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IBM Corporation


Headquartered in Armonk, NY, the IBM Corporation has locations throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia, and its products are marketed and sold globally. Along with the the manufactured products offered at IBM, the company also provides business consulting services, financing, systems management, web hosting, and training.
(914) 499-1900
Armonk, NY USA
Primary Address:
One New Orchard Road
Armonk, NY 10504
Parent Company:
IBM Corporation

Employees (171)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
F*** A*******Director, Communication - Artificial Intelligencea******[email protected](914) 499-****
Z*** A***Vice President, Product Management & Solutions - IBM Cloud(914) 499-****
J******* A******Chief Communications Officer & Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communicationsj**************[email protected](914) 499-****
P*** A*****Executive Director, Marketingp*****[email protected](512) 286-****
M**** A******Executive Director, Global Web Experiencea*****[email protected](914) 499-****
(212) 835-****
K*** A*****Social Media Strategist - Artificial Intelligence Applications & Blockchaink*****[email protected](512) 286-****
P*** B*****High Performance Coach - IBM Human Resources Leadership Developmentb****[email protected](914) 499-****
C****** B****Global Research Leader - IBM Business Valuec***********[email protected](914) 499-****
H*** B*****Program Managerh*********[email protected](404) 348-****
C**** B*****Finance Services Leader - IBM IXc**********[email protected](914) 499-****
W**** B****Vice President, Corporate Environmental Affairs & Product Safetyb***[email protected](914) 499-****
J***** B*****Director, Analyst Relations - IBM Cloud, Automation & Securityj*****[email protected](914) 499-****
B**** B*****Analyst Relations Leader, Data & Artificial Intelligenceb*****[email protected](914) 499-****
S****** B*****Director, System Technical Sales - U.S. Financial Services Markets*****[email protected](914) 499-****
C**** B*****Cloud & Cognitive Annuity Salesc**********[email protected](914) 499-****
C***** B******Markets & Regional Communications Leader - U.S.c************[email protected](914) 499-****
C****** B*******Vice President, Global Conferences & Eventsc*****[email protected](714) 327-****
B***** B******Manager, Digital & Advocacy Communicationsb******[email protected](914) 499-****
K**** B*******Vice President, Corporate Communications & Global Recognition Programsk******[email protected](914) 499-****
S****** B*****Senior Software Engineerb*****[email protected](914) 499-****
A***** B******Sales Development - IBM Securitya************[email protected](404) 348-****
C********** B*****Performance Marketing & Paid Media Specialist(914) 499-****
F*** B******Vice President, Corporate Development Investments & Innovation(914) 499-****
M******* ** B*****Senior Vice President, Legal, Regulatory Affairs & General Counselm*******[email protected](914) 499-****
S****** B*****Vice President, Brand Experiences******[email protected](914) 499-****
(914) 765-****
W**** B****Executive Specialist, Information Technologyw****[email protected](914) 499-****
S**** C*****General Manager, Global Industriess*****[email protected](714) 327-****
S*** C*****Product Marketing, Artificial Intelligence & Medical Imaging - IBM Watson Health(914) 499-****
(339) 203-****
B**** C****Director, Digital Marketing(914) 499-****
B**** C****Director, Digital Marketingb*****[email protected](914) 499-****
C****** C*****Vice President, Watson Health Communicationsc************[email protected]
J****** C*********Global Executive Creative Directorj****************[email protected](914) 499-****
L*** C***Vice President, Business Development & Services(914) 499-****
A*** C****Manager, Performance Marketing Paid Mediaa********[email protected](914) 499-****
M**** C**********Marketing Director(905) 316-****
K***** C******Marketing Manager, Software Channel - North Americak***[email protected](914) 499-****
A***** C****Strategy, Big Data, Al & Digital Managera****[email protected](914) 499-****
T*** C********Partner, Industry Transformation - Data & Artificial Intelligence Strategy(512) 286-****
C***** C****Manager, Ecosystem Marketing Servicesc****[email protected](905) 316-****
D**** C****Vice President, Delivery & Security - IBM Public Cloudd****[email protected](914) 499-****
(845) 435-****
B******* C*****Leader, Talent, Growth Skills & Agile Transformationc*****[email protected](914) 499-****
T**** C***Paid Media Specialist(914) 499-****
B**** C********Vice President & Managing Director
C********** C******Executive - IBM Center Government Cybersecurityc***********[email protected](914) 499-****
A***** D******Head, Marketing Operations - The Weather, Watson Media & Watson Advertising(914) 499-****
(978) 399-****
M****** D*****Principal Product Manager, Artificial Intelligence Applicationsd****[email protected](914) 499-****
