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Nike, Inc.


Beaverton, OR based Nike, Inc. is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of athletic shoes, apparel, equipment and accessories. In addition to its flagship brand, the company has several wholly-owned subsidiaries, including Converse Inc., Cole Haan, Umbro Ltd. and Hurley International.
(503) 671-6453
Beaverton, OR USA
Primary Address:
One Bowerman Drive
Beaverton, OR 97005-6453
Parent Company:
Nike, Inc.

Employees (177)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
C**** A*****Vice President, Corporate Controller & Principal Accounting Officerc**********[email protected](503) 671-****
A*** A***Senior Director, Brand Marketing, Creativea*******[email protected](212) 367-****
(503) 688-****
K**** A****Vice President, Global Consumer Direct Creativek*********[email protected](503) 671-****
M****** A*******Director, Brand Narrative - North Americam***********[email protected](503) 671-****
C***** A******Vice President, Asia, Pacific & Latin America Marketingc************[email protected](503) 671-****
M***** A****Global Creative Studio Director, Jordan Brandm**********[email protected](503) 671-****
D**** A******President - Nike Golfd***********[email protected](503) 671-****
S*** A****Director, Global Strategy & Ad Techs********[email protected](503) 671-****
E*** B*******Director, Global Digital Marketing Innovation - Soccere***********[email protected](503) 671-****
S******* B****Brand Global Communications Manager - Jordans************[email protected](503) 671-****
M***** B******Senior Director, Consumer Insights & Analytics, Product Creation & Merchandisingm************[email protected](503) 671-****
D*** B*****Catalyst Marketing Directord*********[email protected](212) 367-****
M**** B*****Marketing Director, Consumer Direct Marketing - Mexico Citym**********[email protected](503) 671-****
J*** B******Director, Media Relations - North Americaj**********[email protected](503) 671-****
K**** B***Global Brand Managerk********[email protected](503) 671-****
S** B****Director, Brand - Women's Lifestyles*******[email protected](503) 671-****
G******** B****Senior Director, Global Influencer Marketingg*************[email protected](503) 671-****
B**** B*****Director, Marketing - College Sportsb**********[email protected](503) 671-****
(503) 671-****
M*** B*****Vice President, Global Sourcing & Manufacturingm*********[email protected](503) 671-****
(503) 532-****
J** B*****Director, Global Mediaj********[email protected](503) 671-****
M**** B*******Senior Director, Membership - Asia Pacific & Latin Americam************[email protected](503) 671-****
J***** B*****Director, Backend Engineering - Nike Adventure Clubj***********[email protected](503) 671-****
M****** B*****Senior Director, Digital Product Designm************[email protected](503) 671-****
R***** B****Director, Global Sports Marketing Eventsr**********[email protected](503) 671-****
B** B****Marketing Director, Jordan Brand - North Americab************[email protected](503) 671-****
L***** B****Footwear Merchandising Business Operations Directorl***********[email protected](503) 671-****
S****** C*******s**************[email protected](503) 671-****
A** C******Director, Brand Marketing & North America Marketing Lead for Canadaa*********[email protected](416) 581-****
A***** C******Chief Operating Officer, Nike, Inc.a******[email protected](503) 671-****
D*** C********Vice President, Commercial Analyticsd************[email protected](503) 671-****
B**** C*****Senior Director, Global Brand & Digital Marketing Strategy(503) 671-****
B*** C*****Senior Director, Customer Experiences - Connected Partners(212) 367-****
K**** C******Senior Director, Finance - North America Strategic Investmentsk***********[email protected](416) 581-****
C***** C*****Vice President, Global Marketplace - Jordan Brandc***********[email protected](503) 671-****
K*** C**Global Brand Operations Manager, Brand Defending, Purpose & Athletesk******[email protected](503) 671-****
M**** C*******Consumer Marketing Director, SNKRS - North Americam************[email protected](503) 671-****
T** C*****President, Innovationt********[email protected](503) 671-****
A***** C**********a**********[email protected](503) 671-****
A***** C*******Vice President, Product Innovationa*************[email protected](503) 671-****
S*** C**Director, Innovations******[email protected](503) 671-****
D**** D***Head, Global Loyalty Marketingd********[email protected](503) 671-****
A****** D******Vice President, Sports Marketing - Jordan Branda*************[email protected](503) 671-****
(347) 322-****
M****** D****Retail Brand Marketing Director, Performance Categories(503) 671-****
J*** D******Board, Directors & Chief Executive Officer(503) 671-****
D****** D********Head, Strategy - North America Marketplaced***************[email protected](503) 671-****
C**** D*********Senior Director, Global Brandc**************[email protected](503) 671-****
L**** E***** ***Senior Brand Marketing Director, Men's Sport Performancel**********[email protected](503) 671-****
H**** E*****Senior Director, Innovation Evangelisth**********[email protected](503) 671-****
D****** E******Senior Brand Director, Women's Lead - Asia, Pacific & Latin Americad*************[email protected](503) 671-****
(713) 302-****
