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National Basketball Association


The National Basketball Association is North America's premier professional basketball league. With its headquarters in New York, NY, the league is comprised of teams in the U.S. and one in Canada. The NBA participates in a number of charitable contributions and is televised in over 200 countries worldwide.
(212) 407-8000
New York, NY USA
Primary Address:
Olympic Tower
New York, NY 10022
Parent Company:
National Basketball Association

Employees (99)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
N*** A****Senior Vice President, Financialn****[email protected](212) 407-****
(914) 672-****
A***** A********Director, Global Partnershipsa*****[email protected](212) 407-****
S***** A****Senior Vice President, Game Analytics & Strategys****[email protected](212) 407-****
C********** A****Senior Vice President, Identity, Outfitting & Equipmentc****[email protected](212) 407-****
D**** A******Senior Manager, Risk Managementd******[email protected](212) 407-****
M*** B***Chief Communications Officer & Executive Vice Presidentm***[email protected](212) 407-****
(212) 407-****
K**** B******President, Social Responsibility & Player Programsk******[email protected](212) 407-****
(212) 407-****
V*** B*******Director, Retail Strategy & Analyticsv*******[email protected](212) 407-****
J**** B*******Associate Vice President, Business Development, Global Partnershipsj*******[email protected](212) 407-****
M****** B*******Senior Vice President, Global Media Distribution & Business Operationsm*******[email protected](212) 407-****
C**** B******Senior Vice President, Sales Development & Retail Marketingc******[email protected](212) 407-****
A** B*****President, Team Marketing & Business Operations & Chief Innovation Officera*****[email protected](212) 407-****
(212) 407-****
D**** B*****Manager, Media Distribution & Digital - Globald*****[email protected](212) 407-****
R*** B*******General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officerr*******[email protected](212) 407-****
(212) 407-****
J***** C******Manager, Global Partnerships & Mediaj******[email protected](212) 407-****
J******* C***Head, Content Partnerships, Global Partnerships & Mediaj***[email protected](212) 407-****
J****** C******Product Managerj******[email protected](212) 407-****
J*** C****Vice President, Media Strategy & Planningj****[email protected](212) 407-****
(516) 707-****
P*** C***Chief Marketing Officer - WNBAp***[email protected](212) 407-****
M****** C****Vice President, Basketball Communications & Event Managementm****[email protected](212) 407-****
(212) 407-****
R***** C*****President, Administrationr*****[email protected](212) 407-****
A**** C******Associate Vice President, Media Partnershipsa******[email protected](212) 407-****
M*** D****Business Development Lead, National Basketball Association - G Leaguem****[email protected](212) 407-****
J**** D******* *****Vice President, Digital Products & League Initiativesj******[email protected](201) 865-****
C**** D** *****Manager, Merchandising Partnershipsc*******[email protected](212) 407-****
L**** D******Director, Marketing Partnerships - G Leaguel******[email protected](212) 407-****
A**** D******Executive Vice President & Deputy General Counsela******[email protected](212) 407-****
B****** D******President - NBA 2K Leagueb******[email protected](212) 407-****
C**** D*****Associate Vice President, Brand Marketingc*****[email protected](212) 407-****
(646) 957-****
J****** D****Vice President, Digital Growthj****[email protected](212) 407-****
J***** D****Creative Directorj****[email protected](212) 407-****
(646) 621-****
K**** F*****Senior Vice President & Head, Events Groupk*****[email protected]
T** F****Senior Vice President, Basketball Communicationt****[email protected]
J**** F*******Senior Manager, Hospitality, Business Operations & Global Partnershipsj*******[email protected]
R***** G*****Senior Manager, Media Strategy & Planningr******[email protected]
E***** G***** ******Associate Vice President & Head, Marketing - LATAMe*****[email protected]
C******** G****Senior Manager, Event Management & Operationsc****[email protected]
T*** G******** ********Senior Vice Presidentt*******[email protected]
C**** H*****Senior Vice President, Media Operations & Technologyc*****[email protected]
T****** H******Director, Global Fan Marketingt******[email protected]
S**** H*******Executive Vice President, Operations & Technologys*******[email protected]
L***** H********Vice President, Partnership Management & Activationl********[email protected]
