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Kansas City Southern Industries


Kansas City Southern Industries is an independent transportation company. Corporate offices for the company are located in Kansas City, MO.
(816) 983-1303
Kansas City, MO USA
Primary Address:
427 West 12th Street
Kansas City, MO 64105
Parent Company:
Kansas City Southern Industries

Employees (20)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
G***** A******Vice President, Energy & Chemical Productsg******[email protected](816) 983-****
J**** B***Vice President, Human Resourcej***[email protected](816) 983-****
M*** B********Vice President, Sales & Marketing - Agriculture & Minerals Business Unitm********[email protected](816) 983-****
(816) 983-****
D****** C******Assistant Vice President, Corporate Communications & Community Affairsd******[email protected](816) 983-****
(816) 983-****
M****** C****Vice President, Finance & Treasurerm****[email protected](816) 983-****
(913) 706-****
B**** F*******Manager, Marketing & Salesb*******[email protected]
J******* F******Assistant Vice President, Sales & Marketingj******[email protected]
W**** G********Vice Presidentw********[email protected]
B**** H******Executive Vice President & Chief Innovation Officerb******[email protected]
E*** H*****Vice President, Sales & Marketing - Intermodale*****[email protected]
B**** J*****Assistant Vice President, Sales & Marketing - Industrial Consumer Productsb*****[email protected]
M****** N****Chief Marketing Officer & Executive Vice Presidentm****[email protected]
S**** M******Director, Commercial Innovations******[email protected]
P****** O**********President & Chief Executive Officerp**********[email protected]
T* S*** ***********Vice President, International Taxest**********[email protected]
D**** S****Vice President, Intermodal & Automotive Operationsd****[email protected]
J*** S*****Chief Operating Officerj*****[email protected]
M*** ** S******Chief Accounting Officer & Senior Vice Presidentm******[email protected]
A***** T*****Vice President, Investor Relationsa*****[email protected]
M****** U*******Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officerm*******[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020