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Hearst Corporation


(212) 649-2000
New York, NY USA
Primary Address:
300 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019
Parent Company:
Hearst Corporation

Employees (122)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
C**** A**********Executive Director, Digital Advertisingc**********[email protected](212) 649-****
(212) 903-****
M***** A******Digital Sales Managerm******[email protected](212) 649-****
C****** A******Associate Publisher, National Sales - Hearst Autosc******[email protected](212) 649-****
M*** A****Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officerm****[email protected](212) 649-****
B**** A****Head, Marketing - Hearst Fashion Groupb****[email protected](212) 649-****
(212) 841-****
E**** A*******Chief Brand Officer - Hearst Autose*******[email protected](212) 649-****
N**** A**********Entertainment Director - Hearst Magazines Digital Median**********[email protected](212) 649-****
M***** B*****Executive Director - Cosmopolitan, Men's Health, Clevver, Women's Health & Seventeenm*****[email protected](212) 649-****
B***** B***Associate Director, Digital Marketing - Hearst Media Solutionsb*********[email protected](212) 649-****
(212) 649-****
J***** B*********Vice President, Creative Communicationsj*********[email protected](212) 649-****
(212) 649-****
S**** B***Vice President, Programmatic Monetization & Operationss***[email protected](212) 649-****
M***** B********Group Marketing Directorm**************[email protected](212) 649-****
K****** B******Senior Managing Director, Hearst Venturesk******[email protected](212) 649-****
J******* B****Senior Vice President & Director, Group Publishing & Chief Revenue Officerj****[email protected](212) 649-****
S***** C******Senior Director, Corporate Employment Operationss************[email protected](212) 649-****
M*** C*******Chief Marketing Officer - Hearst Newspapersm***********[email protected](212) 649-****
D**** C****Senior Vice President, Public Affairs & Communicationsd****[email protected](212) 649-****
A******** C*****Vice President, Communications & HearstLab Scouta*****[email protected](212) 649-****
(212) 649-****
C***** C******Senior Director, Public Relations - ELLE, Oprah Daily, Hearst Women's Lifestyle & Design Groupsc******[email protected](212) 649-****
(212) 649-****
M**** C********Editor-in-Chief - Food Network Magazine & Pioneer Women Magazinem***[email protected](212) 649-****
B*** C*****Executive Director, Consumer Revenueb*****[email protected](212) 649-****
J****** C*****Director, National & Key Accounts - Hearst Digital Mediaj*****[email protected](212) 649-****
D*** C**********President - Hearst Magazinesd**********[email protected](212) 649-****
N***** C**********Executive Director, Public Relations - Hearst Magazinesn**********[email protected](212) 649-****
(212) 649-****
F**** C******Director, Sales Training & Developmentf******[email protected](844) 842-****
P*** C******Vice President & Publisher - Hearst Enthusiast Groupp**********[email protected](212) 649-****
M****** C**********Director, Creative Solutions - Hearst Autom**********[email protected](212) 649-****
T** C****Executive Vice President - Hearst Transportationt****[email protected](212) 649-****
V****** D****Head, Industry-Food, Beverage, Travel & Entertainmentv***********[email protected](212) 649-****
M*** D*****President & Publisher, Hearst Connecticut Media Group & Chief Executive Officer LocalEdge, Hearstm*****[email protected](212) 649-****
(917) 359-****
K**** D******Executive Director, Sales - Hearst Digitalk******[email protected](212) 649-****
(212) 649-****
F**** D********Senior Vice President & Publisher & Chief Revenue Officer - Hearst Autosf********[email protected](212) 649-****
C**** D*******Director, Strategic Design & Developmentc*******[email protected](844) 842-****
G*** D***President - Hearst Healthg***[email protected](844) 842-****
S**** D*****Director, Public Relations & Editorial Brand Strategy - Elles*****[email protected](212) 649-****
T** E****Vice President, Advertising - Times Union & Hearst Digital Agencyt****[email protected](212) 649-****
J*** E****Senior Vice President, Publishing Director & Chief Revenue Officer - Men's Enthusiast Groupj****[email protected]
A***** F*********Senior Vice President, Streaming Video Services - Hearst Televisiona*********[email protected]
J****** F*****Executive Director, Consumer Marketingj*****[email protected]
P**** F*******Executive Director, Fashion & Retail - The Fashion Groupp*******[email protected]
J*** F********Editorial Director - Hearst Lifestyle Groupj********[email protected]
J**** F**Vice President, Marketing & Sales Strategy - Hearst Design Collectionj******[email protected]
N*** G*****Editor in Chief - Ellen*****[email protected]
O***** G****Marketing Directora****[email protected]
L*** G******Executive Director, Corporate Sales & Multicultural Partnershipsl******[email protected]
M****** G*********Vice President & Executive Director, Researchm*********[email protected]
S****** G******Senior Vice President, Promotion & Marketings******[email protected]
L**** H*****Video Producer - Ellel**********[email protected]
J*** H*****Executive Vice President & Chief Media Officerj*****[email protected]
R***** H****** *******Editor-In-Chief, Country Livingr******[email protected]
T*** H******Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer - Hearst Magazinest******[email protected]
W****** H*****Chairman, Hearst Corporation & Editor & Publisher - Journal, Alta Californiaw*****[email protected]
J****** H*********Senior Manager, Special Events & Brand Partnerships - ELLE, Harper's BAZAAR & Town & Countryj*********[email protected]
