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Land O’Lakes, Inc.


Land O'Lakes, Inc., headquartered in Arden Hills, MN., is a farmer-owned cooperative that offers agricultural supplies as well as production and business services to farmers, local cooperatives, and consumers throughout the U.S. The company produces packaged milk, margarine, sour cream, cheese, animal feed and crop seed, and is the number one butter brand in the U.S. It operates its business through five segments: dairy foods, feed, seed, agronomy and layers.
(651) 375-2222
Arden Hills, MN USA
Primary Address:
4001 Lexington Avenue North
Arden Hills, MN 55126
Parent Company:
Land O'Lakes, Inc.

Employees (51)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
H****** A*****Vice President, Ecommerce & Ebusinessh******[email protected](651) 375-****
(651) 375-****
N****** B*******Customer Insights & Analytics Analystn*******[email protected](651) 375-****
M******* B******Director, Market Researchm*******[email protected](651) 375-****
M*** C******Chief Information Officer(651) 375-****
S***** C*******Marketing Manager - Retail Butter & Spreadss******[email protected](651) 375-****
B***** D*****Communications Managerd*****[email protected](651) 375-****
R****** D**Senior Director, Brand Marketingr**[email protected](651) 375-****
B*** F***President & Chief Executive Officerb*******[email protected]
C******** F**Vice President, Brand & Product Marketing - Dairy Foodsc***[email protected]
L*** F****Director, Insights & Strategyl****[email protected]
D*** F******Marketing Manager - Milk Productsd******[email protected]
B**** G******Director, Marketing - WinField Unitedb*******[email protected]
K******* H*****Customer Insights & Analytics Senior Managerk******[email protected]
E*** H*******Senior Marketing Manager - Retail Butter & Spreadse********[email protected]
L***** H*****Director, Marketing Analyticsl*****[email protected]
D** H***Strategy & Business Development Managerd****[email protected]
T*** I******Account Manager, Integrated Marketing Communications
C***** I*******Senior Marketing Managerc********[email protected]
M****** J******Director, Integrated Marketing Communicationsm********[email protected]
E******** J********Brand Marketing Specialiste********[email protected]
J**** K*******Chief Operating Officer - International & Executive Vice Presidentj*******[email protected]
T*** K****Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Business Developmentt*****[email protected]
S***** K*****Director, Business Developments******[email protected]
L*** K****Senior Marketing Manager - Purina Horse Portfoliol****[email protected]
E******** N*****Marketing Managere******[email protected]
M***** N*****Senior Brand Plannerm*****[email protected]
K**** N*****Associate Marketing Managerk*****[email protected]
J*** N*****Manager, Marketing Communications & Sales Promotionj******[email protected]
B****** M*****Senior Marketing Manager, Digital Mediab******[email protected]
B******* K******Digital Marketing Platform Associateb******[email protected]
C**** K*******Brand Manager - Dairy Foodsc*******[email protected]
D****** L****Manager, Marketing & International Salesd****[email protected]
M****** L********Web Optimization & Personalization Specialistm********[email protected]
G*** L******Senior Manager, Revenue Optimization - US Dairy Foodsg*******[email protected]
N****** L***Communications Managern***[email protected]
V****** L****Data Solutions Analyst
H****** M********Chief Marketing Officer & Senior Vice Presidenth********[email protected]
K** O****Chief Communications Officerk*****[email protected]
A*** O****Associate Marketing Managera****[email protected]
A***** P*******Marketing Directora*******[email protected]
B*** P*****Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
G*** R*********Director, Procurement & Risk Managementg**********[email protected]
K****** S**********Senior Marketing Operations Managerk***********[email protected]
C***** S*********Senior Director, Strategic Alliance & Digital Innovationc*********[email protected]
K**** S*****Integrated Marketing Communications Specialistk*****[email protected]
S******** S****Marketing Analysts****[email protected]
R*** S******Marketing Director - Foodservicer*******[email protected]
J****** T*******Procurement Manager
B***** V** *******Associate Marketing Manager
M*** V**** ****Vice President, Seedm********[email protected]
G******* W******Digital Marketing Manager - Dairy Foodsg******[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020