R** F****Global Vice President, SNKRS, NBHD & S23NYC Digital Studior*******[email protected]
A**** F******Merchandising Manager, Direct Men's Performance Apparel - North Americaa***********[email protected]
A**** F*****Senior Director, Product Marketing -SNKRSa**********[email protected]
K**** F***Global Stores Marketing Manager - Nike Unitek********[email protected]
D***** F*****Consumer Director, Jordan Brand Men's & Kid's Consumer Directord**********[email protected]
D**** F****Senior Creative Director - Kid's & Influencer Marketingd*********[email protected]
L** F******Senior Director, Engagement - Nike Innovation Labsl*********[email protected]
M****** F*****Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officerm************[email protected]
K***** G********Global Sports Marketing Manager
L***** G****Senior Director, Brand Marketing & Creativel**********[email protected]
S**** G******Product Line Manager, Federation & Elite Track & Field Apparels*********[email protected]
C**** G****Senior Director, Footwear Operationsc*********[email protected]
D*** G****Vice President, Global Digital Brand Marketingd********[email protected]
R****** G***Director, Global Consumer Direct Marketing, Social Mediar**********[email protected]
A**** G********Senior Retail Brand Manager, Jordan - North Americaa*************[email protected]
K**** G******Partner Operations, NACSk***********[email protected]
B******* G********Media Campaign Manager - North Americab****************[email protected]
K******** G********Nike Global Director, Brand Narrative & Brand Defining
G***** H****Global Brand Marketing Specialist - Women's Lifestyleg**********[email protected]
M*** H*****Director, Consumer Direct Marketing - Chicagom*********[email protected]
C******* H*****Brand Managerc*************[email protected]
M*** H********Brand Narrative Managerm************[email protected]
P**** H********Director, Global Mediap*************[email protected]
L***** H****Director, Global Influencer Marketing - Jordan Brandl**********[email protected]
T*** H***Director, North America Partnership Transformationt*******[email protected]
J*** H***Chief Design Officerj*******[email protected]
J** H******Senior Director, Integrated Mediaj*********[email protected]
R*** J*****Vice President, Global Brand Management - Mensr*********[email protected]
T*** J*****Senior Director, Global Digital Launch Management & SNKRS Appt*********[email protected]
D** J**Director, Integrated Media, Asia & Latin Americad*****[email protected]
J**** J*******Vice President & General Manager, Women's Asia, Pacific & Latin Americaj************[email protected]
J*** J*******Director, North America Media Campaignsj***********[email protected]
A***** J******Project Manager, Nike Digitala************[email protected]
A***** K*****Global Brand Director, Jordan Brand, Women's & 23Ea***********[email protected]
K******* K******Director, Brand Marketingk**************[email protected]
N*** K*****Chief Sustainability Officern*********[email protected]
C**** K***Director, Sports Marketing - Jordan Brandc********[email protected]
J** M*****Global Apparel Product Director - Special Projects at Jordan Brandj********[email protected]
N***** N****Relationship Manager, Catalyst Brand Management - North American**********[email protected]
S**** N*****Consumer Code Director - North Americas**********[email protected]
A****** N*****Global Product Director, Men's Performance Apparel - Sportsa************[email protected]
L** M*******Global Brand Director, Purposel**********[email protected]
A** M*******Vice President & General Manager - Asia, Pacific & Latin Americaa**********[email protected]
K*** M*****Vice President - Europe, Middle East & Africak*********[email protected]
T****** M*****Manager, Nike Direct Merchandising
L**** M*****Chairman, Jordan Brandl**********[email protected]
S**** M*****Vice President & General Manager - North Americas**********[email protected]
A*** M*****Director, Product - High Value Actionsa*********[email protected]
J**** M*****Senior Manager, Global Brand Creative - Retail Design, Conceptsj**********[email protected]
W**** K***Vice President, Women's Brand Marketing - North Americaw********[email protected]
I**** K******Senior Director, Nike Digital Projecti***********[email protected]
L*** L****** ******Studio Director, Global Brand Creativel*********[email protected]
R******* L***Global Chief Digital Information Officerr***********[email protected]
J******* L**Global Brand Creative - Men's Performancej**********[email protected]
K**** L******Global Brand Manager, Performance - Nike Womenk***********[email protected]
J***** L*****Brand Manager, North America Leagues & Athletesj***********[email protected]
S***** L*Senior Director, SNKRS & Launch Digital Commerces*******[email protected]
M***** L****Vice President & Chief Design Officer - Jordan
T**** L*****Transition Management Directort**********[email protected]
B**** L*****Director, Product, Search Engine Optimization & Organic Growthb**********[email protected]
J*** L****Brand Manager, Kids - North Americaj********[email protected]
J****** M*****Production Capabilities Manager, Brand Defining & Experiencej************[email protected]
J**** M*****Strategic Account Executivej**********[email protected]
P****** M****Manager, Membership Experience - North Americap***********[email protected]
