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Kraft Heinz Company


Kraft Heinz Company, formerly known as Kraft Foods Group, through its subsidiaries, manufactures and sells packaged foods and beverages in the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. Kraft Heinz Company is co-headquartered in Northfield, IL and Pittsburgh, PA. The Northfield location is headquarters for Kraft brands and the Pittsburgh location is headquarters for Heinz related brands.
(847) 646-2000
Chicago, IL USA
Primary Address:
200 East Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60603
Parent Company:
Kraft Heinz Company

Employees (101)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
C***** A************President - North America & Executive Vice Presidentc*****************[email protected](847) 646-****
D**** B****Associate Brand Manager - Oscar Mayer Bacond*********[email protected](847) 646-****
P**** B******Chief Financial Officerp***********[email protected](412) 456-****
(412) 237-****
M****** B***Associate Brand Director(847) 646-****
A***** B*****************Territory Business Managera**********[email protected](847) 646-****
C******* B*****Vice President & General Manager - Easy Meals Made Betterc*************[email protected](847) 646-****
A***** B********Senior Associate Brand Managera**************[email protected](847) 646-****
L*** B*****Associate Brand Manager - Velveeta Shells & Cheesel*********[email protected]
C******** B****Senior Analyst, Marketing - Philadelphiac*************[email protected](847) 646-****
T** B****Manager, Regional Salest*******[email protected](412) 456-****
A*** B*****President - US Beverages, Snacks & Dessertsa*********[email protected](847) 646-****
J*** C*****Vice Chairmanj*********[email protected](847) 646-****
M*** C********General Manager, Quick Prep Mealsm***************[email protected](847) 646-****
K****** C******Director, Strategy & Development , Meal Foundations & Coffeesk*************[email protected](847) 646-****
O***** C******Associate Marketing Manager - Mediao************[email protected](847) 646-****
M***** C***Customer Vice President & Head, Sales - Costco & Boxedm*********[email protected](847) 646-****
S***** C******President - Enhancers, Desserts & Away From Home Business Units************[email protected](847) 646-****
M****** D****Vice President, Global Strategy& Investor Relationsm***********[email protected](847) 646-****
C*** d* ******** ******Vice President & Head, Revenue Managementc*********[email protected](847) 646-****
K*** D*******Lead, Digital Marketing, CRM & Ecommercek***********[email protected](847) 646-****
A***** D******Associate Director, Marketing - Adult & Family Beveragesa************[email protected](847) 646-****
A***** D******Associate Director, Brand Activation - Real Food Snakinga************[email protected](412) 456-****
J****** D*****Digital Innovation Leadj************[email protected](847) 646-****
T****** D******Director, Sales Operations & Planningt*************[email protected](847) 646-****
R***** D***Marketing Director - Kids Real Food Snacksr*********[email protected](847) 646-****
L***** E***Senior Vice President & Director, Communicationsl*********[email protected](847) 646-****
M****** F*****Director, Financem************[email protected]
J***** F*****Senior Associate Brand Manager - Pasta Sauce & Grated Cheesej***********[email protected]
A*** F****Equity & Platform Strategy Lead - Cheesea********[email protected]
L***** F*********Senior Manager, Marketing - Medial***************[email protected]
L**** G****Head, Communicationsl*********[email protected]
B****** G*****Senior Associate Brand Manager - Adult & All Family Hydrationb************[email protected]
S****** G******Vice President & General Manager - Real Food Snackings*************[email protected]
J******* G*****Director, Capabilities - Transformation Officej*************[email protected]
G******** G****Consumer Insights Marketing Manager - Flavorful Hydrationg*************[email protected]
A******* G*****General Manager - Burgersa*************[email protected]
K**** G****Head, Salesk*********[email protected]
M****** G*******Chief Financial Officerm**************[email protected]
N*** G******General Manager & Marketing Director - Oscar Meyer Bacon & Hotdogs & Just Crack An Eggn**********[email protected]
K******* H******Brand Manager - Kids Real Food Snacking
M**** H******* ********Vice President, Creative Capabilities & Consumer Experiencem************[email protected]
M****** H******Brand Manager - Primal Kitchen
H**** H*****Senior Manager, eCommerce Content Development & Syndication - North Americah**********[email protected]
S******* H***Associate Director, Frozen Mini Meals & Snackss***********[email protected]
