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Flowers Foods, Inc.


Flowers Foods, Inc. is a leading producer and marketer of packaged bakery foods. The company operates bakeries that distribute fresh goods to foodservice and retail customers in the Southeastern, Southwestern, and mid-Atlantic states and frozen goods to national foodservice and retail customers. Flowers Foods, Inc. is headquartered in Thomasville, Georgia.
(229) 226-9110
Thomasville, GA USA
Primary Address:
1919 Flowers Circle
Thomasville, GA 31757
Parent Company:
Flowers Foods, Inc.

Employees (27)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
D** A*****Vice President, Distributor Salesd********[email protected](229) 226-****
K**** A*******Vice President, Distributor Sales(229) 226-****
(229) 201-****
B*** A********Chief Operating Officerb************[email protected](229) 226-****
C*** B******Marketing Director(229) 226-****
R***** ** B*****Chief Supply Chain Officerr***********[email protected](229) 226-****
S**** B*****Director, Communicationss**********[email protected](229) 226-****
(229) 227-****
B**** B*******Senior Vice President, Core Brandsb************[email protected](229) 226-****
(229) 227-****
M******* B*****Channel Managerm*************[email protected](229) 226-****
M*** C*******Chief Brand Officerm***********[email protected](229) 226-****
C**** D********Vice President, Marketingc*************[email protected](229) 226-****
(229) 289-****
S*** D******Brand Managers**********[email protected](229) 226-****
A****** E*******Vice President, Brand Marketinga**************[email protected]
M****** F*****Innovation Marketing Managerm************[email protected]
S***** H*****Brand Manager, Marketings***********[email protected]
A***** H******Brand Manager - Tastykakea************[email protected]
C*** J******Vice President, Distributor Enablement Operations & Center, Excellencec**********[email protected]
S**** K*****Chief Financial & Administrative Officers**********[email protected]
S***** M*******Vice President, Business Relationship Managements*************[email protected]
R****** L****Associate Brand Manager, Breadr***********[email protected]
E**** O*****Associate Brand Managere**********[email protected]
J*** R****Treasurerj******[email protected]
D**** R****President, Cake Operationsd*********[email protected]
D** S****Vice President, Business Developmentd*******[email protected]
M**** S********Vice President, Information Technology - Applicationsm*************[email protected]
T**** ** T*****Chief Human Resources Officert**********[email protected]
W****** T*****Director, Marketingw************[email protected]
K**** W******Chief Sales Officerk***********[email protected]
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