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Miami Dolphins


The Miami Dolphins are a professional American football team based in the Miami, Florida Metropolitan Area. The Dolphins belong to the Eastern Division of the American Football Conference in the National Football League.
(305) 943-8000
Miami Gardens, FL USA
Primary Address:
347 Don Shula Drive
Miami Gardens, FL 33056
Parent Company:
Miami Dolphins

Employees (37)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
G**** B****Executive Assistant, Communications, Community & Foundationg****[email protected](305) 943-****
Y****** B******Senior Director, Human Resource - Dolphin Stadiumy******[email protected](305) 943-****
B******* B******Senior Manager, Corporate Partnershipsb******[email protected](305) 943-****
B**** B*********Manager, Football Communicationsb*********[email protected](305) 943-****
S**** B*****Director, Team Operationss*****[email protected](305) 943-****
J***** C*****Senior Director, Human Resourcesj*****[email protected](305) 943-****
C**** C*******Chief Financial Officer & Senior Vice Presidentc************[email protected](305) 943-****
S******* C******Vice President, Stadium Operationss******[email protected](305) 943-****
J** C******Director, Technology Servicesj******[email protected](305) 943-****
S***** D***Senior Manager, Social Medias***[email protected](305) 943-****
B*** G******Senior Vice President, Operationsb******[email protected]
T** G********Vice Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer
A***** G*****Manager, Community Relationsa*****[email protected]
C**** G****General Managerc****[email protected]
D**** G*****Senior Director, Brand Impact & Entertainmentd*****[email protected]
A** H***Senior Manager, Youth Programs & Campsa***[email protected]
C**** H***Accounting Managerc***[email protected]
M****** J******Senior Director, Partnership Activation & Business Solutionsm******[email protected]
J**** J******Senior Vice President, Communications & Community Affairsj******[email protected]
L***** N****Senior Director, Community Affairsl****[email protected]
A*** N*****Senior Director, Football Communicationsa*****[email protected]
K*** M******Senior Director, Ticket Operationsk******[email protected]
S****** M****** ****Owner
D**** M***Director, Group Salesd***[email protected]
K******** M*******Director, Entertainment & Brand Impactk*******[email protected]
H****** P******Manager, Broadcast Distributionh******[email protected]
E****** P****Senior Manager, CRMe****[email protected]
T**** R***Manager, Broadcast Operationst***[email protected]
T*** R******Senior Director, Community Affairst******[email protected]
L**** S******Vice President, Marketingl******[email protected]
W***** S******Director, Ticket Operationsw******[email protected]
R**** S*******Manager, Football Communicationsr*******[email protected]
K****** S*******Manager, Luxury & Suite Servicesk*******[email protected]
S**** S****Senior Director, Digital & Print Medias****[email protected]
M*** T*****Senior Director, Football Communicationsm*****[email protected]
S***** W***Manager, Corporate Communicationss***[email protected]
J***** W****Chief Revenue Officer & Senior Vice Presidentj****[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020