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Microsoft Corporation


Headquartered in Remond, WA, Microsoft, is leading the world in computing software, operating systems, and solutions. The company is comprised of three core divisions: Business, Entertainment & Devices, and Platform Products & Services. Microsoft products are marketed all over the world. The proprietary Windows system was first marketed in 1985. Other Microsoft branded products includes business and office tools, servers, video games, Internet services, and mobile phone content. **We have been unable to verbally confirm all contacts provided in this profile in the past 60 days.**
(425) 882-8080
Redmond, WA USA
Primary Address:
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-6399
Parent Company:
Microsoft Corporation

Employees (442)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
S***** A*******Partnerships - Teams in Education, Wellness & Consumerss*****[email protected](425) 882-****
N***** A******Principal Program Manager - Microsoft Teams Securityn*****[email protected](425) 882-****
M***** A****Director, Product Marketingm****[email protected](425) 882-****
A** A*****Vice President, Commercial Marketinga*[email protected](425) 882-****
(425) 706-****
J*** A*******Senior Analytics Manager - Windows & Devicesj***[email protected](425) 882-****
S*** A********Principal Director, Engineering- Industry Cloud Solutionss***[email protected](425) 882-****
K**** A**Senior Business Plannerk****[email protected](425) 882-****
J***** A******Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officerj*****[email protected](425) 882-****
(630) 842-****
T** A*Client Partner Lead, Strategic Partnerships - PromoteIQt**[email protected](425) 882-****
P*** A*****Principal Program Manager- Office 365p*********[email protected](425) 882-****
E******** A*****Product Marketing Manager, Integrated Software Vendors & Storese**************[email protected](425) 882-****
A**** A*****Director, Brand & Marketing - Flipgrida****[email protected](425) 882-****
K*** A****Senior Director, Communications, Modern Life, Search & Devicesk*****[email protected](425) 882-****
(425) 706-****
C**** A*******Creative Director - Windows & Devices Brand Studioc******[email protected](425) 882-****
A*** A***Account Executivea***[email protected](425) 882-****
C***** A*****Marketing Communications - Future, Workc*****[email protected](425) 882-****
C** A****Principal Lead Program Manager - Office 365 & LinkedIn Integrationc*******[email protected](425) 882-****
D*** B*******Director, Sales Operations Strategyd***[email protected](425) 882-****
B*** B***Senior Product Manager - Technicalw**********[email protected](425) 882-****
D**** B**********Manager, Community Engagementd***[email protected](425) 882-****
D** B*****Director Industry Solutions - Customer Innovation Programsd*****[email protected](425) 882-****
T**** B*****General Manager - Azuret**********[email protected](425) 882-****
B**** B**********Senior Director, Technical Strategy, Solution Architecture, Data & Artificial Intelligence Customer Successb****[email protected](425) 882-****
S****** B***General Manager, Global Data Science - Microsoft Industry Solutionss**********[email protected](425) 882-****
V****** B****Software Engineering Manager(425) 882-****
C******** B*****Global Enterprise Digital Support Sales Leaderc**************[email protected](425) 882-****
B** B****Corporate Vice President, Global Events, Production Studios & Marketing Communityb****[email protected](425) 882-****
J** B*******Corporate Vice President - Office Product Groupj**[email protected](425) 882-****
P**** B*****Senior Director, Customer Experience & Successp******[email protected](425) 882-****
N*** B********Senior Director, Corporate Acquisition & Integrationn************[email protected](425) 882-****
(206) 883-****
S***** B********Industry Account Lead, Retail(312) 920-****
E*** B********General Manager, Global Media & Agency Managemente*****[email protected](425) 882-****
N*** B******Senior Manager, Product Marketing - Microsoft 365 SMBn***[email protected](425) 882-****
G***** B*********Director, Product Marketing - Unified Endpoint Managementg***************[email protected](425) 882-****
J**** B******Partner Director, Program Management, Outlook Business & General Manager, Growth & Data Sciencej***********[email protected](425) 882-****
(425) 707-****
M*** B****Head, Microsoft Studios(425) 882-****
S**** B*****Head - US Media & Cable Induss*****[email protected](425) 882-****
R*** B*****Account Executive, Microsoft Audience Networkr*********[email protected](312) 920-****
T**** B*****Senior Manager, Supplier & Social Equity Teamt*****[email protected](425) 882-****
