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Nestle USA, Inc.


The Glendale, CA office houses the U.S. subsidiary of the world's largest food company, Switzerland-based Nestle S.A. Six groups make up the company: Beverages, Confections & Chocolates, Pet Care, Pharmaceuticals, Prepared Foods, and Refrigerated Foods.
(703) 682-4600
Arlington, VA USA
Primary Address:
1812 North Moore Street
Arlington, VA 22209
Parent Company:
Nestle USA, Inc.

Employees (86)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
K**** A****Vice President, Category & Shopper Developmentk*********[email protected](416) 218-****
A***** A****Manager, Global Digital Commercea**********[email protected](818) 549-****
A****** A******Associate Brand Manager, Coffee Creamersa*************[email protected](703) 682-****
L******* A******General Managerl**************[email protected](703) 682-****
D**** A****Manager, Marketing - Confections & Snacksd*********[email protected](703) 682-****
L****** A********Head, NBE Communicationl***************[email protected](703) 682-****
A***** B*******Marketing Manager - The Recipes of The Workshop & New Revenue(416) 218-****
S***** B****Director, Marketing - Blue Bottle Coffees**********[email protected](703) 682-****
H*** B*********Director, Marketingh*************[email protected](703) 682-****
Y**** B*******Brand Manager - Nestle Nutrition North Americay************[email protected](703) 682-****
M**** B******Manager, Consumer & Marketplace Insights - SkinnyCow & Chocolate Confectionsm***********[email protected](818) 549-****
A* B*****Head, Strategic Revenue Management - Foods Divisiona*******[email protected](416) 218-****
E**** B*****Senior Manager, Consumer & Market Insights - Nestle Coffee Partnerse**********[email protected](703) 682-****
M***** B****Multicultural Shopper & Marketing Strategistm**********[email protected](818) 549-****
(818) 549-****
M*** B******Vice President & Global Head, Digital Marketing Innovationm**********[email protected](703) 682-****
P**** B****People Leader, Digital Content & Planning & Development(703) 682-****
N******** B****Manager, Marketingn*************[email protected](703) 682-****
J*** C*********President - Foods Divisionj*************[email protected](703) 682-****
M*** C********President, Foods & Business Executive Officerm************[email protected](416) 218-****
J*** C**Chief Brand & Growth Officer - Blue Bottle Coffeej******[email protected](703) 682-****
J***** C****Marketing Managerj**********[email protected](703) 682-****
S******** C********Senior Specialist, Digital Marketing Strategys*****************[email protected](703) 682-****
C****** C***Head, Brand Development, Enforcement & Licensingc**********[email protected](703) 682-****
T***** C****Vice President, Communications & Marketing Excellencet**********[email protected](416) 218-****
K**** C*******Director, Marketing Communicationsk************[email protected](818) 549-****
V****** C******Director, Category & Shopper Development - Confectionery Divisionv*************[email protected](416) 218-****
J**** C*****Brand Managerj**********[email protected](818) 549-****
S**** D*******Business Development Managers************[email protected](818) 549-****
G***** D******Director, Marketing & eBusiness Strategyg************[email protected](818) 549-****
K**** D*******Manager, Experiential Marketingk************[email protected](703) 682-****
S****** D*****Manager, Marketings************[email protected](703) 682-****
A***** E*****Chief Marketing Officer - USAa***********[email protected](703) 682-****
(571) 777-****
J**** F****Manager, Category Promotion - Nestle Pizza Divisionj*********[email protected]
S**** F**Chief Customer Officers*******[email protected]
C***** G******Manager, Advertising & Marketing Communicationsc************[email protected]
H****** G****Senior Marketing Manager - Chameleon Cold Brewh***********[email protected]
C******** H*****Associate, Marketingc**************[email protected]
S**** H***Omnichannel Brand Strategists********[email protected]
R***** I****Associate Manager, Marketingr**********[email protected]
D***** J****President - Beverage Divisiond**********[email protected]
J********* J******Manager, Strategy & New Business Ventures - Beveragesj****************[email protected]
C**** J****Director & National Retail Sales Leaderc*********[email protected]
K****** J****Owned Properties Product Lead, UX & UI Leadk***********[email protected]
S****** K******Vice President Marketing , Head of Digital & Medias*************[email protected]
D*** M***Director, New Business Venturesd**********[email protected]
A**** N*****Manager, Amazon Digital & eBusiness Business Relationshipa**********[email protected]
C******** O******Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairsc**************[email protected]
A**** M*******Category Managera************[email protected]
J**** M*******Director, Marketing - Creamer Portfolioj************[email protected]
B**** M*******Manager, Marketingb************[email protected]
M*** L******Shopper Marketing Managerm**********[email protected]
C****** L**Brand Marketing Associatec*********[email protected]
E*** L***Account Executive - Amazone*******[email protected]
C****** L******eCommerce Account Managerc*************[email protected]
M**** L****Senior Marketing Manager - Coffe Mate Natural Blissm*********[email protected]
T*** M****Brand Manager - Starbucks at Homet********[email protected]
D**** O******Director, Marketingd***********[email protected]
I******* P*******Associate, Brand Marketing Communications - NIDO, Abuelita & Miloi***************[email protected]
N***** P***President, Baking & Global Foodsn*********[email protected]
C****** P***Shopper Insights Marketing Managerc**********[email protected]
N***** P******Manager, Brand Public Relationsn************[email protected]
L*** P*******Senior Manager, Consumer Insights & Front End Innovationl***********[email protected]
S*** P*******Manager, Marketing Innovations***********[email protected]
S**** P******Chairman & Chief Executive Officers***********[email protected]
M**** Q****Director, Sales - eCommerce & Retail Marketingm*********[email protected]
N**** R******Digital Marketing & Brand Strategistn***********[email protected]
S*** R********Marketing Manager - Ice Creams************[email protected]
P**** R******Marketing Associate - Nescafe
L***** R****Manager, Corporate & Brand Communicationsl**********[email protected]
K****** S******Manager, Marketing - Multiculturalk*************[email protected]
F******* S**** *****President, Premium Watersf*****************[email protected]
J*** S***********Director, Kroger TeamJ***************[email protected]
K******* S*********k*****************[email protected]
V***** S***Vice President, Category Strategy & Channel Sales Developmentv*********[email protected]
G**** S****Manager, Retail Mediag*********[email protected]
M****** S*******Strategy Directorm**************[email protected]
M******* S*******Brand Manager, Ice Cream Divisionm***************[email protected]
K**** S*********Operations Manager, Displaysk**************[email protected]
S**** S*****Marketing Directors**********[email protected]
Y** S*****Associate, Media Planning & Buyingy********[email protected]
L*** T*******Senior Manager, Shopper Marketing - Coffeel***********[email protected]
J*** T********Senior Marketing Managerj************[email protected]
B**** W******Head, Influencer - Gaming & eSportsb***********[email protected]
A***** W*********Associate Brand Manager - Innovation for Baking & Global Foodsa***************[email protected]
C****** W****Brand Manager - Carnation Breakfast Essentials & Boost Kidsc***********[email protected]
J*** Z****Category Manager - Shopper Developmentj********[email protected]
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