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Expedia Group, Inc.


Expedia, Inc., based in Bellevue, WA, is an online travel company that provides travel products and services to leisure and corporate travelers in the United States and other countries. The company's products primarily consist of air, hotel, car rental, destination services and cruise packages.
(425) 679-7200
Seattle, WA USA
Primary Address:
1111 Expedia Group Way West
Seattle, WA 98119
Parent Company:
Expedia Group, Inc.

Employees (95)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
A**** A********Director, Digital Optimizationa********[email protected](425) 679-****
A**** A*****Senior Partner Marketing Managera*****[email protected](425) 679-****
(425) 679-****
N******* A*****Senior Director & Global Head, Social Media & Influencer Engagementn*****[email protected](425) 679-****
(425) 679-****
J**** A*****Senior Marketing Manager(425) 679-****
S**** B***Director, Account Management & Expedia Partner Solutionss***[email protected](425) 679-****
T** B****Director, Market Management & Regional Chainst****[email protected](425) 679-****
K** B*******Senior Product Manager, Content & Mediak*******[email protected](425) 679-****
S****** B*******Director, Product Managements*******[email protected](425) 679-****
J*** B*****Senior User Experience Designerj*****[email protected](425) 679-****
V******* C*******Manager, Corporate Brand Reputationv*******[email protected](425) 679-****
J******* C********Head, Global Integrations & Sponsorshipsj********[email protected](416) 703-****
S***** C*******Senior Director, North America Market Management - Lodgings*******[email protected](425) 679-****
L******* C***Senior Product Manager - Cruisel***[email protected](425) 679-****
P*** C**********Senior Director, Product Management, Multi-Item Shopping & Pricingp**********[email protected](425) 679-****
(206) 755-****
D*** C****Vice President , Enterprise & Finance Initiatives(425) 679-****
T** C*******Lead Product Designert*******[email protected](425) 679-****
A*** C***Senior Director, Strategy & Brand - Expediaa****[email protected](425) 679-****
R****** C*****Director, Market Management - Canadar*****[email protected](425) 679-****
G**** C****Senior Data Analyst & Engineering Managerg****[email protected](425) 679-****
(425) 679-****
E***** C*******Content Strategiste*******[email protected](425) 679-****
D***** D********Senior Manager, Product Marketingd********[email protected](425) 679-****
M****** D*****Senior Manager, Corporate Communicationsm***[email protected](425) 679-****
C**** D*******Manager, Program Managementc*******[email protected](425) 679-****
E******** D*******Global Media Director, EG Mediae*******[email protected](425) 679-****
A**** E***Senior Loyalty Marketing Associate(425) 679-****
J****** E******Head, Brand Marketing - Americas & EMEAj******[email protected](425) 679-****
J****** F****Email Marketing Analystj****[email protected]
B**** F*********Director, Metasearch Data & Bidding Operationsb*********[email protected]
R*** F***Senior Vice President, Engineeringr***[email protected]
A*** F******Global Director, Brand Marketinga******[email protected]
H**** F*******Merchandising Manager
C****** G***Senior Director, Marketing Operationsc***[email protected]
L*** G****Senior Manager, Business Developmentl****[email protected]
K*** G****Media Specialistk****[email protected]
S**** G****Senior Vice President, Global Communications & Corporate Brands****[email protected]
C******** G*****Senior Vice President, Expedia Groupc*****[email protected]
R*** G*******Associate Market Manager
M***** G******Vice President, Marketingm*****[email protected]
M****** G******Senior Vice President, Consumer Productm******[email protected]
A**** H***Senior Manager, Operations Program Managment
A**** H*****Senior Marketing Managera*****[email protected]
D* H*****Director, Product Marketing - Mobile App & Platformd*****[email protected]
E*** H***Chief Financial Officere***[email protected]
A***** H********Senior Manager, Product Marketing & Media Solutionsa********[email protected]
R*** J****Senior Manager, Marketing Optimizationr****[email protected]
J****** J****Senior Regional Manager, Media Solutionsj****[email protected]
H******* K***User Experience Designerh***[email protected]
P**** K***Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officerp***[email protected]
S***** K***** ********Head - Strategy & Marketing Innovations******[email protected]
J***** K******Senior Vice President, Performance Marketing, Media & Technologyj******[email protected]
M****** N*****Senior Event Marketing Specialistm******[email protected]
T*** O******Vice President, Global Partner Marketingt*****[email protected]
C***** M*****Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer
K***** M*****Marketing Manager, Product Marketing & Media Solutionsk*****[email protected]
D*** M******Senior Director, Corporate Communicationsd******[email protected]
J******* M*******Senior Director, Industry Marketingj*******[email protected]
L**** M******Brand Directorl******[email protected]
N**** L******Senior Manager, Marketing Analytics
K****** L******Marketing Manager, Strategic Partnersk******[email protected]
E**** L******Senior Manager, Media, Strategy & Planninge******[email protected]
M******* L**Senior Manager, Product Strategy & Business Development
D*** L***********Director, Media Buyingd*****[email protected]
D******* M***Senior Events Marketing Managerd***[email protected]
A*** M*****Manager, Data Science - Product Analyticsa*****[email protected]
M**** M******Vice President Global Marketing - Media Solutionsm******[email protected]
J****** M*******Senior Manager, Brand Marketingj****[email protected]
J***** O*****Senior Manager, Growth Marketing - Expedia Groupj*****[email protected]
A** P*******Director, Advertising Sales - LATAM, Mexico & Caribbeana*******[email protected]
T**** P*****Senior Designer, Expedia for Businesst*****[email protected]
M***** P******Content Producerm******[email protected]
J***** P****Senior Business Development Manager
K**** P****Director, Strategic Partnershipsk****[email protected]
A**** P****Senior Vice President, Global Marketing[email protected]
E*** R*****Product Marketing Managere*****[email protected]
M****** S***Vice President, Growth Marketingm***[email protected]
R***** S***Public Relations Managerr***[email protected]
S**** S****Senior Director, Market Management - Lodging Partner Servicess******[email protected]
S***** S****Senior Manager, Digital Marketing Operations - Egencia
R***** S****Head, Procurementr*******[email protected]
A***** S****Senior Manager, App Marketinga*********[email protected]
S**** S****** *******Vice President, Global Ground Transport & Activitiess*******[email protected]
K*** S*****Director, Market Managementk******[email protected]
K**** T****Director, Product Marketingk****[email protected]
M****** T******Senior Media Managerm******[email protected]
A***** T****Senior Manager, Strategic Partnershipsa****[email protected]
D****** v** *** *********Senior Director, Product Managementd******[email protected]
B** W*****Senior Director, Product Managementb*****[email protected]
M*** W******Senior Director, Product Management - Travel Partners Groupm******[email protected]
R**** W*******Senior Regional Manager, Business Development - Canadar*******[email protected]
A****** W*****Senior Communications Manager - Expedia Group Media Solutionsa*****[email protected]
S**** W**Senior Director, New Partner Solutionss***[email protected]
S*** W*User Experience Designers*[email protected]
N***** Y****Senior Manager, Media Measurementn****[email protected]
T***** Y****Senior Director, Communications - Inclusion & Diversity & Social Impact
J***** Z****Strategy & Data Science Manager - Global Hotel Supplyj****[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020