E*** B***Corporate Vice President, AI Data & Infrastructure(425) 882-****
(408) 420-****
M*** B******Director, National Azure Solutions - U.S. Financial Services & Bankingm******[email protected](425) 882-****
A***** B*******Senior Marketing Communications Manager(425) 882-****
J**** B****Corporate Vice President, Chief Privacy Officer & Deputy General Counselj*********[email protected](425) 882-****
D**** B****Senior Product Marketing Managerd*****[email protected](425) 882-****
(425) 703-****
G****** B******Senior Program Manager - Microsoft Streamg******[email protected](425) 882-****
A*** B******Senior Program Manager, Azurea******[email protected](425) 882-****
K****** B*****Program Manager, Digital Supportabilityb****[email protected](425) 882-****
M****** B***Director, Marketingm******[email protected](312) 920-****
J** B*********Music & Entertainment Partnershipsj********[email protected](425) 882-****
(425) 704-****
D**** B***Director, Content Strategy, Privacy & Regulatory Affairsd********[email protected](425) 882-****
T** B***Corporate Vice President - Customer Security & Trustt***[email protected](425) 882-****
D***** B**Director, Digital Marketing - Worldwide Marketing & Operationsd*****[email protected](425) 882-****
A***** C******Senior Product Marketing Manager - Azure Open Source Software Community Databasesa******[email protected](425) 882-****
C**** C********Chief Marketing Officer & Executive Vice Presidentc*************[email protected](425) 882-****
K**** C*******Release Manager - Xbox Game Studiosk****[email protected](425) 882-****
E**** C*******Strategic Sales Directore****[email protected](425) 882-****
L***** C*********Principal Program Managerl***************[email protected](425) 882-****
R*** C******Director, Operations Launch Managementr***[email protected](425) 882-****
K** C*****Senior Manager, Business Developmentk********[email protected](425) 882-****
F**** C********Senior Director - Federal Government Affairsf*************[email protected](425) 882-****
A***** C*****Microsoft Retail Partner Specialista*****[email protected](425) 882-****
A***** C******Senior Industry Executive, Modern Workplace - Social Impact with Microsoft Technologya*****[email protected](425) 882-****
S**** C******Vice President, Security Policys******[email protected](425) 882-****
J**** C******Chief Audit & Risk Executivej****[email protected](425) 882-****
(425) 705-****
H*** C*****Chief Marketing Officer - Microsoft Indiah***[email protected](425) 882-****
D**** C*******Senior Solution Assessment Specialistd************[email protected](425) 882-****
(425) 722-****
C**** C********Global Director, Emerging Solutions & Microsoft Business Applicationsc****[email protected](425) 882-****
Y**** C****Product Designer, Xbox Cloud Gamingy********[email protected](425) 882-****
J***** C**********General Manager,Global Education Device Salesj*****[email protected](425) 882-****
E***** C** ******Director, Customer Repair Experience & Warrantye*****[email protected](425) 882-****
G****** C*****Director, Worldwide Commercial Businessg************[email protected](425) 882-****
D*** C******Strategist - Partner Technologyd**********[email protected](425) 882-****
J*** C******Global Campaign Manager, MSCOMj***[email protected](425) 882-****
H**** C*****Head, Partner Marketing - Microsoft Advertisingh****[email protected](425) 882-****
(425) 722-****
B**** C****Director, Digital Engagement - Xboxb*****[email protected](425) 882-****
R*** C******Senior Product Marketing Managerr******[email protected](425) 882-****
(425) 538-****
A***** C*****Vice President, Security Marketinga*****[email protected](425) 882-****
P*** C*****Principal Creative Directorp*****[email protected](425) 882-****
P*** C******Principal Program Managerp**********[email protected](425) 882-****
S*** C******Senior Manager, Product Marketing - Minecrafts**********[email protected](425) 882-****
(347) 982-****
J*** C*****Senior Director, Global Brand Marketingj***[email protected](425) 882-****
M****** C****Senior Director, Product Marketing Management - Surfacem****[email protected](425) 882-****
B*** C**Senior Director, Strategy & Operations, Health Nextb*****[email protected](425) 882-****
J******* C******General Manager, Sales Strategy, Business Excellence & Technical Servicesj******[email protected](425) 882-****
V******* C********Senior Audience Marketing Managerv****[email protected](425) 882-****
M****** C****Manager, Content Strategy - Security, App Development & Gamingm***********[email protected](425) 882-****
D**** C****General Manager, Public Affairsd****[email protected](425) 882-****
A** D******Vice President, Strategy & Commercialization - Azure Artificial Intelligence Platforma******[email protected](425) 882-****