M**** H*****Senior Manager, Product Datam*****[email protected]
A***** H**********Senior Sales Manager, Integrated Salesa**********[email protected]
M*** J*****Editor-in-Chief - Uncommon Pathm*****[email protected]
J****** J******President - Hearst Newspapersj**********[email protected]
D**** K******* ******Senior Vice President & Publisher - Cosmo & Seventeen Magazined*************[email protected]
T*** K****Executive Creative Director - The Fashion Groupt****[email protected]
A**** K***Director, Integrated Marketing - Cosmopolitan, Women's Health & Seventeena***[email protected]
L*** K*****Vice President, Print Content - Hearst Magazinesl*****[email protected]
R**** K******Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer - Hearst Televisionr******[email protected]
J***** K***Executive Director, Editorial Business Developmentj********[email protected]
F****** K*****Director, Advertising Servicesf*****[email protected]
H****** K**** *******Director, Brand Development & Partnershipsh****[email protected]
S**** N*****Associate Publisher, Advertisings*****[email protected]
E**** N****Vice President, Marketinge****[email protected]
B*** N***Director, Brand Marketing - King Featurese***[email protected]
L**** N****Senior Director, Digital Subscriber Engagement and Retention
S**** M**** ******Vice President, Marketing - Bay Areas****[email protected]
R**** M*******Marketing Event Coordinator- Houston Chronicler************[email protected]
A***** M*******Media Strategy Managera*******[email protected]
D*** M**********Senior Director, Integrated Marketing & Merchandising Editord**********[email protected]
K******* M******Associate Publisher, Marketing - Cosmopolitan, Women's Health & Seventeenk******[email protected]
K***** M****Group Advertising Director, Hearst Health Media, Hearst Media Solutionsk****[email protected]
M*** M*****Publisher & Chief Executive Officer - San Antonio Express Newsm*********[email protected]
R***** M********Media Consultant - Hearst Televisionr********[email protected]
N*** M********President & Chief Revenue Officer - Hearst Autosn********[email protected]
A***** M******Manager, Marketing Operationsa******[email protected]
H***** K*****Director, Marketing - Hearst Integrated Mediah*****[email protected]
J******* L******Senior Director, Industry Marketing - Hearst Media Solutionsj******[email protected]
J******* L*****Associate Director, Integrated Marketingj*****[email protected]
K*** L****Chief Content Officerk****[email protected]
P*** L*********Vice President, Corporate & Marketing Communicationsp**[email protected]
M***** M******Director, Brand Marketingm******[email protected]
J******* M****Director, Events Marketing & Special Projectsj****[email protected]
A***** M******Senior Digital Marketing Managera******[email protected]
R****** M******Executive Vice President, Hearst Business Mediar******[email protected]
D*** M******Senior Director, Corporate Employment OperationsD******[email protected]
L****** M********Senior Vice President - Hearst Newspapersl********[email protected]
M******* P*****Chief Marketing Officer - Hearst Autosm*************[email protected]
R**** P******Vice President & Chief Investment Officerr******[email protected]
C**** P***Vice President, Sales - Hearst Luxury Collectionc**************[email protected]
A***** P****President, Hearst StoryStudio & Vice President Hearst Newspaper Groupa****[email protected]
L*** P****Associate Publisher, Marketing - Elle & Harper's Bazaarl****[email protected]
S*** R**Vice President, Saless**[email protected]
C******** R******************Vice President, Marketingc*********[email protected]
J**** R********Advertising Services Manager - Hearst Lifestyle Groupj********[email protected]
K**** R***Director, Marketing & Special Projectsk********[email protected]
P**** R******Senior Account Manager - Men's Healthp***[email protected]
S**** R***Executive Director, Integrated Marketings***[email protected]
T****** S********Director, Marketing Researcht********[email protected]
L**** S*******Vice President, Marketing & Strategic Developmentl************[email protected]
M******* S*******Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officerm*******[email protected]
L*** S******* ********Director, Brand Strategy
A****** S******Director, Post Production & Operationsa******[email protected]
D**** S******Senior Vice President & Chief Communications Officerd******[email protected]
K*** ***** S****Senior Vice President, Publishing Director & Chief Revenue Officerk****[email protected]
C**** S****Senior Vice President & Group Publishing Directorc*****[email protected]
M****** S****Chief Data Officerm**********[email protected]
N**** S***********Executive Director, Brand Developmentn***********[email protected]
A******** S******Senior Director, Brand Developmenta******[email protected]
D**** S******Senior Director, Revenue Operations & Analyticsd******[email protected]
J******* S*****Vice President, Digital Sales - Hearst Televisionj*****[email protected]
S***** S*****President & Chief Executive Officers*****[email protected]
N***** T***Senior Director, E-Commerce, Sales & Marketingn***[email protected]
E**** V****Senior Performance Marketing Managere*********[email protected]
J****** W*****Executive Director, Integrated Marketing - Country Livingj*****[email protected]
A*** W****Associate Publisher & General Manager - Harper's Bazaara****[email protected]
V**** W*********Senior Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer - Food Network Magazinev*********[email protected]
C**** W*****Vice President, Hearst Labsc*****[email protected]
C****** W******Senior Vice President & General Manager, Data Studio & Digital Ad Techc******[email protected]
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