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Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies


Headquartered in New Brunswick, NJ, Johnson & Johnson is a world renown conglomerate. The company manufactures products that include baby products, dental care products, diagnostic materials, feminine products, and prescription drugs among others. Three business segments organize their acquisitions and subsidiaries as either: Consumer Business, Pharmaceutical Business, or Medical Devices & Diagnostics Business.
(732) 524-0400
New Brunswick, NJ USA
Primary Address:
One Johnson & Johnson Plaza
New Brunswick, NJ 8933
Parent Company:
Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies

Employees (230)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
E****** A****e****[email protected](732) 524-****
A***** A****Manager, Loyalty Strategic Activations - ACUVUEa*****[email protected](908) 874-****
A****** ** A******Vice President, Global Procurement Business Process & Technologya******[email protected](905) 968-****
M****** A******Brand Manager, Benadryl & Pediatric Allergym******[email protected](732) 524-****
T****** A********Brand Manager - Global Pain Care Innovation(908) 874-****
A**** A**Director, Omnichannel Shopper Marketing(732) 524-****
J***** A****Head, Customer Strategy - Zarbee's Naturalsj*****[email protected](732) 524-****
D****** A***Senior Director, Marketing - Wound Closure & Orthopedic Specialtyd***[email protected](212) 524-****
R***** A**Commercial Leader & General Manager, U.S. Wellness Franchiser**[email protected](732) 524-****
Y***** A***Senior Director - Research & Developmenty***[email protected](212) 524-****
J*** A****Regional Business Directorj*********[email protected](212) 524-****
J***** B**********Director, Strategic Business Improvement - Cardiovascular & Metabolics, Immunology, Oncology(908) 874-****
I******* B*****Senior Director, External Front End Innovationi*****[email protected](212) 524-****
A***** B******Manager, Global Consumer Business Intelligence(732) 524-****
C******* B****Chief, Staff, U.S. President - Skin Healthc*****[email protected](732) 524-****
L**** B*****Senior Director, Global Community Impactl*****[email protected](212) 524-****
K**** B********Group Product Director - Janssenk******[email protected](215) 273-****
J**** B****Global Lead, Consumer Strategy & Programs - Global Public Healthj*****[email protected](732) 524-****
J*** B*****Director, Finance - Global Tech & Process Deploymentj*****[email protected](212) 524-****
R**** B****Director, Professional Education & Services - DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstructionr****[email protected](212) 524-****
T***** B*****Head, Marketing - U.S. Baby - Johnson & Johnson Consumer Healtht*****[email protected](732) 524-****
K**** B****Vice President & Global Head, Late Development(732) 524-****
D**** B*****Communications & Public Affairs Leader - Ethicond***[email protected](732) 524-****
(732) 524-****
W*** B******Senior Director, Mitek Global Arthroscopic Equipmentw******[email protected](732) 524-****
K**** B****Marketing Directork****[email protected](732) 524-****
(612) 247-****
H**** B****Global Leader, Enterprise Marketingh****[email protected](732) 524-****
J*** B***Director, Government Affairsj***[email protected](732) 524-****
L**** B***** ** *****Senior Brand Manager - Zarbees Naturalsl*****[email protected](732) 524-****
J**** B*****Director, Regulatory Affairs, Healthcare Compliance & Oncologyj*****[email protected](212) 524-****
B******* C******Senior Manager, Marketing - North America Baby GFOb******[email protected](908) 874-****
L***** C******Retail Innovation Managerl******[email protected](905) 968-****
(905) 968-****
S**** C**Senior Director, Global Marketing(212) 524-****
A*** C*********Vice President, Global Public Health Franchises(905) 968-****
K**** C****Associate Director, Global Strategic Insights & Global Compromise - Skink*****[email protected](732) 524-****
J***** C*****Commercial Leader, Oral Care(732) 524-****
A*** C******Director, Healthcare Professional Omni-Channel Capabilities - North Americaa******[email protected](215) 273-****
P*** C****Chief Safety Officer - Pharmaceuticalsp*****[email protected](212) 524-****
K******* C**** **********Director, Neutrogena Face Innovationk****[email protected](215) 273-****
P***** C*****Head, Global Analytics & Insightsp******[email protected](212) 524-****
R****** C****Global Communication Leader, Business Partner & Function Communicationr****[email protected](212) 524-****
C******** C******Customer Marketing Manager, Neutrogena - Club Retailers(215) 273-****
J**** C******Director, Consumer Eye Health & Presbyopiaj******[email protected](908) 874-****
C****** C****Category Insights Managerc****[email protected](908) 874-****
S**** C********Vice Presidents*****[email protected](212) 524-****
D*** C**********Global Head, Enterprise Program Management Office(212) 524-****