D****** D*****General Manager, Global Communicationsd*****[email protected](425) 882-****
G***** D*****Business Program Managerg***********[email protected](425) 882-****
(425) 706-****
R****** D* ** *****Director, Enterprise Marketing & Operations - Modern Work Cloudr****[email protected](425) 882-****
(425) 704-****
C***** D* ****** ******Vice President, U.S. Partner Development - Integrated Software Vendors, Industry & Private Equityc******[email protected](425) 882-****
K*** D******Executive Vice President, Microsoft's COVID-19 Responsek**********[email protected](425) 882-****
D***** D*****Principal Group Program Manager(425) 882-****
D**** D*****Principal Program Manager - Outlook Apps & Servicesd**********[email protected](425) 882-****
J*** D********Principal Program Manager - Microsoft Azurej************[email protected](425) 882-****
E** D********Business Program Manager, Industry Solutions, Strategy & Enablemente**[email protected](425) 882-****
S**** D*******Senior Communications Manager - Americass****[email protected](425) 882-****
(786) 457-****
E**** D*******Senior Account Executivee****[email protected](425) 882-****
L**** D***Senior Director, Analyst Relations - Azure Global & Fieldl***[email protected](425) 882-****
C*** D******Senior Marketing Managerc******[email protected](425) 882-****
J*** D*********Senior Director, Marketing(425) 882-****
A***** D******Group Product Marketing Manager - Microsoft Teamsa****[email protected](425) 882-****
(310) 923-****
C***** D*****Senior Program Manager - Minecraft Education Editionc***********[email protected](425) 882-****
C****** D****Marketing Director, Technology & Corporate Responsibilityc****[email protected](425) 882-****
J***** D*****Director, Marketing - Minecraftj***********[email protected](425) 882-****
G*** D***Programs Directorg****[email protected](425) 882-****
A*** E*****Lead, Consumer Multicultural, Diversity & Inclusion - Xbox Gaming(425) 882-****
D***** E******Principal Program Manager Architectd************[email protected](425) 882-****
L****** E******Senior Manager, Marketing & Communicationsl*************[email protected](425) 882-****
V***** E*******General Manager, Audience Strategy Team - Global Eventsv*****[email protected](425) 882-****
M*** E*********Senior Director, Brand Strategym***[email protected](425) 882-****
A*** E***Client Managera*******[email protected](425) 882-****
M*** E**** *****Corporate Vice President - Operationsm****[email protected](425) 882-****
C**** E******Director, Seismic Program Lead - Global Demand Centerc******[email protected](425) 882-****
S**** E******Senior Director, Executive Communicationss******[email protected](425) 882-****
D****** E****Global Brand Managerd****[email protected](425) 882-****
P**** E*****Chief Technology Officer, Experiences & Devicesp**********[email protected](425) 882-****
(425) 706-****
H**** E*******Director, Commercial Business Programs(425) 882-****
T*** E*******Head, Marketing & Advertisingt****[email protected](425) 882-****
T* E****Director, Brand Strategyt*****[email protected]
G***** F***Senior Director - Advertising Operationsg***[email protected]
S**** F****Solution Specialist - Azures****[email protected]
H**** F******Strategic Accounts Global Sales Leaderh******[email protected]
T**** F******Marketing Director, Microsoft Quantum Computingt****[email protected]
N***** F*******Director, Brand & Creative Marketingn*************[email protected]
S******** F*******Corporate Vice Presidents******[email protected]
T***** F******Communications Director, Industry Solutionst******[email protected]
C********* F*********Principal Program Manager - Microsoft 365c*******************[email protected]
N** F*********Program Manager - Security Researcher & BlueHatn*****[email protected]
K*** F*****Senior Marketing Manager - Xboxk**[email protected]
M*** F***********Head, Product Strategy, Mixed Reality
D**** F*****Senior Director, Go-to-Market Planning - Microsoft's Consumer Businessd*****[email protected]
D**** F*****Architect - Partner Softwared**********[email protected]
J**** F***** *****Senior Product Managerj****[email protected]
L** F*******Senior Director, Human Resources - Microsoft Vival**********[email protected]
J*** G**Director, Product Marketingj**[email protected]
L*** G************Senior Research Manager, Corporate Marketing Research - Central Marketing Groupl***[email protected]
J**** G*****Senior Capabilities Lead
R*** G*****Director, Brand Partnershipsr*****[email protected]
K**** G*******Enterprise Channel Managerk************[email protected]
M***** G******Director, Product Management - Office 365m************[email protected]
M**** G***Chief, Staff, World-wide Learningm***[email protected]
A**** G********General Manager, Xbox Games Marketinga*****[email protected]
