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Genentech, Inc.


Genentech is a leading biotechnology company that discovers, develops, manufactures and commercializes biotherapeutics for significant unmet medical needs. The company is headquartered in South San Francisco, CA. ** NOTE: As a privately held subsidiary of a publicly traded parent company, annual revenue is not readily available. Therefore, the revenue figure presented below is that of the parent company. **
(650) 225-1000
San Francisco, CA USA
Primary Address:
One DNA Way South
San Francisco, CA 94080-4990
Parent Company:
Genentech, Inc.

Employees (89)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
T**** A*******Manager, Corporate Brand Strategy & Marketinga************[email protected](650) 225-****
L*** A*******Senior Manager, Regional Patient Relationsa***********[email protected](650) 225-****
P**** A****Senior Marketing Managera*********[email protected](650) 225-****
A*** B*******Senior Product Manager - Patient Marketingb***********[email protected](650) 225-****
D****** B*****Senior Marketing Manager - BioOncology Strategy & Partnershipsb************[email protected](650) 225-****
M*** B*******Senior Marketing Managerb***********[email protected](650) 225-****
K******** B*******Senior Marketing Managerb****************[email protected](650) 225-****
J******* B*******Vice President, Sales & Marketingb***************[email protected](650) 225-****
S***** B******Senior Product Manager - Breast Cancer Marketingb************[email protected](650) 225-****
M***** B****Head, Transformationb**********[email protected](650) 225-****
C****** B******Senior Manager, Digital - Oncology Brandsb*************[email protected](650) 225-****
S***** C***Senior Marketing Manager - TECENTRIQ Lungc*********[email protected](650) 225-****
D***** C*** ***Director, Marketing - Lung & Rare Cancerl********[email protected](650) 225-****
K******** C****Senior Product Marketerc*************[email protected](650) 225-****
M****** C**Senior Strategy Manager, Account Strategy & Negotiationc*********[email protected](650) 225-****
(650) 255-****
O****** C************Principal Talent Acquisition Partner - Commercial, Medical & Government Affairsc*******************[email protected](650) 225-****
T****** C*******Media & Social Delivery Managerc**************[email protected](650) 225-****
N*** D*Senior Product Manager, Marketing(650) 225-****
S**** E*****Marketing Director - Alzheimer'se**********[email protected](650) 225-****
M***** E*******Global Head Innovation, Neuroscience Product Developmente*************[email protected](650) 225-****
V****** E**Marketing Director - Respiratorye*********[email protected](650) 225-****
S**** E******Senior Director, Skin Care Marketinge***********[email protected](650) 225-****
(650) 225-****
S**** E****Compliance Principle, Business Operationse*********[email protected]
K*** F****Senior Director, Marketing
L********* F***Program Manager - gWorksf***[email protected]
A** G******Senior Director & Head, Internal Communicationsg*********[email protected]
U**** G*************Senior Marketing Manager - Xolairg******************[email protected]
A******** H****Chief Executive Officerh*************[email protected]
A**** H*****Diversity & Inclusion External Communications Managera**********[email protected]
K**** H********Senior Thought Leader Liaison - GI & GUh*************[email protected]
B**** H*****Territory Account Manager - Neurologyh**********[email protected]
C******* H*****Senior Manager, Portfolio Marketing - Marketing Excellenceh*************[email protected]
P***** J***Head, New Products - Neuroscience, Rare Diseases, Immunology, Respiratory, & Ophthalmologyj*********[email protected]
S**** J***Executive Director, Patient Experience Teamsj********[email protected]
A*** J*********Transplant Marketingj*************[email protected]
T*** J*****Executive Director, Healthcare Marketsj*********[email protected]
J**** K*****Marketing Director, Commercial Lead - Enspryngk**********[email protected]
E***** N*****Marketing, Influenzan***********[email protected]
V******* N***Global Head, Product Development Industry Collaborationsn***********[email protected]
L****** M*****Senior Marketing Managerm************[email protected]
K******** M********Manager, Ecosystem Marketing - West Region & Thought Leader Liaison - MS/NMOm*****************[email protected]
K**** M*********Senior Manager, Marketingm**************[email protected]
J***** M*****Senior Manager, Marketing - Hematology Oncologym***********[email protected]
M******* M********Lung Marketing Team - Tecentriqm****************[email protected]
J***** M*******Senior Manager, Interactive Marketingm*************[email protected]
D**** K******Senior Marketing Strategist - Corporate Relationsk***********[email protected]
J******* L**Senior Product Manager - Immunology Marketingl**********[email protected]
E******** L******Senior Manager, Marketing - Tecentriql***************[email protected]
N***** L**Web Delivery Managern********[email protected]
J**** L**Senior Marketing Manager - Ophthalmology Marketingl*******[email protected]
M** L**Senior Marketing Managerl*****[email protected]
S***** M*********Senior Marketing Manager - Ophthalmologym***************[email protected]
S**** M*****Head, North America Regional Planningm**********[email protected]
J**** M*****Group Manager, Strategic Analytics & Intelligence - Oncologym**********[email protected]
N**** O***Senior Vice President, GIO Business Unito********[email protected]
J*** O****Senior Vice President, Marketing & Sales - BioOncologyj***[email protected]
S*** P****Director, Marketing - Hemophiliap********[email protected]
N**** P****Senior Manager, Marketing Sciencep*********[email protected]
L**** P***Senior Product Manager - Managed Care Marketingp********[email protected]
T**** P*****Vice President, Ophthalmology Sales & Marketingp**********[email protected]
S******** P************Senior Thought leader Liaison - Lung & Immunotherapy Marketingp*********************[email protected]
A****** R*******Senior Product Manager - Interactive Multichannel Marketingr**************[email protected]
L**** R*******Manager, Marketingr************[email protected]
H***** R*******Marketing Directorr*************[email protected]
J*** R*********Senior Manager, Managed Care Marketingr*************[email protected]
A***** S****Strategic Partnerships & Engagement - Diversity & Inclusion USs**********[email protected]
S**** S*****Senior Marketing Manager - MSs**********[email protected]
L**** S********Senior Marketing Excellence Training Managers*************[email protected]
M*** S******Respiratory Marketing Directors**********[email protected]
P****** S***Access Solutions Marketings**********[email protected]
N****** S***Senior Marketing Managers**********[email protected]
J**** S******Manager, Marketing - Rheumatologys***********[email protected]
C******* S******Senior Manager, Corporate Relationss**************[email protected]
C**** S********Senior Marketing Manager - SKINs*************[email protected]
L*** S**Director, Marketing - VENCLEXTAs******[email protected]
S******* S*******Associate Director, Marketings***************[email protected]
S**** S** *******Vice President, Access & Pricing Strategy, Market Access & Managed Care
J******** S******Senior Marketing Manager - Avastin, Herceptin & Rituxans***************[email protected]
B****** S******Senior Director, Medical Science Liaison Team - Immunologys*************[email protected]
P**** S*******Associate Director, Multichannel Marketings************[email protected]
G**** T*****Vice President, Corporate Relationst*************[email protected]
S** T***Senior Manager, Campaign Management Marketing Operationst******[email protected]
G**** W******Senior Therapeutic Area Managerw***********[email protected]
E*** W***Associate Director, Corporate Relationsw*******[email protected]
A***** W***Manager, Marketing - Rheumatologyw*********[email protected]
J**** W******Marketing Director - Hematologyw***********[email protected]
D***** W*******Head, National Accounts & Access Marketingw*************[email protected]
S**** W*****Senior Manager & Thought Leader - Marketingw**********[email protected]
W*** Y****Access Lead - Influenza Franchise Marketingy********[email protected]
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