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Nuveen Investments


Nuveen Investments, headquartered in Chicago, IL, is a financial service and investment firm. The company offers managed accounts, separate accounts, mutual funds and closed-end funds to individuals and institutions. Nuveen operates primarily through banks, insurance agents, brokerages and other financial service providers.
(312) 917-7700
Chicago, IL USA
Primary Address:
333 West Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60606
Parent Company:
Nuveen Investments

Employees (18)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
S**** B*****Vice President, Structured Products Marketings**********[email protected](312) 917-****
A** B***Vice President, Product Marketinga******[email protected](312) 917-****
D***** B*****Manager, Event Planningd***********[email protected](312) 917-****
A***** C****Vice Presidenta**********[email protected](312) 917-****
L***** C****Vice President & Director, Retail Product Marketingl**********[email protected](312) 917-****
M**** C***Executive Vice Presidentm********[email protected](312) 917-****
M*** D*****Vice President, Director - Municipal Managed Moneym*********[email protected](312) 917-****
C**** F*********Managing Director, Strategic Accountsc********************[email protected]
W**** H*********Chief, Data & Artificial Intelligence - Nuveen Labsw**************[email protected]
J***** H*******Vice President, Alternative Investment Marketingj*****************[email protected]
D**** H******Vice President, Marketing Operationsd***********[email protected]
J**** H********Managing Director & Head - Demand Generationj*************[email protected]
W****** H******President - Nuveen Asset Managementw*************[email protected]
C*** K*********Executive Vice President & Head - Distributionc*************[email protected]
K******* K***Vice President, Brand & Advertising
K**** M*****Managing Director & Head, Institutional Client Marketing - USk**********[email protected]
P**** M******Managing Director & Head, United States Wealth Client Marketingp***********[email protected]
M*** M*****Managing Director, Brandm*********[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020