G**** G******Senior Global Product Manager - 3rd Party, ID@Xboxg******[email protected]
T*** G******Senior Director, Program Managementt******[email protected]
J**** G****Senior Manager, Product Marketing - Business Apps & Industrialj****[email protected]
D*** G********U.S. Chief Digital Officer - AI & Sustainability & Senior Manager, AI Programs & Communitiesd******[email protected]
S*** G*Director, Modern Work Small & Medium Sized Businesss*[email protected]
J**** G******Marketing Communications Managerj**********[email protected]
S**** G******Executive Vice President - Cloud & Enterprisec******[email protected]
P**** G********Lead, Business & Marketing Category - Entertainment, Consumer Applications & Advertisingp******[email protected]
K**** H******Partner Director Program Managerk****[email protected]
A******* H***General Manager - Commercial Communicationa****[email protected]
K******* H***Corporate Vice President, Brand, Advertising & Researchk*****[email protected]
C**** H*****Senior Product Marketing Managerc*****[email protected]
S**** H********Manager, Partner Programs****[email protected]
K**** H*****Director, Design Strategy & Digital Transformation - Cloud & Artificial Intelligence Divisionk****[email protected]
J*** H*****General Manager, Strategic Partnershipsj*****[email protected]
J**** ***** H*****Chief Product Architect - D365 Finance & Operationsj******[email protected]
M*** H*****Senior Engineer - Software Design
M******* H******Director, Communications
B**** H****Technical Fellowb****[email protected]
J********* H****Account Executivej****[email protected]
K**** H********Executive Communications Manager, Global Partner Solutions - U.S.k*************[email protected]
E*** H****Principal Program Manager - Microsoft HoloLense********[email protected]
P***** H******Product Marketing Manager, Privacyp************[email protected]
C****** H****Senior Manager, Business Program - Customer Successc******[email protected]
L**** H*******Partner & Group Program Manager - Bing Mapsl****[email protected]
B**** H******General Manager, Business Planning - Azure & DevDivb***********[email protected]
A** H******Senior Manager, Product Marketing - Windows Developer Marketing
T***** H*****Vice President, Global Alliance & Systems Integrators Partnerst*****[email protected]
S**** H****Director, Minecraft Web & Live Operations
H**** H*****Strategic Account Lead - Bing Advertising
H******* H******Principal Program Manager - Xboxh******[email protected]
G** H******Senior Principal Digital Advisor - Retail & Consumer Goodsg*********[email protected]
D**** H******Product Marketing Lead, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights
K******* H****Chief People Officer & Executive Vice President, Human Resourcesk****[email protected]
A*** H*****Director, Software & Apps Category - Microsoft Digital Storea*****[email protected]
U***** H*****Corporate Vice President - Cloud & Artificial Intelligence Businessu***********[email protected]
A** H***Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officera*****[email protected]
K**** H*****Digital Marketing Manager - Xboxk******[email protected]
C********** H******Senior Program Manager - Officec***********[email protected]
M******* H***Senior Communications Manager, Public Affairsm*******[email protected]
N******** H***Senior Finance Managerh***[email protected]
I**** H**Director, Microsoft Commercial Lifecycle Marketingi*******[email protected]
P****** H*********Digital Acquisition Manager
J*** H****Senior Director, Windows Consumer Sales & Marketingj***[email protected]
R****** H****Business Administrator
S*** H****Senior Manager, Marketing Communicationss****[email protected]
L**** H****Senior Partner & Channel Marketing Managerl*[email protected]
E*** I****Global Director, Security Solutions & Strategy - HQ Microsoft Servicese***[email protected]
N******** I********Principal Program Manager Lead - Bing Multimedian*****************[email protected]
P********* I******Regional Director, Public Sector - Central & Eastern Europep******[email protected]
J*** J*******Senior Manager, Retail Demo Solutionsj***********[email protected]
T**** J*****Senior Manager, Public Affairs Digital Platforms & Strategy
R***** J**Executive Vice President, Experiences & Devicesr****[email protected]
A**** J* *****Account Manager - Strategic Bing Adsa***[email protected]
K**** J****Senior Partner Managerk****[email protected]
G***** J****Principal Application Programming Interface Architect - Microsoft Graphg*****[email protected]
A***** J*****Marketing Manager - Xbox.comA***********[email protected]
I*** J*****Principal Program Manageri*********[email protected]
H** J**Senior Director, U.S. Security Business
