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Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.


Estee Lauder manufactures and markets skin care, makeup, fragrance and hair care products. The company sells products in more than 135 countries under brands including Estee Lauder, Aramis, Clinique, Prescriptives and Lab Series.
(212) 572-4200
New York, NY USA
Primary Address:
767 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10153
Parent Company:
Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.

Employees (149)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
R*** A****Senior Vice President, General Manager - Aveda North Americar****[email protected](212) 572-****
S**** A****Senior Vice President, Local & Cultural Platforms & Corporate Innovations****[email protected](212) 572-****
R****** A******Marketing Managerr******[email protected](212) 572-****
K***** A*****Senior Vice President & General Managerk*****[email protected](212) 572-****
J******* B******Senior Vice President, Global Product Development - Artistry Brandsj******[email protected](212) 572-****
S*** B*****Global Creative Director - Aerin Beauty(212) 572-****
A********* B*******Senior Vice President, Creative - Avedaa*******[email protected](212) 572-****
J****** B****Executive Director, Omni Account Management - North America, La Mer & Darphinj****[email protected](212) 572-****
N*** B******Consumer Engagement Director - Bobbi Brown & Bumble and bumblen******[email protected](212) 572-****
R***** B*****Director, Product Data Managementr*****[email protected](212) 572-****
K**** B*****Philanthropic Partnerships - MAC AIDS Fund, MAC VIVA GLAM Fundk******[email protected](212) 572-****
K** B******Associate Director, Enterprise Management - Artwork Compliancek******[email protected](212) 572-****
D**** B******Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer - North Americad******[email protected](212) 572-****
I***** C******Director, Digital Productioni******[email protected](212) 572-****
C******** C*****Director, Creative Operationsc*****[email protected](212) 572-****
M****** C******Director, North America Product & Consumer Marketing - Frederic Malle & KILIANm******[email protected](212) 572-****
O****** C*******Vice President, Innovation & Technology(212) 572-****
A***** C******Executive Director, Marketing - Fragrancea******[email protected](212) 572-****
C**** C***Consumer Engagement Marketing Manager - Clinique North Americac***[email protected](212) 572-****
M**** C******Director, Global Marketing - Origins(212) 572-****
N***** C****Product Ownern****[email protected](212) 572-****
A*** C********Manager, North America Marketing - Tom Ford Beauty & KILIANa********[email protected](212) 572-****
E*** C****Executive Director, Global Corporate Communications - Citizenship & Sustainabilitye*****[email protected](212) 572-****
K******* C******Assistant Manager, Global Communications - La Merk******[email protected](212) 572-****
K****** D********Executive Director, Marketing - Travel Retail Worldwide, Jo Malone London & Frederic Mallek******[email protected](212) 572-****
F******** D*****Vice President, Global Product Marketing & Development - Originsf*****[email protected](212) 572-****
J**** D******Senior Vice President & Global Creative Directorj******[email protected](212) 572-****
E***** D********Executive Director, Global Integrated Communications - Bobbi Brown Cosmeticse******[email protected](212) 572-****
N***** d* ******** *****Director, Global Online Marketing(212) 572-****
S******* d* ** *******Global Brand President - Estee Lauder(212) 572-****
L**** D* ****Vice President, Global Product Marketing - La Merl*****[email protected](212) 572-****
G******* d* ******Global Marketing Director(212) 572-****
M***** D******Vice President, Global Interconnected Retail Solutionsm******[email protected](212) 572-****
J*** D*****Executive Group Presidentj*****[email protected](212) 572-****
Z** D***Manager, Marketing - Darphin & Kilianz***[email protected](212) 572-****
R***** D**********Manager, Global Makeup Marketing(212) 572-****
A***** D*****Head, Commercial - North Americaa*****[email protected](212) 572-****
T*** D*****Director, Digital Marketing - Travel Retail Worldwidet*****[email protected](212) 572-****
R**** D****Vice President, Creative - North Americar****[email protected](212) 572-****
K****** E**********Global Executive Director, Enterprise AdTech & Operations(212) 572-****
G****** E**Vice President, Global Creative Director - Smashbox & Glamglowg**[email protected](212) 572-****
S**** F*******Director, Global Product Marketing - La Mers******[email protected]
K*** F*****Executive Director, Retail Experience & Innovationk*****[email protected]
L** F****Vice President, Marketingl****[email protected]
W****** F***Vice President, Global Platforms & Engineeringw***[email protected]
A**** F*****Director, Creative Technology & Process Traininga*****[email protected]
F******* F****President & Chief Executive Officerf****[email protected]
M******* F*****Global President - Clinique
A**** G*******Global Brand President, Bumble & Bumble
B****** G******Director, Brand Operations - Jo Malone Londonb******[email protected]
I**** G*****Director, Global Marketing - Mac Cosmeticsi*****[email protected]
J**** G*********Manager, Demand Planningj****[email protected]
E******** G****Manager, Compliance & Regulatorye****[email protected]
D**** G****Executive Director, Digital Technology & Innovationd*****[email protected]
N**** H*****Director, Worldwide Indirect Procurementn*****[email protected]
J******* H**Manager, Acquisition Marketing - MAC
C*** H****Executive Vice President, Global Research & Development, Corporate Product Innovation & Package Developmentc****[email protected]
B****** H*****Assistant Manager, Function Communications & Global Communicationsb*****[email protected]
