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Lindenmeyr Munroe


Lindenmeyr Munroe is a manufacturer of paper products. The company offers paper stock to customers both domestically and internationally.
(508) 528-9823
Bellingham, MA USA
Primary Address:
190 Mechanic Street
Bellingham, MA 2019
Parent Company:
Lindenmeyr Munroe

Employees (10)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
G** B*******Director, Inventory Systemsg*******[email protected](508) 528-****
A***** C*****Graphic Designera*****[email protected](508) 528-****
D**** G*********Business Managerd*********[email protected]
M*** M*******Business Managerm*******[email protected]
B*** M********Sales Managerw********[email protected]
S**** P*******Business Managers*******[email protected]
E* R***General Manager & Vice Presidente***[email protected]
J**** R*****Business Development Managerj*****[email protected]
R*** S*********Sales Managerr*********[email protected]
M*** W******Business Manager - Lindenmeyr Envelopem******[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020