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NVIDIA Corporation


NVIDIA Corporation, headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, is a provider of visual computing technologies and the inventor of the graphics processing unit (GPU). The company's products are designed to generate graphics on workstations, personal computers, game consoles and mobile devices. NVIDIA Corporation operates in four major product-line operating segments: the GPU business, the professional solutions busines, the media and communications processor business, and the consumer products business.
(408) 486-2000
Santa Clara, CA USA
Primary Address:
2701 San Tomas Expressway
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Parent Company:
NVIDIA Corporation

Employees (86)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
M*** A********Director, Product Management & Marketingm********[email protected](408) 486-****
J**** A****Senior Vice President, GPU Engineeringj****[email protected](408) 486-****
G***** A******Senior Product Marketing Manager, Roboticsg******[email protected](408) 486-****
E******** A********Director, Corporate Communications(408) 486-****
G***** B*****Manager, Eventg*****[email protected](408) 486-****
T****** B*****Vice President, Consumer & Business Developmentt*****[email protected](408) 486-****
K***** B*****Senior Manager, Consumer Marketing - Americask*****[email protected](408) 486-****
L******* B****Head, Global Digital Marketingl****[email protected](408) 486-****
K** B****Director, Corporate Communicationsk*****[email protected](408) 486-****
(408) 486-****
B**** B****Principal, Global Public Relationsb****[email protected](512) 401-****
(512) 401-****
K**** B****Vice President, Financek****[email protected](408) 486-****
M****** ** B****Vice President, Finance, Operations & Systemm****[email protected](408) 486-****
L**** C********Head, Global Integrated Search Marketingl********[email protected](408) 486-****
M****** C***Senior Manager, Platform Engineering - Memorym***[email protected](408) 486-****
B**** C***Senior Manager, Product Marketingb****[email protected](408) 486-****
J**** C******Director, Product Management & Marketing - Virtual Realityj******[email protected](408) 486-****
P**** C*************Senior Manager, Creative Program & Resourcep***[email protected](408) 486-****
S*** C********Director, Technical Marketings********[email protected](408) 486-****
B*** D****Senior Vice President, Research & Chief Scientistb****[email protected](408) 486-****
B**** D** *****Director, Public Relations - GeForceb*******[email protected](408) 486-****
(408) 486-****
J**** D****Senior Manager, Corporate Eventsj****[email protected](408) 486-****
D***** D******Vice President, Software Engineeringd******[email protected](408) 486-****
R****** E******Senior Manager, Partner Marketing - North Americar******[email protected](408) 486-****
P*** E*****Vice President & General Manager - GeForce NOW Cloud Gamingp*****[email protected](408) 486-****
G*** E****Vice President, Marketingg****[email protected]
L**** F**Vice President, Enterprise Marketing, Corporate Communication & Eventsl**[email protected]
A***** F***Senior Product Manager, GRIDa***[email protected]
J*** F****Director, Consumer Marketingj****[email protected]
W**** F*******Director, Marketing - GeForce Productsw*******[email protected]
N** F*****Vice President, External Affairsn*****[email protected]
J****** F*****Senior Vice Presidentj*****[email protected]
M***** G************Head, Product Management - Intelligent Machinesm*****[email protected]
R*** G****Marketing Manager - Automotive
J***** G****Senior Vice President, Advanced Technology Groupj****[email protected]
T**** H*****Senior Director, Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainabilityt*****[email protected]
E*** H*****Data Scientist, Deep Learning & AIe*****[email protected]
G*** H****Senior Vice Presidentg****[email protected]
L** H*****Director, Marketing & Brand Strategyl*****[email protected]
J***** H****Founder & Chief Executive Officerj****[email protected]
S***** H****Vice President, Global Events & Creative Operations
S****** J***Director, AI Products & Developer Ecosystems***[email protected]
T***** J****Director, Creative Operationst****[email protected]
S**** K*****Senior Director, Retail & Channel Marketings*****[email protected]
B**** K*******Senior Vice President, Hardware Engineeringb*******[email protected]
S*** K*******Manager, Technical Marketings*******[email protected]
A***** K*******Group Creative Director - Enterprisea*******[email protected]
S**** K****Manager, Consumer Product Marketings****[email protected]
N******* K****Director, HW Engineeringn****[email protected]
B*** N*****Senior Manager, Developer Communicationb*****[email protected]
I** N****Senior Product Marketing Manager, Graphics & Simulationi****[email protected]
C****** K****Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice Presidentc****[email protected]
A***** L**Senior Program Manager
P***** L**Product Marketing Managerp**[email protected]
H**** L**Product Line Manager - Al & Ray Tracingh**[email protected]
R*** L***Director, Brand Identity & Corporate Designr***[email protected]
C**** M**********Co-Founder & Senior Vice President, Engineering & Operationsc**********[email protected]
J**** M***Creative Director, Brand & Marketingj****[email protected]
H***** M******Director, Corporate Communicationsh******[email protected]
S**** M*****Senior Writers****[email protected]
C******** O******Vice President, Al & Data Center Marketingc******[email protected]
A***** P***Director, Producta***[email protected]
C***** P*******Senior Manager, Corporate Eventsc*******[email protected]
S***** P*****Vice President, Professional Graphicss*****[email protected]
A**** P****Director, Product Marketinga****[email protected]
S*** P********Senior Product Manager - GeForce Softwares********[email protected]
D**** P****Communications & Public Relations - Autonomous Machinesd****[email protected]
J** P***Executive Vice President - Field Operationsj***[email protected]
S****** R********Director, Technical Product Marketings********[email protected]
N***** R********Senior Group Managern********[email protected]
A****** R******Vice President, Federala******[email protected]
A**** S***Board Member
D**** S******Vice President - Automotived*******[email protected]
V**** S*****Director, Product Managementv*****[email protected]
B** S******Vice President, Corporate Communicationsr******[email protected]
D***** S*******Executive Vice President, Operationsd*******[email protected]
N*** S***Senior Director, Technical Marketingn***[email protected]
E**** S*********Vice President, Quality & Reliabilitye*********[email protected]
D**** T****Vice President & General Manager - Embedded & Edge Computingd****[email protected]
T****** T****General Counsel, Secretary & Executive Vice Presidentt****[email protected]
B******* T****Design Lead for Executive Communicationsb****[email protected]
N*** T******Vice President, Developer Ecosystemsn******[email protected]
W*** W***Director, Product Management - Professional Solutions Groupw***[email protected]
J***** W*****Director, Product Managementj*****[email protected]
D**** W*****Vice President, Executive Creative Directord*****[email protected]
M*** W********Vice President, Global Marketing - GeForcem********[email protected]
R**** Y**Global Healthcare AI Starups Leadr**[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020