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Lumen Technologies


CenturyTel, Inc., is an integrated communications company engaged primarily in providing an array of communications services, including local and long distance voice, Internet access and broadband services. The company operates in 25 states and is headquartered in Monroe, LA.
(318) 388-9000
Monroe, LA USA
Primary Address:
100 Century Link Drive
Monroe, LA 71203
Parent Company:
Lumen Technologies

Employees (54)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
Z*** A****Regional Vice Presidentz********[email protected](303) 992-****
A** A********Director, Marketing Operationsa***********[email protected](318) 388-****
P***** A*******Field Marketing Managerp*************[email protected](318) 388-****
S**** A******Chief Marketing Officers***********[email protected](318) 388-****
E****** B******Director, Business Operations - Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learninge*************[email protected](318) 388-****
R***** B******Senior Manager, Digital Marketingr************[email protected](303) 992-****
S**** B****Senior Director, Marketing Technology & Operationss*********[email protected](303) 992-****
(303) 992-****
R*** C*****Senior Marketing Managerr*********[email protected](318) 388-****
K**** C*****Field Marketing Managerk**********[email protected](318) 388-****
C**** C*****Senior Director, Salesc**********[email protected](303) 992-****
S**** D****Marketing Managers*********[email protected](318) 388-****
R**** D****Senior Director, Procurementr*********[email protected](318) 388-****
A***** D****Chief Technology Officera**********[email protected](303) 992-****
K**** E*****Senior Product Managerk**********[email protected](303) 992-****
C***** F***Director, Regional Enterprise Sales Activationc*********[email protected]
D**** G*******Senior Director, eBusiness & Digital Marketingd************[email protected]
K***** G*****Vice President, Human Resourcek***********[email protected]
K*** G******Field Marketing Managerk**********[email protected]
W** G*****Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketingw********[email protected]
S**** G********Vice President, Public Sector Program Managements*************[email protected]
S***** G*****Senior Manager, Global Relationshipss**********[email protected]
T**** G*****Procurement Managert**********[email protected]
M*** G********Senior Managing Director - Asia Pacificm************[email protected]
C******** H*****Senior Marketing Managerc**************[email protected]
S**** H*****Senior Lead Marketing Managers**********[email protected]
A** K******Senior Manager, Content Marketinga*********[email protected]
E*** M*****Marketing, Managere*********[email protected]
D**** N*****Director, State & Local Government Affairsd**********[email protected]
A***** O******Marketing Manager - North East
T**** M****Manager, Marketing Communicationst*********[email protected]
M***** M*****President, Consumer Marketsm***********[email protected]
K****** M*****Manager, Brandk************[email protected]
K**** M*******President - East Region
C**** M***Senior Manager, Capture & Federalc********[email protected]
C****** L***Senior Designerc**********[email protected]
J** L******Director, Marketing & eCommercej*********[email protected]
R****** M*****Senior Marketing Managerr************[email protected]
D*** O****Senior Marketing Managerd********[email protected]
A**** O***Vice President, Marketing & Brand Messaginga********[email protected]
M*** O*******Lead Analyst, Global Operationsm**************[email protected]
L******* P***President, Global Customer Successl***********[email protected]
J***** R*****Senior Manager, Digital Marketing - Prism TVj***********[email protected]
M*** R*****Business Technology Consultant & Senior Account Executive
B**** R***Creative Producerb********[email protected]
P*** S*****Senior Vice President, Core Network & Technology Solutions
D**** S********Vice President , Enterprise Technology & Field Chief Technology Officerd*************[email protected]
N**** S****Senior Manager, Enterprise Relationshipsn*********[email protected]
J*** S***********Senior Director, Sales Engineering & Strategic Governmentj***************[email protected]
V******* S******Senior Designerv**************[email protected]
J*** S*****President & Chief Executive Officerj*********[email protected]
J**** T*****Art Directorj**********[email protected]
C******* U********Marketing Managerc****************[email protected]
L*** W****Senior Manager, North American Enterprise Marketing
D**** Y****Senior Vice President, Strategic Governmentd*********[email protected]
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