J*** K****Vice President & Chief Data Analytics Officer - Emeritusj*****[email protected]
Y***** K***********Digital Marketing Manager
G**** K*****Principal Engineering Program Manager - Insider Threatg*****[email protected]
C****** K*****Director Global Media, Agency Management & Business Operationsc****[email protected]
K***** K*****Senior Product Marketing Manager - Surfacek*****[email protected]
M*** K******Senior Product Manager - SharePointm******[email protected]
V**** K********Partner & Engineering Director, AI Strategy & Architecture
A**** K******Director, Acquisition & Media - Commercial Producta****[email protected]
L***** K******Principal Studio Manager & Design Program Manager - Modern Life & Learningl************[email protected]
J***** K***Global Partner Go-to-Market Lead - Modern Work & Securityj***[email protected]
N*** K*****Manager, Digital Marketing - Xboxn******[email protected]
S****** K**Principal Group Software Engineering Managers**[email protected]
H*** K**Lead, Free to Paid Customer Journey - M365 Subscription
J***** K******Director, Business Management - Strategy & Operationsj****[email protected]
A***** K*****Digital Sales & Marketing Operation - Commercial Cloud Productsa*****[email protected]
T***** K****Content Strategist
B**** K*********Principal Program Managerb**************[email protected]
D*** K**********Vice President, Human Resources & Business Insightsd**************[email protected]
R*** K*******Director, Digital Experience - Gamingr****[email protected]
M****** K*****Principal Program Manager - Minecraft Education Editionm************[email protected]
L******* K***Principal Program Marketing Manager, Commercial Software Engineeringl***********[email protected]
K*** K***********Corporate Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Experiences & Devices Groupk***[email protected]
P*** M*********Chief Operations Officer, Worldwide Public Sectorp****[email protected]
A**** M*****Senior Program Managera*****[email protected]
G**** M****Senior Manager, Communicationsg*********[email protected]
L****** M****General Manager, Surface Go-to-Marketl******[email protected]
M***** M**********Director, Social Media, Games Marketingm*****[email protected]
S**** N******Chief Executive Officer & Chairmans****[email protected]
M**** N******Principal Program Managerm***********[email protected]
J***** N*****Program Manager - Philanthropiesj*****[email protected]
J******* N******Senior Producer, Global Events - Xboxj****[email protected]
E* N****Senior Manager, Innovative Digital Marketinge*****[email protected]
H*** N****Principal Research Managerh****[email protected]
S****** N********Senior Manager, Business Program & Customer Success - Global Commercial Businesss***[email protected]
T****** N*****Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer - Commercialt*****[email protected]
D**** N**Senior Manager, Marketing
J** M*****Senior Program Manager Teams - Virtual Desktop Infrastructurej********[email protected]
D**** M****Senior Manager, Marketingd****[email protected]
K**** M*****Senior Head, Integrated Marketing - Microsoft New Devicesk**********[email protected]
E***** M*****Manager, Community Engagemente*****[email protected]
R***** M****General Manager - Artificial Intelligence Platforms & Business Developmentr**********[email protected]
V**** M****Director, Global Strategic Sales - Automotive Industryv*****[email protected]
E*** M**Global Integrated Marketing Lead, Technology - Social Impact, Microsoft Philanthropies
N**** M*********Director, Content Services & Insightsn**************[email protected]
M*** M*******Senior Director, Business Developmentm***[email protected]
J*** M***** ********Principal Program Manager - Azurej*********[email protected]
M**** M****Director, Marketing Communicationsm****[email protected]
J****** M*****Senior Director - Corporate Research Teamj*****[email protected]
V**** M******Sales Director - Nationalv******[email protected]
K*** M*******Supportability Program Managerk****[email protected]
C**** M*****Director, Global Brand & Integrated Marketing - Xbox
C**** M****Vice President, Independent Software Vendor Salesc****[email protected]
L********** M*******Chief Diversity Officerl*****************[email protected]
A**** M****Director - Xbox Gaming
E**** M*****Senior Manager, Strategic Business & Executive Communicationse****[email protected]
C****** M*****General Manager, Communications - Chairman & Chief Executive Officerc*****[email protected]
M**** ** M*******National Director, U.S. Industry Advisory Leader - Provider & Planm************[email protected]
D*** M*******Corporate Vice President, Xbox Product Servicesd***********[email protected]
T*** M*******Director, Investor Relationst***[email protected]
