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Petco, The Health + Wellness Company


Headquarterd in San Diego, California, Petco Animal Supplies Inc. is a chain of retail stores providing premium pet food, supplies and services. In addition to retail operations, Petco's services include pet grooming, professional pet photography and pet training courses.
(858) 453-7845
San Diego, CA USA
Primary Address:
10850 Via Frontera
San Diego, CA 92127
Parent Company:
Petco, The Health + Wellness Company

Employees (42)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
A***** B*****Manager, Marketing Strategya***********[email protected](858) 453-****
N****** B******Manager, Veterinary Services & Partnershipsn*************[email protected](858) 453-****
B** B******General Manager Petco App & Head, Omni Product & UXb*********[email protected](858) 453-****
(310) 497-****
C****** B*****Head, Integrated Mediac************[email protected](858) 453-****
J**** B****Director, Marketingj*********[email protected](858) 453-****
S****** C******Manager, Social Media & Contents*************[email protected](858) 453-****
R** C*******Chief Executive Officerr*[email protected](858) 453-****
O***** D****Head, Brand Marketing & Creative Serviceso**********[email protected](858) 453-****
H****** D****eCommerce Manager - Health & Wellness(858) 453-****
P****** E*****Director, Mobile Applicationsp************[email protected](858) 453-****
S*** F******Director, Social Media & Commerces**********[email protected]
A**** F****Director, Marketing Strategya*********[email protected]
D**** H*******Chief Communications Officerd************[email protected]
T**** H***Head, Marketing Operationst********[email protected]
S**** J*******Vice President, Digital Operations
A*** K*****Integrated Marketing Manager, eCommerce & Enterprise Initiativesa*********[email protected]
S***** K********Omni-Channel Merchant
D***** M*****Associate Creative Directord***********[email protected]
K**** N*****Chief Marketing Officerk**********[email protected]
A*** N*****Senior Analyst, Marketing Analyticsa*********[email protected]
M*** N****Chief Operating Officer & President, Petco Servicesm***********[email protected]
K***** K*******Integrated Marketing Manager - Veterinary Servicesk*************[email protected]
N**** L****Vice President, Digital Transformationn*********[email protected]
D**** L*****Manager, Loyalty Programd**********[email protected]
F******** M******Head, Sustainabilityf***************[email protected]
K******* O*******Director, Veterinary Services & Partnershipsk***************[email protected]
V****** O*****Communications Specialistv************[email protected]
K** P***Integrated Marketing Manager - Vet Servicesk***********[email protected]
D**** P*******Director, Creative Operationsd************[email protected]
K**** P*******Vice President, Customer Insights, Marketing Analytics & Customer Servicek************[email protected]
T**** P*******CRM Strategistt************[email protected]
A***** P***Digital Media Managera*********[email protected]
L***** R***Senior Manager, Merchandisingl*********[email protected]
A********* S**********Email Marketing Manager
B**** ** S*****Head, Customer Relationship Managementb************[email protected]
J****** S*********Integrated Marketing Managerj****************[email protected]
J*** S******Project Manager, Marketing Operationsj**********[email protected]
T** S******Vice President, Visual Presentationt*************[email protected]
M**** T******Senior Project Manager, Marketing Business
K**** U****Senior Creative Program Managerk*********[email protected]
K**** W*******Manager, Digital Mediak************[email protected]
A**** W****Senior Vice President & General Manager - Owned Brandsa*********[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020