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Nestle Purina PetCare Company


Headquartered in St. Louis, MO, Nestle Purina is the pet food division of Swiss company, Nestle. For over 75 years the company has built a strong line of brands including Cat Chow, Beneful, Fancy Feast, Pro Plan, Deli Cat, Dog Chow, Friskies, Mighty Dog and Alpo. ** NOTE: As a privately held subsidiary of a publicly traded parent company, annual revenue and employee count are not readily available. Therefore, the revenue and employee figures presented below are those of the parent company. **
(314) 982-1000
Saint Louis, MO USA
Primary Address:
Checkerboard Square
Saint Louis, MO 63164-0001
Parent Company:
Nestle Purina PetCare Company

Employees (96)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
M******* A****Content Publishing Managerm************[email protected](314) 982-****
R**** A******Senior Manager, Ecosystem Strategy, Partnership & Innovationr***********[email protected](314) 982-****
(314) 982-****
K******** A*********Brand Managerk******************[email protected](314) 982-****
M****** B*****Business Group Manager - Nestlem************[email protected](314) 982-****
(314) 982-****
J****** B*****Targeting Center, Excellencej************[email protected](314) 982-****
K****** B*******Senior Brand Manager - Pro Plank*****************[email protected](314) 982-****
(314) 982-****
D**** B****Digital Strategist & Social Media Managerd*********[email protected](314) 982-****
A****** B*****Senior Brand Manager(314) 982-****
(314) 982-****
S*** B*****Director, Marketings*********[email protected](314) 982-****
R***** B*****Brand Managerr***********[email protected](314) 982-****
S**** B******eContent Publishing Managers***********[email protected](314) 982-****
C******** B******Digital Content Lead - Latin Americac***************[email protected](314) 982-****
G*** B*****Managing Director, Sales Analyticsg*********[email protected](314) 982-****
B*** B****Vice Presidentw***********[email protected](314) 982-****
(314) 982-****
M***** C*******Site Lead, DTC Ecommercem*************[email protected](314) 982-****
E**** C****Brand Managere*********[email protected](314) 982-****
(314) 982-****
A** D******Brand Manager, Communications Strategya*********[email protected](314) 982-****
G***** D*****************Brand Director - Breeder Enthusiastg*************[email protected](314) 982-****
(314) 982-****
J*** D******Director, Brand Insightsj**********[email protected](314) 982-****
R****** D*****National Account ManagerR************[email protected](905) 822-****
T***** E*******Director, eCommercet*************[email protected](314) 982-****
A***** E*****Senior Category Development Managera***********[email protected](905) 822-****
K****** E**** *****eCommerce Marketing Directork***********[email protected]
A***** F*****Chief Growth Officera***********[email protected]
V**** F*****Vice President, Market Development Organizationv**********[email protected]
S**** F********Manager, Nutritional Communicationss*************[email protected]
J***** F********Senior Brand Manager, Product Experiencej**************[email protected]
C***** F***Assistant Manager, Mediac***[email protected]
S*** F*********Vice President - Head, Saless*********[email protected]
A*** F******Director, Marketinga**********[email protected]
K**** G*******Director, Marketingk************[email protected]
G*** G*****Marketing Associateg*********[email protected]
R*** G***Senior Brand Managerr*******[email protected]
H****** G*****Managing Director - Market Activationh*****[email protected]
E**** G*******Senior Account Executive, Marketing & Public Relationse************[email protected]
S**** H*******Online Reputation Managements************[email protected]
D**** H*******Project Leaderd************[email protected]
S******** H*****Digital Strategy & Content Managers**************[email protected]
I** H*******Category Strategy & Capabilitiesi**********[email protected]
D***** H************Director, Marketing - Purinad******************[email protected]
S***** H******Portfolio & Category Analysts************[email protected]
D***** H***********Senior Specialist, Shopper Marketingd*****************[email protected]
T***** H****Manager, Strategic Planning - Incubationt**********[email protected]
P******* H****Senior Media Manager - TV & Printp************[email protected]
K**** H*******Digital Project Lead
D**** H********Portfolio Category Manager, Marketingd*************[email protected]
C**** J******Senior Account Directorc***********[email protected]
L*** J*******Senior Brand Managerl******[email protected]
B*** K*****Senior Expert Merchandising & Displayw************[email protected]
L*** K*****Director, Digital Strategy, Content & Immersive Experiencel*********[email protected]
S****** K*******Senior Manager, Brand Insightss**************[email protected]
P****** M*****Vice President, Professional Engagement Teamp************[email protected]
B**** N*****Senior Brand Manager, Purina ONEr************[email protected]
S***** N***Portfolio Category Managers*********[email protected]
B**** M*****Vice President, Innovation & Emerging Growth Groupb**********[email protected]
M***** M********Manager, Excellence Centerm**************[email protected]
J***** M*******Director, Portfolio Development Nestle Purina Treats Portfolioj*************[email protected]
N*** ***** K******Presidentn***************[email protected]
L**** L**Senior Manager, Corporate Communicationsl*******[email protected]
B**** L*****Director, Marketing, Innovation & Emerging Growth Groupb**********[email protected]
L*** L*****Director, Communications & Digital- EMEAl*********[email protected]
K**** M****Senior Manager, Social Media - Center of Excellencek*********[email protected]
C******** M****** ********Managing Director - Shopper Marketing & Vice Presidentc****************[email protected]
C**** O*****Senior Brand Manager, Innovationc***************[email protected]
C****** O************ ******Brand Managerc******************[email protected]
C**** P********Head, Marketing - Golden Products Divisionc********[email protected]
M**** P****Head - ECommerce Salesm****[email protected]
K*** P*******Director, Consumer Experience & Engagement
J*** P*********Vice President, Global Marketingj*************[email protected]
M*** P*****Manager, Marketingm*********[email protected]
E**** P********Creative Directore*************[email protected]
J** R***Regional Business Director- Zone of Americas & Europej***[email protected]
S****** R*******Global Portfolio Manager
S**** S********Brand Director - Cat Chow
C******** S********Brand Managerc*****************[email protected]
C**** S********Director - Performance Marketing Analytics
J** S*********Chief Executive Officerj***************[email protected]
R*** S**********Senior Director, Petfinderr**********[email protected]
M*** S*******Director, Marketingm*******[email protected]
J**** S**Brand Managerj*******[email protected]
A**** T*****Brand Manager
S****** T*******Director, Marketing - Cat Portfolios**************[email protected]
T*** U**Director, Sales & Operationst******[email protected]
M****** V********Manager, Category Shopper Insightsm***************[email protected]
P** V***Technical Packaging Sustainability Managerp******[email protected]
W**** V*****Director, Public Relationsw**********[email protected]
G***** W***Vice President & General ManagerG*********[email protected]
J**** W*****Manager - Omnichannel, eCommerce & Digital Marketingj**********[email protected]
K** W******Portfolio Director, Media, Analytics & Planning
A**** W*******Senior Brand Directora************[email protected]
E*** W*****Chief Marketing Officere*********[email protected]
J*** W****Director, Public Relationsj********[email protected]
S****** W****Senior Manager, Retail Innovation Strategy
B***** Y*******Manager, Shopper Marketingb*******[email protected]
B******* Z***eComtent Retailer Relations Specialistb***********[email protected]
E*** H***Brand Manager - Fancy Feast & Bellae*******[email protected]
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