N**** M****Manager, Global Innovation Direct Marketingn*********[email protected]
P***** M*****Men's Computer Insights & Market Researchp***********[email protected]
R**** M*******Global Brand Management Director - Women's Performancer************[email protected]
E*** M**Senior Director, Leagues, Athletes & Grassrootse******[email protected]
L**** M*******Director, Human Resourcesl************[email protected]
B******** M******User Acquisition Manager - North Americab***************[email protected]
C****** M******Senior Director, Global Media, Technology & Partnershipsc*************[email protected]
H**** O******President, Consumer & Marketplaceh**********[email protected]
S****** O**Senior Director, Consumer & Marketplace Communications - North Americas*********[email protected]
T** P*******Senior Director, Digital Innovation- Nike Explore Team (NXT)t**********[email protected]
S*** P***Vice President, Women's Innovations*******[email protected]
J***** P***Brand Media Managerj*********[email protected]
A***** P****Global Vice President & General Manager, Jordan Brand - Womena**********[email protected]
S*** P*****Brand Director, Key Partnerss*********[email protected]
M*** P****Global Product Manager - Footwearm********[email protected]
T**** P******EMEA Growth & Experience Director, Nike Appt*********[email protected]
N**** P*****Chief Communications Officer & Executive Vice Presidentn**********[email protected]
M**** R***********Senior Manager, Marketing Science - North Americam****************[email protected]
J*** R******Strategic Planning Manager - Nike Men'sj**********[email protected]
N***** R*** *********Head, Diversity, Equity & Inclusionn**************[email protected]
B** R*****Global Sports Marketing Directorb********[email protected]
M*** R******Vice President, Consumer Creation Communicationsm**********[email protected]
J** R*******Vice President, Nike Marketplace Partners & Head, Salesj**********[email protected]
S**** R********Director, Finances*************[email protected]
C********** R****Director, Technical Crisis Managementc***************[email protected]
A*** R***Vice President, North America Marketinga***[email protected]
K*** R***Marketing Manager, Member Experiencek********[email protected]
L*** S******Manager, Global NBHD Consumer Direct Marketingl**********[email protected]
D** S*****Global Strategic Brand Plannerd***********[email protected]
Y**** S***Creative Strategisty********[email protected]
D******** S*******Global Director, Jordan Brand Membership & Strategy - Marketplaced****************[email protected]
S**** S*******Director, Global Nike Direct
S***** S*****Digital Marketing - North America Integrated Media - City & Storess***********[email protected]
J*** S******Executive Vice President, Global Sports Marketingj**********[email protected]
M****** S****Brand Manager, Athlete Marketing, Brand Defining & Purpose - North Americam***********[email protected]
K**** S****Global Vice President, Women's Team & Organized Sportsk*********[email protected]
K**** S**** *******Global Business Director, Product Licensingk***********[email protected]
A*** S*********Supply Chain Directora*************[email protected]
S***** S*******Product Managers*************[email protected]
D*** S*****Senior Director, Global Integrated Workplace Servicesd*********[email protected]
M****** S*******President, Product & Merchandisingm**************[email protected]
K*** S****Social Media Platform Strategistk********[email protected]
G***** S*****Change Management Manager-Enterprise Acceleration & Deliveryg***********[email protected]
R*** S******Sports Marketing Club & League Relations - MLB & NFLr**********[email protected]
R**** S*******Associate Project Manager, Global Football Apparelr************[email protected]
C**** T*****Senior Director, Connected Marketplace - North Americac**********[email protected]
M****** T********Product Manager - Activity Apps
J***** T*******Senior Director, Global Nike Servicesj*************[email protected]
J****** T*****Vice President, Consumer Science & Insights - Jordan Brandj************[email protected]
M**** T****Senior Director, Consumer Direct Marketingm*********[email protected]
D******* v** *******Chief Marketing Officerd*****************[email protected]
K**** V*****Senior Director, North America Consumer Servicesk**********[email protected]
M**** V******Sports Marketing Director - Golf & Tennism***********[email protected]
E**** V*****Digital Marketing Director - North Americae**********[email protected]
V****** W******Head, Brand Marketingv*************[email protected]
H***** W****Vice President, Brand - Jordanh**********[email protected]
A** W****Lead Project Manager, Global Technologya*******[email protected]
D******* W****Vice President, Global Communications & Purpose - Jordan Brandd************[email protected]
C**** W*******President, JORDAN Brandc************[email protected]
T**** W*********Global Brand Marketing Director - Women's Lifestylet**************[email protected]
I*** Y*****Unite & Value Brand Manager - North America Consumer Direct Marketingi*********[email protected]
A***** Y***Global Product Marketing Director, Nike Run Cluba*************[email protected]
S*** Y**Nike Direct Inline Growth Lead, APLAs******[email protected]
M****** Z******Senior Director, Brand Marketing - Nike Kidsm*************[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020