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PetSmart, Inc.


Phoenix-based PetSmart is a provider of products, services and solutions for the lifetime needs of pets. The company operates retail stores throughout North America. In addition to brand name pet supplies, PetSmart sells a wide assortment of pets including fish, cats, dogs and reptiles.
(623) 580-6100
Phoenix, AZ USA
Primary Address:
19601 North 27th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85027
Parent Company:
PetSmart, Inc.

Employees (48)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
R******* A*********Marketing Director - Brand & Planningr*********[email protected](623) 580-****
B**** A******Executive Vice President, Store Operations, Services, Supply Chain & Real Estate(623) 580-****
S***** A*******Executive Vice President, Merchandising & Customer Experiences*******[email protected](623) 580-****
(623) 587-****
M***** A******Manager, Marketingm******[email protected](623) 580-****
J***** B*****Member Communications Managerj*****[email protected](623) 580-****
D***** B**********Vice President, Servicesd**********[email protected](623) 580-****
S******* B*****Marketing Managers*****[email protected](623) 580-****
L**** B****Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretaryl****[email protected](623) 580-****
C****** C*******Director, Customer Experience - PetSmart Charitiesc*******[email protected](623) 580-****
J***** C*******Senior Brand Managerj*******[email protected](623) 580-****
A*** D**********Associate Brand Managera**********[email protected](623) 580-****
S***** D*****Manager, Medias*****[email protected](623) 580-****
(623) 587-****
E***** F*****Senior Manager, Digital Merchandisinge*****[email protected]
S***** G*****Senior Manager, Marketing Communicationss*****[email protected]
E**** G*******Chief Human Resource Officer & Senior Vice Presidente*******[email protected]
M****** G******Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officerm******[email protected]
E*** G***Senior Manager, Corporate Communicationse***[email protected]
R**** H*********Direct CRM Marketing Managerr*********[email protected]
A***** H******Senior Marketing Manager, National & Local Eventsa******[email protected]
T***** H******Digital Analytics Managert******[email protected]
C***** H*****Manager, eCommerce & Digital Marketing
S***** N*****Digital Graphic Designers*****[email protected]
S**** N*****Director, Medias*****[email protected]
A***** M****Senior Marketing Manager, Marketing Operations & Promotionsa****[email protected]
M****** M***Manager, Marketing & Customer Analyticsm***[email protected]
C**** M******Senior Vice President, Supply Chainc******[email protected]
J*** L*****Vice President, Integrated Marketingj*****[email protected]
A***** M****Director, Business Relationshipa****[email protected]
A**** M***Director, Marketinga***[email protected]
A*** M*****Director, Digital Creativea*****[email protected]
C****** O******Senior Vice President, Digitalc******[email protected]
S**** P*****Senior Marketing Specialist
B**** Q****Senior Director, Proprietary Brandsb****[email protected]
D**** R***Senior Buyer - Dog & Cat Toysd***[email protected]
B*** R***Senior Director, Business Relationship - Digital & Mobileb***[email protected]
A*** S******Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officera******[email protected]
S**** S****Associate Marketing Managers****[email protected]
S**** S******Vice President & User Experiences******[email protected]
A**** S****New Initiatives & Loyalty Design Manager[email protected]
W*** S****Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officerw****[email protected]
H***** S*****Manager, National Promotionsh*****[email protected]
J*** S*******Chief Executive Officerj********[email protected]
M***** T*******Vice President, Proprietary Brandsm*******[email protected]
M****** W*****Senior Manager, Public Relationsm*****[email protected]
S******** Y*********Senior Merchandise Planners*********[email protected]
M**** C*****Manager, Social Mediam*****[email protected]
B******* C*******Senior Manager, Brand Marketingb***************[email protected]
A*** G*******Senior Director, Integrated Marketinga********[email protected]
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