D*** C**********Global Head, Enterprise Program Management Officed******[email protected](908) 874-****
J** C*****Vice President, Healthcare Professional Strategy & Pain & Coldj*****[email protected](215) 273-****
A**** C*********Vice President, Global Diversity - Medical Devices & Diagnostics Groupa******[email protected](212) 524-****
A***** C******Senior Corporate Equity Manager, Global Corporate Affairsa******[email protected](212) 524-****
(212) 524-****
S***** D*********Senior Directors******[email protected](732) 524-****
(651) 731-****
A***** D*******Director, Omnichannel Shopper Marketing & eCommerce(732) 524-****
J******* D***Director, Designj***[email protected](212) 524-****
R**** D**** *******Senior Director - Hospital & Distributor Supply Chain Solutionsr******[email protected](212) 524-****
C***** D******Senior Director, Business Development Neuroscienced*****[email protected](732) 524-****
S***** D****Product Director, Janssen Neurosciences*****[email protected](215) 273-****
S*** D*******Director, Worldwide Professional & Commercial Educations******[email protected](212) 524-****
E*** D****Director, Global eCommerce Insights & Analyticse****[email protected](215) 273-****
D****** D***Global Marketing Director - Faced***[email protected](212) 524-****
L*** D*****Global Lead, Marketing & Advertising Technologyl*****[email protected](212) 524-****
(212) 524-****
A*** D*****Senior Director, Data & Analyticsa*****[email protected](732) 524-****
A***** E*****Brand Manager - Pediatric Paina*****[email protected](215) 273-****
J******* E****Human Resources Leader for Supply Chain Quality & Compliance - Consumer Healthj****[email protected](732) 524-****
R*** E**Senior Marketing Director, Essential Health Franchiser**[email protected](212) 524-****
T*** E****Senior Director - Consumer Commercial Procurementt*****[email protected](212) 524-****
S******** E*******Associate Brand Manager Marketing - Tylenol Cold & Flu
M****** F********Director, Digital Experience - U.S. Skin Healthm******[email protected]
P**** F*****Chief Human Resources Officerp*****[email protected]
A***** F******Director, Consumer Strategy Skin Healtha******[email protected]
J******* F*******Director, Shopper Insights & Category Design - Skin Healthj******[email protected]
L*** F****Senior Director, Global Category Leader - Media & Agenciesl****[email protected]
A** F****Vice President, Product Innovation & Deliverya*****[email protected]
B*** F***Program Managerb***[email protected]
M**** F********Head, Global Consumer Carem******[email protected]
R****** G***Senior Manager, Global Baby Franchiser****[email protected]
A******** G*****Strategist, Social Marketing - USa*****[email protected]
A****** G************Brand Manager, ZYRTEC Digital Channela******[email protected]
S****** G********General Manager, Aveeno & Lubriderms*****[email protected]
E**** G****Brand Manager, Innovation - Neutrogena Acne
C**** G*******Director, Corporate Media Relationsc****[email protected]
C******* G*****Director, ULTA & New Business Developmentc***[email protected]
A*** G*****Executive Chairman
K**** G********Head, Global Franchise Development - J&J Visionk*****[email protected]
S******** G*****Associate Director, Data Strategy & Analyticss******[email protected]
A*** G****Lead Designer - Digital Producta****[email protected]
W****** G***Chief Procurement Officer - Consumer Healthw***[email protected]
J***** H***Product Director, Market Access
D*** H******Vice President, Marketing - Consumer Experience Organization
S**** H******Global Deployment Lead & Supply Chain Managements******[email protected]
S***** H****Senior Manager, Retail Merchandisings****[email protected]
S****** H***Manager, Customer Marketing
A****** H****Manager, Business Planning - Janssen
J***** H****Vice President, Global Services Procurementj****[email protected]
D***** H***Senior Brand Manager - Zarbee'sd***[email protected]
H***** H****Senior Global Manager, Marketing - Aveeno Babyh****[email protected]
M******** H*****Global Manager, Brand Experience Excellencem*****[email protected]
K****** H*****Director & Commercial Lead - U.S. Baby Carek*****[email protected]
T**** H***Associate Customer Promotions Managert***[email protected]
S**** H*****Manager, Shopper Insights & Category Managements*****[email protected]
V***** I****Director, Strategic Business Transformationv*****[email protected]
R***** I*******Senior Director, Commercial Procurementr******[email protected]
B*** I****Customer Leader, Shopper Drug Martb****[email protected]
J*** J****Supply Chain Business Technology Leaderj****[email protected]
T**** J*******Senior Global Strategic Marketing Manager - BioSurgery
T**** K******Product Director, Professional Promotion - SIMPONI ARIAt******[email protected]
R****** K*****Vice President, Global Brand Protectionr******[email protected]
I*** K*****Chief, Staff - Cardiovascular & Specialty Solutionsi*****[email protected]