J**** M********Senior Program Managerj******[email protected]
R**** M**********Senior Director, Digital Customer Solutionsr****[email protected]
C**** M*******Head, Native Sales - Microsoft Advertisingc****[email protected]
K****** K******Director, Customer & Marketing ResearchK******[email protected]
D**** K****Head, Product Marketing - Microsoft Edge, Bing & Content Servicesd****[email protected]
A******* K*******Senior Program Manager - Azure Global Infrastructurea*****[email protected]
I***** K****Principal Lead Program Manager, Cloud & AI Groupi*****[email protected]
R*** L******General Manager, Customer Insights - Dynamic 365
J**** L******Principal Program Manager - Microsoft Teamsj******[email protected]
S***** L***Product Manager, Digital Marketing - Worldwide Channel & Device
K** L*****Director, Business, Marketing & Operationsk*****[email protected]
C**** L*******Senior Operations Program Manager
D***** L******Senior Communications Manager - Microsoft Surfaced****[email protected]
T**** L*Product Marketing Manager - Azure Artificial Intelligencet******[email protected]
L***** L**Director, Partner Developmentl****[email protected]
J*** L**Head, Evangelisml**[email protected]
S******* L****Principal Program Managers************[email protected]
F******** L*******Director, Microsoft Brand Strategyf****************[email protected]
W**** L****Senior Manager, Partner Marketing - Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Programw****[email protected]
A*** L*Senior Program Managera**[email protected]
S**** L******Vice President, Platform & Customer Servicess******[email protected]
J**** L****Senior Product Marketing Manager - Minecraftj****[email protected]
M*** L*****Vice President Portfolio, Solutions & Marketingm***[email protected]
S***** L****Chief Marketing Officer, Vice President & General Manager
C***** L*******Senior Manager, Product Marketing - Cloud & Enterprise Platformc*****[email protected]
S****** L****Senior Director, Retail Industry - Microsoft Advertisings*****[email protected]
J**** L***Director, Group Marketing Communications - Xboxj****[email protected]
H** L*Program Manager - Azure CXP PMOh***[email protected]
G****** L*Product Marketing Manager - Microsoft Edgeg********[email protected]
F** L*Director, Business & Sales Strategyk****[email protected]
M*** L****Assistant General Counselm****[email protected]
K**** L***********Senior Partner Marketing Manager
C****** L*****Director, Brand Strategyc******[email protected]
G***** M********Director, Audience Marketingg**************[email protected]
J*** M******Social Media & Video Lead - Educationj******[email protected]
M****** M******Program Manager - FastTrack Enterprisem*************[email protected]
R***** M**********Director, Business Intelligence & Analytics - Microsoft Advertising
D***** M****Senior Program Manager - Azured*****[email protected]
V******* M**Senior Manager, Brand Advertisingv**********[email protected]
J******* M*****Principal Program Managerj*****[email protected]
R** M********Corporate Vice President - Commercial Pricing & Licensingr***********[email protected]
R***** M*****Senior Communications Manager - Future of Workr***********[email protected]
Y**** M****Corporate Vice President, Modern Life & Devicesy****[email protected]
P**** M****Senior Manager, Customer & Market Researchp****[email protected]
S**** M******Director, Business Programs - Data & Artificial Intelligences******[email protected]
R**** O******Director, Communications - Minecraftr****[email protected]
C****** O****Head, Paid Search - Global Mediac****[email protected]
J***** O**Senior Product Marketing Manager - Microsoft Tech Communityj**[email protected]
B*** O**Senior Director, Digital Marketing & Commerceb***[email protected]
P**** P****Chief Product Officerp****[email protected]
S******* P*****Account Executives*************[email protected]
A** P****Senior Program Manager - PowerPoint AIa***[email protected]
A***** P*****Director, Media & Entertainment Partnerships - Global Mediaa*****[email protected]
M*** P****General Manager, Gaming Subscriptions Business Planningm****[email protected]
K*** P****Head, Global Communications - Gaming
R** P******Vice President, Product - Office Product Suiter***[email protected]
D*** P*******Manager, Platform Solution Salesd***********[email protected]
C**** P***Senior Program Manager - Excelc********[email protected]
I**** P*********Director, Government Affairsi****[email protected]
D**** P*****Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Storesd*****[email protected]
M****** P*****Senior Manager, Public Relationsm******[email protected]
A****** P******Product Marketing Manager - Cloud Marketinga******[email protected]
N**** P*******Principal Program Manager Lead - Cloud and AIn****[email protected]