J***** H*******Vice President, Consumer & Shopper Insightsj*************[email protected]
P**** H***Senior Marketing Analyst - Lunchablesp********[email protected]
A**** H********Manager, CIS Marketing Lead , Cream Cheesea*************[email protected]
S****** H*****Chief Counsels************[email protected]
R*** H*****Director, eCommerce - Omnichannel PlatformsR*********[email protected]
L****** J*****Group Lead, Supply Chain Development - Exports & Food Servicel************[email protected]
C**** J******Vice President, Investor Relationsc***********[email protected]
M******* J******Finance Manager - Media Operationsm**************[email protected]
J**** K************Associate Brand Manager - Capri Sunj*****************[email protected]
M***** K****Head, Marketing Operations - The Kitchenm**********[email protected]
S***** N****President - Refrigerated BUs**********[email protected]
B****** M*****Senior Associate Brand Manager, Shopper Marketing - Walmart & Channelsb************[email protected]
A*** A******Vice President, Global Corporate Communications & Reputation Managera**********[email protected]
C**** E*******Senior Manager, eCommerce Marketing - Retail Mediac************[email protected]
H***** K*******Group Lead & Human Resources Business Partner - Global IT & Global Business Services
N***** K*******General Manager - Dessertsn*************[email protected]
R****** L* *****General Counselr*************[email protected]
P******* L* ***********Head, Indirect Procurement - North America
D******* L****Brand Manager - Strategy & Innovationd************[email protected]
J***** L*****Brand Manager - Classico, Stove Top, AO Mealsj***********[email protected]
S**** L*********Associate Director, eCommerce - Walmart & Sam's Clubs**************[email protected]
A***** L****Vice President & General Manager - Oscar Meyera**********[email protected]
A**** M*****Chief Financial Officer & Head, Revenue Management & Digital Transformationa**********[email protected]
J********* M******Social Media Managerj******[email protected]
R*** M*******Associate Director, Capabilities Transformation - Sales, Revenue Management & eCommercer***********[email protected]
L***** M**Associate Director, eCommerce Marketingl********[email protected]
K*** M*******Brand Public Relations & Media Relations Managerk***********[email protected]
E******** O*****Vice President, Agile Disruptive Innovatione**************[email protected]
B**** O***General Manager & Director - Philadelphia Cream Cheeseb********[email protected]
M****** O*********Senior Manager Design to Print - Packaging Procurementm*********[email protected]
A***** P**** ******Senior Director, eCommerce Strategy & Mediaa***********[email protected]
N*** P****Vice President, Brand & Innovationn********[email protected]
M***** P*******Chief Executive Officerm*************[email protected]
A***** P***Manager, eCommerce Customer Organic Growth
E*** P******Brand Manager - Velveetae**********[email protected]
S******** P*******Head, US Communicationss****************[email protected]
M****** P*******Brand Manager - Philadelphia Cream Cheesem**************[email protected]
B**** Q****Lead, Digital Marketingr***********[email protected]
M****** R*******Head, Industry Relations & Sales Operations
R** S*********Head, Shopper Insights
W****** S***Director, Strategy & Partnershipsw**********[email protected]
K**** S******Senior Analyst, Marketing - Digital Productionk***********[email protected]
V********* S****General Managerv**************[email protected]
B**** S******Senior Digital Innovator & Evangelist
J**** S*****Manager, Media Operations & Finance
K***** T******Senior Associate Brand Manager
J**** T*******Director, Communications - US Brandsj************[email protected]
A***** T****Director, Marketing & Strategy & Development - Enhancers, Specialty & Away From Homea**********[email protected]
M**** T****Associate Brand Manager - Delimex & Bagel Bitesm*********[email protected]
C**** U****Vice President, Global Growth Initiatives
E**** V******Senior Associate Brand Managere***********[email protected]
J****** V********Vice President & Head, Strategy & Development - Meal Foundations & Coffeej***************[email protected]
E**** W*********Insights Lead, Core Capabilities & Accelerators - North Americae**************[email protected]
M****** W******Global Chief People Officerm*************[email protected]
M**** W****General Manager & Vice President, Taste Elevation Platformm*********[email protected]
A***** W****Director, Marketing - Creative Capabilities & Consumer Experience
K***** W****Senior Associate Brand Manager - Philadelphia Cream Cheesek**********[email protected]
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