S******* K***Associate Brand Manager, BAND-AID Brand & NEOSPORINs****[email protected]
D**** K*****Vice President, Business Developmentd*****[email protected]
D**** K*****Vice President, Business Development
J******* K*****Director, Project Managementj*****[email protected]
R*** K******Manager, Engineeringr*****[email protected]
R**** K*****Associate Brand Manager, Professional Marketing - Adult Tylenolr*****[email protected]
A*** K***Senior Product Managera***[email protected]
S**** K***Global Marketing Director, Oral Healths****[email protected]
A***** K****Regional Marketing Managera****[email protected]
W****** K***Senior Marketing Manager, U.S. Innovation - Aveeno Baby & DESITINw***[email protected]
N***** M***Customer Development Manager - Meijern***[email protected]
J******* N*****Senior Manager, Strategy, Portfolio & Operationsj*****[email protected]
J** N******Vice President, Global Insights & Analyticsj******[email protected]
H**** N*******Corporate Equity Director, Integrated Marketing Communicationsh******[email protected]
M****** M*****Senior Brand Manager - Corporate Equitym*****[email protected]
A****** M*****Consumer Precision Marketing Managera*****[email protected]
L**** M********Senior Brand Manager, Global Aveeno Face & Sun Innovationl*****[email protected]
C*** M****Senior Director, Consumer Experiences & Consumer experience Organizationc****[email protected]
S**** M*****Senior Director, Local Giving, Global Community Impact Teams*****[email protected]
L*** M******Senior Manager, Insights & Experience Strategyl******[email protected]
K** M******Senior Manager, Omni Shopper Marketing - Vouge International, Walmart & Targetk******[email protected]
K**** M******Director, Digital Enablement & Global Talent Managementk******[email protected]
C****** M*****Global Diversity & Inclusion Engagement Lead
K**** M****Head, eCommerce Acceleration - North Americak****[email protected]
M****** M********Global Leader, Reputation Strategy & Insights - Global Corporate Affairs
N****** M****** ********Head - NEUTROGENAn******[email protected]
S******* M********Senior Brand Manager, ZYRTECs******[email protected]
M*** M******Global Head, Sourcing & Talent Acquisitionm******[email protected]
A***** M*******Marketing Director, Future of Self Carea******[email protected]
E******** K**********Director, Marketing - Immunologyl*[email protected]
A*** K*******Senior Associate Manager, Brand - NEOSTRATAa******[email protected]
M*** K***Manager, Global Strategic Marketing
S**** K*****Senior Manager, Omnichannel eCommerces*****[email protected]
S**** K****Global Head, Global Health, Scientific Engagement & Office, Innovations******[email protected]
T** L***********Director, Business - Vision Care
K*** L*****Vice President, Strategy & Innovation - Skin Healthk*****[email protected]
K**** L***Customer Development - HEBk***[email protected]
M****** L*********Group Product Director, Customer Experience - Pulmonary Hypertensionm******[email protected]
L**** L**Head, Marketing - AITA
T**** L****Manager, Customer Relationship Managementt****[email protected]
N****** L****Global Senior Brand Manager - Netrogena Skin Tech Global Franchisen*****[email protected]
K***** L**Senior Manager, Government Affairs & Policy Knowledge Managementk***[email protected]
C********** L**Director, Deploymentc***[email protected]
J****** L*****Vice President, Corporate Media Relationsj*****[email protected]
A***** L**Manager, Customer Marketinga**[email protected]
J**** L***Senior Manager, Global Community Impactj***[email protected]
J**** L***Senior Manager, Global Community Impactj****[email protected]
B*** *** L****Senior Manager, Strategic Sourcing - Ethicon North America & Europeb****[email protected]
K**** L******Company Group Chairmank******[email protected]
V******* L*Senior Brand Manager, Smoking Cessation & Digestive Healthv*[email protected]
M********* L****Global Commercial Head - Future of Self Carem****[email protected]
D**** L*******Vice President, Global Communications & Public Affairsd*****[email protected]
S******* L****Global Communications Leader, Vaccine Education - Janssens******[email protected]
R****** L******Director, Digital Platformsr******[email protected]
A*** L*****Head, Talent Acquisition - Global Strategic Programsa*****[email protected]
D***** M******Director, Value Based Care Programs & Solutionsd*****[email protected]
E******** M****Senior Brand Manager - Zarbee'sa***[email protected]
M****** M******President - Vogue Internationalm******[email protected]
M*** M******President - Vogue International
M***** M********Vice President, Global Employee & Supply Chain Engagementm*****[email protected]
K**** M***** ******Global President, Essential Health & Sustainabilityk******[email protected]
A***** M****Associate Brand Manager, Sleep Franchise, SUDAFED, MOTRIN Arthritisa****[email protected]
Z** M****Digital Operations Capabilities Leaderz****[email protected]