K*** Q******Senior Director, Global Industry Marketingk***[email protected]
K**** Q*******Senior Manager, Communications
Y**** R****Surface Category Lead, Consumer
K**** R******k****[email protected]
V*** R*********Director Business Planning - Modern Work Productsv*************[email protected]
D***** R*******Senior Product Managerd*******[email protected]
K***** R***Brand Content Directork*****[email protected]
S** R****Head, Integrated Marketing Communicationss**[email protected]
J***** R***Senior Partner & Manager, Channel Marketingj****[email protected]
J**** R***Senior MarCom Manager, Search Engine Optimization & Content Strategyj*****[email protected]
K****** R*****Senior Marcom Marketing Manager - U.S. Healthcare Strategic Account Marketing
K*** R*********Senior Brand Manager - Xboxk**[email protected]
J**** R*******Director, Communications - Core Services Engineering & Operationsj***[email protected]
I** R******Services Sales Director - West & Central U.S.i**[email protected]
M****** R***********Senior Marketing Managerm******************[email protected]
M****** R*******Partner Marketingm**************[email protected]
K****** R*** ******Corporate Vice President, Human Resources - Total Rewards, Performance & Human Resources Business Insightsk******[email protected]
J*** R*****Senior Manager, Partner & Channel Marketingj*********[email protected]
M***** R******Business Program Manager - Campaign Optimization
J**** R*****Partner Director, Program Management - Team Xboxj**********[email protected]
A****** R***Digital Strategy Lead - Mircrosoft Startups
B***** R***Corporate Vice President & Head, 343 Industries - Halo
J*** R*********Senior Communications Manager - XBOXj****[email protected]
M*** R**********Chief Technology Officer - Microsoft Azurem**************[email protected]
M**** R*******Director, Media, Communication & Brand Partnershipsm****[email protected]
B**** S******Director, Product Marketing - Azure Gaming Verticalb*****[email protected]
S****** S****Principal Group Program Managers******[email protected]
K** S***************Vice President, Partner Servicek******************[email protected]
D***** S*******Principal Program Manager - HoloLens & Mixed Reality Commercial Engineeringd*****[email protected]
J*** S******Managing Director - Azure Government Affairsj**********[email protected]
B**** S******Assistant General Counselb*****[email protected]
B****** S*****Corporate Vice President, Product & Engineering - Microsoft Teamsb*****[email protected]
S***** ** S****Technical Fellow & Corporate Vice President, Hardware Architecture - Azure
K**** S****Chief Technology Officer & Executive Vice Presidentk*********[email protected]
S**** S***Director, Product Marketing - Microsoft Azures***[email protected]
O*** S******Corporate Vice President, Product - Microsoft 365, OneDrive & SharePointo**********[email protected]
T*** S*****General Manager - Internet, Things & Intelligent Cloud Businesst*****[email protected]
E*** S****Senior Manager, Product Marketing
F**** S***Corporate Vice President, Corporate Communications
G***** S******Corporate Vice President, Product - Microsoft Teamsg******[email protected]
S**** S*******Global Retail Lead - Microsoft Startupss************[email protected]
A** S********Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Consumer Channel Sales & Marketinga**[email protected]
J**** S****Client Partner - Microsoft Advertisingj*********[email protected]
G***** S****Manager, Product Marketing - Surface Go & Surface Pen
J**** S***Senior Product Marketing Manager - Skypej********[email protected]
B******* S****President & Chief Legal Officerb*****[email protected]
T***** S****General Manager - Xbox Global Brand Marketingt*****[email protected]
N***** S****Director, Global Learning & Experiencen**********[email protected]
D***** S****Chief, Staff - U.S. Business Applications & Industry Cloudsd****[email protected]
K**** S******General Manager, Microsoft Store Marketing & Experiencesk******[email protected]
S****** S*******Americas Customer Success Leader, Cloud Servicess**************[email protected]
A** S******Director, Strategic Partnerships & Brand Strategya*********[email protected]
R***** S*********Director, Global Mediar*****[email protected]
J**** S******Corporate Vice President - Microsoft 365j******[email protected]
A******* S*****Director, Data Centers, Sustainability & Space Marketinga*************[email protected]
P*** S******Executive Vice President - Gaming
M**** S** ******Industry Account Lead - Technology & Telecommunicationsm*****[email protected]
C****** S**********General Manager, Microsoft 365 & Future, Work Marketingc******[email protected]
E** S*******Product Marketing - Forza & Fablee*****[email protected]