P*** H***********Senior Vice President, Content Productionsp***********[email protected]
B******* H******Director, Media Strategy & Planningb******[email protected]
E**** H*****Brand Marketing Lead - DTCe*****[email protected]
K**** H*********Director, Team Marketing & Business Operations
T*** J*******Senior Vice President, Social Responsibilityt*******[email protected]
K*** J******Chief Marketing Officer - NBA, NBA G League, NBA 2k Leaguek******[email protected]
M*** J* ******Senior Director, Event Management - Venuesm*****[email protected]
T*** J******Associate Vice Presidentt******[email protected]
B**** K*****Vice President, Retail Marketing & Developmentb*****[email protected]
B*** K*****President, Global Content & Media Distributionb*****[email protected]
T*** M******Senior Vice President, Global Partnershipst******[email protected]
K****** M*****Director, Eventsk*****[email protected]
R***** N******* *****Lead, Growth Marketing Strategyr*******[email protected]
W**** M*****Senior Director, Growth - DTC Lifecyclew*****[email protected]
S**** M*********Senior Vice Presidents*********[email protected]
S** L******President, Global Partnershipss******[email protected]
J******* L*******Senior Director - NBA Creative Servicesj*******[email protected]
S***** L************Director, Global EventsS************[email protected]
J****** L******Head, Marketing - G Leaguej******[email protected]
J*** L*******Chief Finance Officerj*******[email protected]
N***** L*****Senior Manager, Global Partnerships & Median*****[email protected]
C**** M*******Senior Director, Technology & Platform Strategy Leadc*******[email protected]
D**** M*********Director, Business Development, Global Partnershipsd*********[email protected]
A***** M****Director, NBA 2K Leaguea****[email protected]
M****** M*******Brand Marketing - WNBAm********[email protected]
A***** M**Senior Director, Media Partnershipsa**[email protected]
R** M******Senior Vice President, International Licensing & Business Development - Global Merchandising Groupr******[email protected]
M***** M******Vice President, Global Partner Marketingm******[email protected]
K**** P*******Director, Marketing & Advertisingk*******[email protected]
M****** P*******Senior Manager, International Communications & Media Operationsm*******[email protected]
M*** P****Director, International & Youth Development Communicationsm****[email protected]
S***** Q****Senior Director, Communications - Latin America & U.S Hispanicss*****[email protected]
J******** R********Senior Director - Content & Media Distributionj*********[email protected]
M****** R******** *******Executive Vice President, Digital Mediam******[email protected]
C****** R*********Senior Vice President, Entertainment & Player Marketingc*********[email protected]
D***** R*********Senior Vice President, Global Partnerships & MediaD*********[email protected]
K**** R**Fan Engagement Marketing Specialist - WNBAk**[email protected]
C********** R****Chief Facilities Officer & Senior Vice Presidentc****[email protected]
J******* S*****Director, Marketing Strategy & Operationsj*****[email protected]
R***** S*******Vice President, Partnership Development, Prospect & Partner Marketingr*******[email protected]
J*** S***Senior Director, Marketing & Digital Leadj***[email protected]
A*** S*****Commissionera*****[email protected]
M*** S*****Associate Vice President, Business Developmentm*****[email protected]
S**** S*******Vice President, Emerging Technologys*******[email protected]
O*** S*****Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer & Executive Vice Presidento*****[email protected]
L***** S*******Vice President, Global Partnershipsl*******[email protected]
S**** S*******Digital Content Specialists*******[email protected]
M*** T****Chief Operating Officer & Deputy Commissionerm****[email protected]
G*** T*****Executive Director, NBA Foundationg*****[email protected]
A***** T**** ******Senior Vice President, Communicationsa****[email protected]
L****** U*****Head, Business Development - NBA 2K Leaguel*****[email protected]
K*** V** ** *****Vice Presidentk*********[email protected]
M****** V******Vice President, Programming & Content Strategym******[email protected]
N****** V****Senior Manager, Merchandising Partnershipsn****[email protected]
K**** W*******Manager, League Operations & International Communicationsk*******[email protected]
A******** W***Manager, Advertisinga***[email protected]
J***** Z******Senior Manager, Digital Media Technologyj******[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020