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Lululemon Corporation


Founded in 1998, Lululemon Athletica is a Canadian clothing retailer, known mainly for their yoga-inspired apparel. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, the company designs and sells their own line of women's and men's clothing, using specialized material and fabrics designed to maximize movement.
(604) 732-6124
Sumner, WA USA
Primary Address:
2201 140th Avenue East
Sumner, WA 98390
Parent Company:
Lululemon Corporation

Employees (50)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
R***** A******Senior Vice President, Strategy & Brandr******[email protected](604) 732-****
R****** A****Manager, Global Public Relations(604) 732-****
C****** A*************Affiliate & Influencer Marketing Program Managerc*****[email protected](604) 732-****
(604) 368-****
M****** A*****Chief Executive Officer, MIRROR & lululemon Digital Fitnessm*****[email protected](604) 732-****
J**** A******Chief Technology Officer & Executive Vice Presidentj**********[email protected](604) 732-****
C***** B******Manager, Network Strategy & Communicationsc******[email protected](604) 732-****
J**** B*******Senior Director, Marketing Analyticsj*******[email protected](604) 732-****
K*** B*******User Experience Designerk*******[email protected](604) 732-****
S**** B****Producer, Brand Production(604) 732-****
C****** B*******Executive Vice President, Americas & Global Guest Innovationc*******[email protected](604) 732-****
F***** C******Director, Global Athletes & Ambassadorsf******[email protected](604) 732-****
S**** C*******Experiential Operations Managers*******[email protected](604) 732-****
(978) 886-****
S******* C********Digital Channel Specialist, Social Media & Branded Communities(604) 732-****
Y*** D********Director, Innovation - Advanced Raw Materialsy********[email protected](604) 732-****
C******** F***Senior Project Manager, Digital Technologyc***[email protected]
D**** G*******Director, Global Brand Strategy & Managementd*******[email protected]
S***** G*****Director, Global Brand Engagements*****[email protected]
A***** H*****Director, Product Discovery - Ecommerce, Product Management & SEOa*****[email protected]
S***** H****Director, Global Brand Engagement
D****** H***Vice President, Global Brand Managementd***[email protected]
B******* J******Director, Brandb******[email protected]
R***** K****Membership Benefits & Operations Managerr*****[email protected]
N**** N********Chief Brand Officern********[email protected]
E****** M********Brand Project Managere********[email protected]
T*** K****Manager, Global Sports Marketingt****[email protected]
J**** L*****General Manager, Experientialj*****[email protected]
K*** M********Global Editorial Managerk********[email protected]
C***** M*******Chief Executive Officerc************[email protected]
K***** M****Global Events Manager
O***** P*****Website Experience Specialisto*****[email protected]
D**** R***Senior Vice President, Global Brand Experienced***[email protected]
K*** R*******Lead, Social Mediak*******[email protected]
J***** R*******Chief Strategy & Digital Officerj************[email protected]
C****** R*******Director, Global Brand Marketing, Brand & Creative Operations
T*** S******Global Localization Program Manager, Brand & Communityt******[email protected]
V******* S*****Program Manager, Global CRM & CDPv*****[email protected]
L****** S****Global Planning & Women's Merchandising Executive Assistantl****[email protected]
M***** S****Social Media Lead, Micro-Communities
M****** S*****Graphic Designerm*****[email protected]
B** S****Project Manager, Special Projectsb****[email protected]
A**** S***** ***Search Engine Optimization Specialist
M******** T***Manager, Social Mediam***[email protected]
L**** T*Digital Optimization Specialist
K**** T******Performance Marketing Strategistk******[email protected]
S**** W********Director, Site Reliability Engineering & Global Supports********[email protected]
B***** W******Digital Campaigns Managerb******[email protected]
R*** W****** ****Vice President, Product Qualityr******[email protected]
K******* W***Digital Engagement Coordinator
P*** Y*****Manager, Creative - Art Directorp*****[email protected]
J****** Y*Senior Digital Analyst
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