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Ferrero USA


Ferrero USA, which is owned by the Ferrero family, is the U.S. branch of one of Europe's top confectioners. Ferrero produces the world famous chocolate hazelnut spread, Nutella, in addition to many other confectionary products.
(732) 764-9300
Parsippany, NJ USA
Primary Address:
Seven Sylvan Way
Parsippany, NJ 7054
Parent Company:
Ferrero USA

Employees (59)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
J**** A******Consumer Connections Lead - North Americaj***********[email protected](732) 764-****
C********** A****Manager, Brand - Kinder Buenoc***************[email protected](732) 764-****
C******** B******Senior Vice President, Marketing - Kinderc***************[email protected](732) 764-****
S**** B*****Senior Brand Manager - Praliness**********[email protected](732) 764-****
(732) 956-****
D** C******Director, Marketingd************[email protected](732) 764-****
S**** D*****Manager, Regional Saless**********[email protected](416) 590-****
N*** F******Senior Brand Directorn**********[email protected]
N***** F******Brand Manager - Tic Tacn************[email protected]
C****** F******Vice President, Corporate Communications & Public Relationsc*************[email protected]
T*** F*******Director, Strategy & Innovation - Kindert***********[email protected]
S**** G*******Senior Category Managers**********[email protected]
A**** G*****Associate Brand Manager, Innovation - Premium Chocolatesa**********[email protected]
S*** G*******Marketing Directors***********[email protected]
C*** G*******Senior Manager, Trade Planning & Promotion - North Americac***********[email protected]
B**** G****Customer Marketing Managerb*********[email protected]
T**** G****Trade Marketing Manager - Nutellat*********[email protected]
B*** G**********Director, Marketing Intelligenceb**************[email protected]
B* H*******Senior National Business Development Managerb*********[email protected]
A**** H********Marketing Director - Cruncha*************[email protected]
R***** H*****Vice President, Marketing - Premium Chocolater***********[email protected]
C***** K*****Manager, Customer Business - Western Canadac***********[email protected]
M*** K******Director, Trade Marketingm**********[email protected]
I**** K*****Manager, District Salesi**********[email protected]
J***** M*****Director, Advertisingj***********[email protected]
G******** M*** *******Director, Marketing - Seasonal Businessg*******************[email protected]
S*** M******Senior Trade Marketing Managers**********[email protected]
A*** M*******Director, Regional Accountsa***********[email protected]
M*********** M****Vice President, eCommercem****************[email protected]
H**** L**Customer Marketing Manager - Seasonal Confectionaryh*******[email protected]
G****** L*****Manager, Administration & Planningg************[email protected]
L** L**Customer Business Managerl*****[email protected]
L**** M********Group Brand Directorl*************[email protected]
C******** M********Brand Manager, Premium Chocolatec*****************[email protected]
C******** M*******Senior Brand Manager - Butterfingerc****************[email protected]
H**** M****eCommerce Digital Content Managerh*********[email protected]
B****** M*****Head, Consumer & Shopper Understandingb************[email protected]
S******** M********Associate Brand Manager - Nutella USA
T**** M*********National Account Managert**************[email protected]
C********** O******Senior Brand Managerc*****************[email protected]
J***** P**********Brand Manager - Nutellaj****************[email protected]
D**** R***Senior Director, Sales, National Accounts & eCommerced********[email protected]
J** R****National Sales Directorj*******[email protected]
A********* R*****Senior Vice President, Premium Chocolatea***************[email protected]
F***** R**** **********Vice President, Marketing - Tic Tacf********************[email protected]
C***** R******Senior Brand Managerc************[email protected]
M****** R*******Marketing Director, Premium Chocolate - Canadam**************[email protected]
S******** R*******Senior Manager, Planning & Revenue Growth Managements****************[email protected]
T** S*******National Sales Director - Impulse, Foodservice & Alt Channelst**********[email protected]
A**** S*******Manager, District Salesa**********[email protected]
L***** S*******Assistant Brand Manager - Crunchl*************[email protected]
E**** S******Senior Brand Manager - Nutellae***********[email protected]
L**** S********Brand Manager - Kinderl*************[email protected]
S** S****Senior National Customer Business Managers*******[email protected]
S****** S*********Marketing Director - Premium Chocolates****************[email protected]
S****** S*****Senior Director, Marketings************[email protected]
N*** S*****Vice President, Marketing - Kindern*********[email protected]
M*** W********Senior Vice President, Marketing - Nutella & Chocolate Snacksm************[email protected]
H****** W***Brand Managerh**********[email protected]
M****** Z********Vice President, Trade Marketing & Category Management - U.S.m***************[email protected]
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