K******* S******Senior Global Category Marketing Manager - Surfacek****[email protected]
K** S*****General Manager, Modern Work, Security & Education Communicationsk********[email protected]
R****** S**********Senior Director, Go-to-Market Enablement, Sales & Business Applicationsr******[email protected]
C**** S*******Senior Program Managerc****[email protected]
G*** S*******Director, Communicationg***********[email protected]
N*** S********Director, Product Marketing - Azure Cloud
R**** S***Director, Marketing - Microsoft 365 Consumerr********[email protected]
M******* S*****Senior Manager, Agency Management - Global Advertisingm*****[email protected]
J*** S********Director, Analyst Relations - Microsoft Securityj**********[email protected]
K***** T*****Senior Director, Consumer Product, Retail & Growth Researchk*****[email protected]
G*** T*****General Manager, Worldwide Channel & Partner Marketingg***[email protected]
J**** T**Principal Design Manager - Azure Cognitive Services Teamj****[email protected]
B**** T******Principal Customer Engineering Managerb***********[email protected]
S***** T******Global Advertising & Marketing Communications Lead - Software & Servicess******[email protected]
S******** T****Senior Director, Digital Advertisings*****[email protected]
N**** T*****Director, Web Marketing - Azure & Cloud Marketingn****[email protected]
A** T*****General Manager, Digital Store Operationsa**[email protected]
K**** T***** ******Regional Vice President, Corporate Sales - North Americak**********[email protected]
J*** T*******Chairmanj**********[email protected]
S**** T*****Senior Business Program Manager - Minecraft Education Editions******[email protected]
K***** T*********Principal Program Manager - Microsoft 365k****[email protected]
J***** T*******Principal Program Managerj*******[email protected]
R*** T*****Manager, Marketing Communicationsr***[email protected]
A****** V*****Director, Product Marketing - Windows 10 Proa******[email protected]
R** v** *** ****Corporate Vice President, Advertising Sales & Marketingr****[email protected]
J** V*****Senior Director, Product Management - Microsoft 365 Consumerj********[email protected]
C******** V********Marketing Communications Manager - Global Diversity & Inclusion
K***** V****Director, Windows Brand Marketingk****[email protected]
M***** W***Global Business Architect, Healthcare, Life Sciences & Public Sectorm***[email protected]
K****** W***General Manager, Integrated Marketing - Modern Life & Devicesk******[email protected]
J**** W********U.S. Industry Marketing Leader - Microsoft Cloud Healthcare Product Marketingj*****[email protected]
M****** W********Lead, Industry Solutions - Retail & Consumer Goods Service Linem***[email protected]
J**** W****Engineer - Microsoft Threat Protectionj****[email protected]
C**** W****Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Business - Small, Medium & Corporatec*********[email protected]
V****** W*****Principal Program Manager Lead - Microsoft Edgev*****[email protected]
B**** W****Production Managerb*********[email protected]
G** W****Senior Marketing Director - Xboxg******[email protected]
B**** W****Account Based Marketing Lead - Global Demand Center
B****** W****Senior Manager, Product Marketing - Xboxb****[email protected]
J***** W***Chief Marketing Officer - Xboxj*****[email protected]
H***** W******Advertising Manager - Global Advertisingh*****[email protected]
K** W****Global Leader, Partner Experiences & OfferingsK*******[email protected]
M*** W******Art Director - Dynamics 365 Remote Assistm**********[email protected]
S***** W****Director - Deal Desks*****[email protected]
L*** W********Global Product Marketing Manager - Xboxl************[email protected]
R** W***Vice President, Microsoft Advertisingr*****[email protected]
L** W*******Senior Product Marketing Manager - Azure Gamingl**********[email protected]
L**** W*******Director, Creativel************[email protected]
L**** W*****Solutions Account Executive, Native Salesl****[email protected]
J***** W*****Vice President, Product Managementj*****[email protected]
N******** W******Strategy & Business Planning - Microsoft Educationn***************[email protected]
J*** W******Principal Program Manager - Azurej**********[email protected]
A******** Y**** *****Senior Engineer - Software Developmenta****[email protected]
S** Y**Senior Manager, Marketing Communicationss**[email protected]
D**** Y****Director, Naming & Brand Architecture - Commercial Business
J**** Z*****Executive Vice President, Azurej****[email protected]
E*** Z*******Senior Marketing Leader, Developer Integrated Marketinge***********[email protected]
J*** G****** ******Marketing Communications Manager
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020