M****** D*****Senior Product Manager - Watson IoTm*****[email protected](415) 297-****
T***** D****Global Client Executive - Citibankd***[email protected](914) 499-****
M*** D******Manager, Technical Sales & Client Architectsm******[email protected](905) 316-****
S***** D*******Chief Marketing Officer, Global Markets & Vice President, Client Engagements******[email protected](914) 499-****
F****** E******Global Sales Enablement & Programs Leaderf******[email protected](914) 499-****
C**** E******Financing Pricing Leadere*****[email protected](914) 499-****
J**** E**Digital Lead, IBM Global Eventsj******[email protected](914) 499-****
(914) 806-****
K**** E*******Marketing Communications Specialistk***[email protected]
A*** E*******Associate Copy Director - IBM iXa***[email protected]
A***** F**********Marketing Program Leader - IBM Data Securitya******[email protected]
C**** F******Chief Technology Officer, TeleCommunicationc***********[email protected]
K**** F******Vice President, Performance Marketing & Analyticsk*************[email protected]
C**** F******Vice President, Industrial Marketing - North America
J******* F*********Program Director & Team Lead, Product Marketing - IBM Automation
C**** F****** ********Business Design Lead - IMB Garage
A***** F*****Executive, Mergers & Acquisitions Business Development - IBM Softwarea***********[email protected]
H****** F*****Vice President, Analyst Relationsh*****[email protected]
A***** G*****Vice President & Director, Global Services & Support
D**** G**Senior Vice President & Director, IBM Researchd**[email protected]
C********** G*****Account Executive - SaaS Contract Extensions - Watson IoTc*****[email protected]
N**** G****Executive Director, Artificial Intelligence Applications & Blockchain Marketingn****[email protected]
J*** G***** **********Senior Content Manager, Global Events Teamg*********[email protected]
R****** G****Agency Partnership Management Leader - IBM Blue Studior****[email protected]
T*** G*****Portfolio Strategy & Corporate Development, Cognitive Solutionst*********[email protected]
F**** G*****Chief, Stafff****[email protected]
G*** G******Creative Director - IBM Interactiveg*****[email protected]
K****** G******Chief Information Officerk****[email protected]
P**** G**********Chief Technology Officer, Media & Entertainmentp***[email protected]
L*** H******Demand Generation Marketing Director - IBM Cloudl**********[email protected]
G****** H***Digital Marketing Practice Director - IBM Blue Studiog****[email protected]
S**** H*****Vice President, IBM Marketing Strategys**********[email protected]
R****** H*******Operations Managerh******[email protected]
R***** H***Chief Technology Officer - IBM Edge Computing & Vice President
A*** H*****Account Executivea*********[email protected]
T*** H****Marketing Manager, Case Management - Software Groupt****[email protected]
A******* H*****Vice President, Industrial Marketing & Field Enablementa*****[email protected]
S****** H*****Vice President, Social Strategy & Content Experience
P***** J*****Cloud Customer Stories Leaderj****[email protected]
P***** J*****Cloud Customer Stories Lead - Bluemix Productsj******[email protected]
I** J*****Chief Technology Officer - IBM Lab Servicesi*****[email protected]
A****** J******Director, Product Managementa*************[email protected]
S******* J*****Senior Product Director, Financial Services - IBM Clouds******[email protected]
D****** J******Senior Marketing Writer - IBM Blue Studiod******[email protected]
R*** K******Reference Manager - IBM Garage & Cloud Labs
K****** K*********Program Director, Product Management
S*** K******Head, Industry - Watson Advertising North America
K****** K****Program Director, Global Events
H***** K*****Chief Marketing Officer, IBM Watson & IBM Artificial Intelligenceh*****[email protected]
K** K***General Manager, IBM Powerk***[email protected]
K***** K*****Program Director - Sports & Entertainment Partnershipk*****[email protected]
K*** M*****Executive Communications Lead - IBM Cloudk******[email protected]
C***** M******Product Marketing Manager, IBM Planning Analyticsc******[email protected]
T***** N*****Lead Account Partner, Hybrid Cloud Services - Travel, Transportation, Hospitality Industryt*****[email protected]
C**** N**Editorial lead - IBM Researchc**[email protected]
D*** N*****Chief Marketing Officer - IBM Cloud & IBM Systemsd******[email protected]
J** N*********Senior Manager, Market Intelligence Research
C******** N********Global Client Executive - Alphabet, Googlec********[email protected]
M***** N****Associate Programmatic Strategist, Watson Advertising
C******* M*******Senior Partner, Global Leaderc*******[email protected]
B***** M*******Chief Innovation Officerm******[email protected]
J**** M**********Head, Ecosystem Business Development - IBM Client Centers North America
R****** M*****Chief Marketing Officer, Communications Sector - Global & North Americam****[email protected]
C***** M******Director, Digital Engagement & Sales Enablement Programc******[email protected]
