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HP, Inc.


Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, HP Inc. is a provider of products, technologies, solutions and services to individual consumers, small and medium-sized businesses and large enterprises. Its offerings span personal computing and other access devices, imaging and printing-related products and services, enterprise information technology infrastructure and multi-vendor customer services. The company is comprised of four divisions: Personal Systems Group, Technology Solutions Group, Imaging and Printing and Electronic Data Systems.
(650) 857-1501
Palo Alto, CA USA
Primary Address:
1501 Page Mill Road
Palo Alto, CA 94304-1185
Parent Company:
HP, Inc.

Employees (101)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
T*** A***Global Head & Vice President, Marketing & Operationst*******[email protected](281) 370-****
P***** A***Global Partner Manager, Strategic Partnershipsp*********[email protected](650) 857-****
D**** A*****Business Manager - Subscriptiond**********[email protected](650) 857-****
R****** B*****Coordinator - Global Test Environmentr************[email protected](650) 857-****
K******* B******Senior Marketing Managerk**************[email protected](281) 370-****
V****** B****Chief Marketing Officerv***********[email protected](650) 857-****
(858) 924-****
A***** B******Manager, Planning & Program - Sales & Partner Trainingm***********[email protected](650) 857-****
A***** B******Chief Disrupter & Global Head, HP Technology Venturesa************[email protected](650) 857-****
G***** B********Manager, Eventg**************[email protected](650) 857-****
J***** B****Vice President & General Manager, Displays & Accessories Business Unitj**********[email protected](650) 857-****
P*** C****Head, Strategy & Product Managementp********[email protected](650) 857-****
(208) 297-****
S**** C*****Senior Director, Media & Digital Marketings**********[email protected](650) 857-****
S**** C*****Senior Manager, Commercial Marketing - U.S.s**********[email protected](650) 857-****
S***** C****Manager, Global Marketingc***[email protected](650) 857-****
C***** C******Engineering Managerc************[email protected](650) 857-****
S**** C*****Account Manager - Servicess**********[email protected](650) 857-****
M**** C*******Launch Manager - Z Workstationsm************[email protected](650) 857-****
S***** C******Global Head & General Manager - PS Servicess************[email protected](650) 857-****
M***** C*****Senior Director, Marketing & Customer Relationship Managementm***********[email protected](650) 857-****
F******* C*****Channel Marketing Manager - Latin Americaf*************[email protected](650) 857-****
B**** C****Manager, Consumer PC Marketing Communications- Hewlett Packard Enterpriseb*********[email protected](650) 857-****
J**** C******Manager, A3 Strategy & Business Developmentj***********[email protected](650) 857-****
S**** C********Manager, Research & Development - Ink & Dispersion Developments*************[email protected](650) 857-****
M*** C******Head, Global Marketing & Vice President, Consumer PC's, Display & Accessoriesm**********[email protected](650) 857-****
M****** C*******Head, Alliance Partner Program Operationsm**************[email protected](650) 857-****
S****** C*******Senior Executive Administrator, Managed Print Services & Solutionss**************[email protected](650) 857-****
C****** D*******Senior Channel Marketing & Agency Program Managerc**************[email protected](650) 857-****
M*** D****Product Manager - Personal Workstationsm********[email protected](650) 857-****
K****** D******Global Personal Systems Communicationsk***************[email protected](650) 857-****
M***** D*****Manager, Managed Print Cloud Services Practicem****[email protected](650) 857-****
J****** D***Head, Marketing - Americas Regionj**********[email protected](650) 857-****
B** D****Marketing Manager, Product Planning - HP EliteDesk PCsb*******[email protected](650) 857-****
K**** D*****Program Manager - Support & Communicationk**********[email protected](650) 857-****
K** E****** *****Engineering Program Manager - Partnerships & Businessk********[email protected](650) 857-****
E*** E****National Account Managere********[email protected]
J*** F***Manager, Future Product Marketingj*******[email protected]
G****** ** G*****Manager, Americas Omni - Channel Management & Servicesg************[email protected]
E**** G*****Brand & Advertisinge**********[email protected]
L**** G********Programs Manager - U.S. Channell*************[email protected]
M****** G******Senior Analyst, Public Relations - 3D Printingm***************[email protected]
R**** H*****Manager, Global Marketingr**********[email protected]
B**** H*******Senior Copywriterb************[email protected]