D***** O*****Capacity Management Manager, Global Development - Janssend****[email protected]
D**** P*******Senior Director, Retail Health Innovationd*****[email protected]
L******* P***Head, Marketing - Zarbee's Naturals
L** P*****Director, Scientific Education & Patient Advocacye*****[email protected]
D**** ** P****Finance Manager - Medical Device Opex & Special Productsd****[email protected]
K******* P****Associate Brand Manager, Customer Relationship Management & Loyalty
R*** P********Vice President & Head, Global Strategic Insights & Analyticsr******[email protected]
B****** P*******Account Managerb*******[email protected]
A****** P****Global Academy Learning Strategy Directora*****[email protected]
C****** P*****Senior Director - Enterprise Employee Communicationc******[email protected]
K*** P*******Director, Communication & Public Affairs - Cardiovascular & Specialty Solutionsk*****[email protected]
M**** P****Director, Enterprise Marketingm****[email protected]
N*** P*****Associate Director, Performance Media
D**** P*******Office of the Chief Scientific Officer, Internal & External Affairs Communication Leaderd******[email protected]
D******* P****Brand Manager, U.S. Innovation - Aveeno Face Franchised******[email protected]
L**** Q****Senior Manager, Category Insights & Analyticsl****[email protected]
E****** Q********Chief Design Officer
M**** R************Global President, Self Care & Consumer Experience Organizationm******[email protected]
M*** R****Senior Director, Global Business Development & Strategym****[email protected]
I******* R*****Brand Manager, Pepcidi*****[email protected]
A****** R******Business Leader, Pain & Colda******[email protected]
P***** R*****Senior Manager, Global Agencies & Mediap******[email protected]
L*** R******Senior Director, Investor Relationsl******[email protected]
N***** R********Vice President, Clinical Development, Cardiovascular & Metabolismn******[email protected]
K** R******Head, Pharmaceuticals Communication & Public Affairsk******[email protected]
I***** S***Director, Digital Strategy & Capabilitiesi****[email protected]
S***** S*******Global Director, Digital Employee Communication & Engagements******[email protected]
K****** S******Manager, Business Development & Shopper Marketing - Walmart
R*** S****Integrated Leader, Pre-Clinical, Clinical & Medical Affairs & Chief Medical Officerr****[email protected]
U**** S***Manager, Brand - Benylinu***[email protected]
N*** S***Digital Sales Lead, Amazon & Pureplayn****[email protected]
K***** S******U.S. Marketing Lead - Listerinek******[email protected]
P**** S***Head - Research & Development - Medical Devicesp***[email protected]
S**** S******Manager, Digital Experience
R**** S*****Senior Manager, Amazon Shopper Marketingr*****[email protected]
E**** S****Chief Financial Officer & Vice President, Finance - Enterprise Planning & Analyticse****[email protected]
E*** S*****Senior Manager, Global Consumer Health Strategye*****[email protected]
M******* S*****Customer Leader, eCommerce & Clubm*****[email protected]
G*** S****Director, Consumer Business Intelligenceg****[email protected]
M****** S****Executive Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs & Chief Communication Officerm****[email protected]
S***** S*******Director, Regional Sourcing Lead - North Americas******[email protected]
C*** S*****Brand Manager - Zarbee'sc*****[email protected]
S******** T*****Senior Brand Managers*****[email protected]
A*** T******Senior Director, Legal & Government Affairs - Learning & Developmenta******[email protected]
K**** T******Global Digital Information Technology Lead - Marketing Analytics & Measurement
R**** T****Senior Brand Manager, Global NEOSTRATAr****[email protected]
B**** T*******Senior Marketing Manager, U.S. Marketing Development Programs
M**** T******Head, Communication - Medical Devicesm******[email protected]
M*** T********Senior Brand Manager, Neutrogena Face Innovationm********[email protected]
J**** T****Information Technology Director, Solution Engineer & Global Education Solutionsj****[email protected]
D***** W****Senior Manager, Skin Health HCP Sales Strategyd****[email protected]
D***** W****Directord****[email protected]
L***** W*****Director, Digital Experience - U.S. Self Carel*****[email protected]
D****** W****Director, Marketing - Future of Self Cared****[email protected]
D**** W*****Head, Diversity & Inclusion Multicultural Marketingd*****[email protected]
J***** W*****Performance Marketing & Retail Mediaj*****[email protected]
J***** W***Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
D***** X*****Senior Manager, Marketing & Branding Pull-Through
D**** Y****Senior Category Managerd****[email protected]
L**** Z***Senior Global Marketing Manager, Global Allergy & New Product Innovationl***[email protected]
A*** B*******Director, Global Media Capabilities & Operationsa******[email protected]
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