D**** M*****Global Event Managerd************[email protected]
J********* M*********Alliance Marketing Leaderj***[email protected]
R**** M****Global Vice president, Paid Media & Demand Automationr***[email protected]
B**** M*****Senior Product Manager, Analytics & IBM Artificial Intelligencej******[email protected]
A*** K*********Senior Client Partner - IBM Digital Healthpassa***[email protected]
D**** K******Program Director, Product Management - IBM Watson Advertising
D***** L******Media Manager, Global Strategies & Operationsd******[email protected]
A** L****Head, Social Insights Program Team & Senior Analyst - Marketa*******[email protected]
D****** L******Cyber Security Client Executive - Canadad******[email protected]
C********** L***Principal Product Manager, IBM Cloud Servicesc******[email protected]
M**** L******Procurement Business Analyst & Operations Specialistm******[email protected]
B** L***Senior Vice President, Weather Company & Alliancesb*****[email protected]
I**** M****Program Director, Developer Advocacy, Developer Ecosystem Groupi****[email protected]
U**** M*****General Manager, Industry EDGE Cloudu**********[email protected]
D**** M****Manager, Advertisingd****[email protected]
C****** M*****Marketing Program Directorc*****[email protected]
C**** M********Manager, Sports & Entertainment Partnershipsm****[email protected]
E*** M******Head, Innovation & Global Events
D**** O*********Head, Product - IBM Watson Advertising
A***** O****Social Media Manager
D** O***Vice President, Head of Partnerships - IBM Watson Advertising
D**** P******Managing Editord****[email protected]
D**** P*******Chief Operating Officer - Finance Services Sector & Business Servicesd****[email protected]
G*** P******Director, Global Media & Entertainment Industryg******[email protected]
R*** P****Innovation Executive - Higher Education & Researchr****[email protected]
G***** P****Vice President Marketing - IBM Securityg*****[email protected]
J******* Q******Managing Partner, Enterprise Strategy & Interactive Experiencej**************[email protected]
J** R***Program Director - Enterprise Data & AIj******[email protected]
H**** R***Executive Director, IBM Research Frontiers Institute & Director - IoT Technology & Solutionsh*[email protected]
A***** R****Manager, Demand Strategy & Brand Experience
W****** R*****Chief Information Officer & Manager, Marketing Systems & Application Support
A** R****Vice President, Corporate Marketinga******[email protected]
G****** R*****Senior User Experience Designerg************[email protected]
J***** R***Executive Partner - Talent Businessj******[email protected]
G*** S*****Director, Corporate Development, Merger & Acquisition Synergy & Integrationg*****[email protected]
D**** S*******Software Engineer
J*** S******Manager, Portfolio Marketing Management - Government Industry & Smarter Citiess*****[email protected]
S**** S********Worldwide Market Development & Insights Principal - Client Advocacys**[email protected]
R***** S*******Paid Media Marketingr*************[email protected]
S******* S****General Manager - IBM Clouds****[email protected]
A** S*******Vice President, Global Experience Engines******[email protected]
A** S*******Vice President, Global Experience Engine
T***** S*******Vice President, IBM Public Cloud Salest*************[email protected]
T*** S******Vice President, Brand Experience & Design & Head - Designs******[email protected]
D**** S****Vice President, Technology Solutions
L*** S****Global Marketing Director - IBM Watson Healthl********[email protected]
R**** S*****Chief Marketing Officer, Watson Advertising & Weatherr*****[email protected]
D**** S*****General Manager, Partner Ecosystem - Europe, Middle East & Africad**********[email protected]
N*** S****Vice President, Sports & Entertainment Partnerships - Global Sponsorshipss***[email protected]
L**** T******Editor-in-Chief, IBM.comt*****[email protected]
A****** T******Diversity Talent Acquisition Sourcera******[email protected]
S**** U******Manager, Social & Content Experience
R**** V***********Program Director, Data Fabric & Artificial Intelligence Governancer****************[email protected]
B****** V** *********Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Marketsb***********[email protected]
P****** W******Director, Engineering, Identity & Access Management - IBM Security
T*** W*****Manager, Social Media Marketing & IBM Developert*******[email protected]
J*** W*********Chief Information Officer, Cloud Program & Manager, Performance Marketingp*******[email protected]
J****** W*****Chief Operations Officer, IBM Research & Vice President, Exploratory Science & University Partnershipsw****[email protected]
J** W*********Senior Advisor
C********** W***Vice President, Strategy, Offerings & Industry Alliances - IBM Global Consumer Industry
E***** Y****Program Director, Augmented Realitye*********[email protected]
C****** Z********Media Managerz******[email protected]
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