L**** H***Head, Commercial Marketing - Personal Systemsl********[email protected]
G****** J******Marketing Manager, Gaming Industry & Customer Segmentg**********[email protected]
K****** K************Global Omnichannel Marketing Managerk*******************[email protected]
K**** K***Chief Communications Officerk********[email protected]
F***** K******Head, Global Marketingf************[email protected]
E*** K******Manager, Traininge**********[email protected]
C********* ** M****Associate General Counselc**************[email protected]
M**** M********Launch Manager - Commercial National Provider Identifierm************[email protected]
Z*** M****Marketing Analystz********[email protected]
K**** M*****Senior Vice President & Global Head, Digital Go-to-Market & Advanced Analyticsk**********[email protected]
B******* N*****Manager, Social Insights & Reportingb*************[email protected]
K**** N******Product Manager, Retail Solutionsk***********[email protected]
B*** N****Head, Diagnostics & Support Delivery Optimizationb********[email protected]
S**** M*****Lead, Global Brand Insights & Marketing Strategys**********[email protected]
J***** M*******Global Lead, Print Experiencesj*************[email protected]
P*** M*****Vice President, Global Marketing, Software-Defined & Cloud Group
C******* M*******Director, PSSW Design & Experiencec***************[email protected]
B****** M******Manager, Paid Searchb*************[email protected]
S**** M*******Product Strategy Manager - Retail Solutionss************[email protected]
P******* L*****Senior Director, Print Strategy & Product Managementp*************[email protected]
L*** L*****Senior Global Product Manager, Retail & Industry Solution Servicesl*********[email protected]
J*** L********Senior Manager, Marketing - Search Engine Marketingj************[email protected]
F****** L*********Senior Director, Global Digital Media Activationf****************[email protected]
D*** L*****Manager, Digital Sales Engagement Platforms & Portalsd*********[email protected]
E****** L****President & Chief Executive Officerp**************[email protected]
K****** L******Chief People Officerk*************[email protected]
C**** M******Future Product Marketing - Portfolio Experience Managerc***********[email protected]
J*** M* *******Global Director - iMPS Opsj************[email protected]
L*** M*****Manager, Email Marketing
C*** M******Vice President & General Manager - Retail & Industry Solutionsc**********[email protected]
C**** O****Innovation Technologist - Business PCsc*********[email protected]
D** P********Director, Global eCommerced***********[email protected]
L****** P******Manager, Brand Identityl*************[email protected]
S*** P*******Head, Regional Marketing, Commercial Printing & Graphics - Americass***********[email protected]
J**** P*****Product Manager - Consumer Services Categoryj**********[email protected]
L*** R*****Chief of Staff, Commercial Software Solutionsl*********[email protected]
C***** R******Head, Marketing Services & Creative Productionc************[email protected]
A***** R***********Global Marketing Campaign & Strategy Lead
D** S******Global Head, Media Analytics & Insightsd*********[email protected]
K*** S*******eCommerce Site Merchandiser
C******** S*****Chief Commercial Officerc**************[email protected]
S****** S*****Lead, Americas Media Strategy & Planning - Prints************[email protected]
G****** S***Manager, Marketing - Retail Category Analyticsg**********[email protected]
C*** S*******Manager, Planning & Operationsc***********[email protected]
S**** S*****Vice President, Managed Services, Tools & Infrastructures**********[email protected]
D*** S****Head, Omni Channel Strategy & Managerd********[email protected]
G****** S******Project Managerg*************[email protected]
M***** S****Global Head, Human Resources & Imaging Printing Solutions Businessm**********[email protected]
K**** S*****Manager, Marketing Executionk**********[email protected]
S*** T*******Manager, Sales Collaboration Automations***********[email protected]
C***** T***Vice President, Marketing Services & Digital Enablementc*********[email protected]
B**** T***Head, Customer Relationship Management - Snapfishb********[email protected]
J*** W*****Director, Strategy & Product Marketingj*********[email protected]
S**** W****Global Head, Design & Sustainabilitys*********[email protected]
S**** W****Global Head, Design & Sustainabilitys*********[email protected]
K**** W*****Global Marketing Managerk**********[email protected]
M******** W*Senior Marketing Manager - Gaming , North America Marketingm**********[email protected]
J*** X*****Senior Digital Marketing Manager, eCommercej*********[email protected]
D**** Y*********Marketing Managerd**************[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020