K***** H******Global Consumer Marketing Paid Media Manager - Avedak******[email protected]
K*** J*****Vice President, Enterprise Marketing & Data - North Americak*****[email protected]
D*** J*****Senior Vice President, Go-to-Market Analytics & Activation & Learning Center of Excellenced*****[email protected]
G******** J****Global President - Tom Ford Beautyg****[email protected]
J******* J****Vice President, Marketingj****[email protected]
A***** K********eCommerce Coordinator - Avedaa********[email protected]
J******* K*****Executive Director, Global Marketing - Lab Seriesj*****[email protected]
M**** K*******Executive Director, Global Brand Messaging - Originsm*******[email protected]
E**** K****Vice President, Global Consumer & Product Marketing - Bumble & Bumblee****[email protected]
K**** K*****Director, Product Data Management New Acquisitionsk*****[email protected]
J*** ****** K*****Senior Vice President, Technology Lead for Interconnected Retail, Marketing, & Tech & Analyticsj*****[email protected]
A*** K****Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs & Internal Communicationsa****[email protected]
A**** M********Senior Manager, Ecommerce, Lab Seriesa********[email protected]
E******** N****Senior Vice President & Global Creative Director - Cliniquee****[email protected]
V****** N***********Global Technical Project Leaderv******[email protected]
M****** M******Director, Marketing - Latin Americam******[email protected]
T***** M*****Executive Director, Global Business Planningt*****[email protected]
J****** M****Manager. Corporate Affairsj****[email protected]
D*** M*********Vice President, Global Consumer Marketing & Retail Experienced*********[email protected]
J******* M*****Communications Consultant, Global Management Strategiesj****[email protected]
J*** M*****Vice President, Global Communicationsj*****[email protected]
A***** M***** *****Communications & Influencer Marketinga*****[email protected]
J***** K******Director, Clinique North America Marketingj******[email protected]
I***** L******** ******Director, North America Product Marketing - La Mer & Darphini******[email protected]
F*** L*********Chairman, Global Affairsf*********[email protected]
J********* L*****Executive Director, Global Social & Digital - Bobbi Brownj*****[email protected]
W****** L*****Executive Chairmanw*****[email protected]
A**** L*****Senior Vice President & Chairman - AERIN, LLCa*****[email protected]
J*** L***** *****Global Brand President - Cliniquej*****[email protected]
S** L**Executive Director, Corporate CRM & Consumer Analytics - North Americas****[email protected]
A** L**Executive Director Strategy - La Mer Global Marketinga**[email protected]
I***** L****Senior Manager, Issues & Risk Mitigation, Global Corporate Affairs
T**** L**Director, Global Consumer Engagement & Integrated Communications - Bumble & Bumblet**[email protected]
H****** L*******Director, Digital Transformation & Strategy - Avedah******[email protected]
N***** L****Executive Director, Global Marketingn****[email protected]
E** L****Vice President, Global Skincare Marketing - Estee Lauder Brande****[email protected]
A** M******Executive Director, eCommerce - MAC Cosmeticsa******[email protected]
D***** M*****Chief Transformation Officer & Head, Category Leadershipd*****[email protected]
N**** M****Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Citizenship & Sustainability
S***** M***Global Brand President - La Mer & Bobbi Browns***[email protected]
R***** M******Vice President, Global Indirect Procurementr******[email protected]
Y***** M*******Executive Director, Innovation Insights & Trendsy******[email protected]
C****** M*****Manager, Global Product Marketing - Face Makeup - Cliniquec*****[email protected]
A******* M******Vice President, Global Consumer Engagement & Experiencea******[email protected]
J******** M****Senior Vice President, General Managerj****[email protected]
L****** M*******Corporate Senior Vice President, Product Development & Innovationl******[email protected]
M****** O*****Executive Vice President, Human Resourcesm****[email protected]
J**** O**********Associate, E-Commerce
S*** O**Executive Director - Ecommerce & Omncihannels**[email protected]
M**** P********Global Product Marketing Associate - Smashbox Cosmetics
R** P*******Senior Vice President, Global R&D & Supply Chain, Global Engineeringr*******[email protected]
G****** ** P*****Executive Vice President, Supply Chain - Globalg*****[email protected]
S***** P******Senior Vice President, Global Acquisition & Retentions******[email protected]
E****** P*****Vice President, Investor Relationse*****[email protected]
C***** P*****Group President - Internationalc*****[email protected]
D***** R********President, Latin Americad********[email protected]
E**** R****Vice President, Global eCommercee****[email protected]
N***** R*****Director, Global Marketing - Cliniquen*****[email protected]
A***** R********Vice President, Global Retail Operationsa********[email protected]
T**** R********* ********Manager, Advertising & GRM - Aveda
S**** R****Executive Director - Package Developments****[email protected]
E**** R****Director, Business Developmente****[email protected]
C****** S**Executive Director, Chief, Staff, Global Onlinec**[email protected]
L*** S*******Manager, Global Product Marketing - Face & Color Makeupl*******[email protected]
B*** S***********Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Communications, Citizenship, & Sustainabilityb*****[email protected]
L*** S******Senior Vice President & General Manager - North America Brandsl******[email protected]
C******** S*****Director, Global Communications - Cliniquec*****[email protected]
K****** S*****Director, Global Omnichannel & Retail Marketingk*****[email protected]
A**** S*******Director, North America Product Marketinga*******[email protected]
I*** S******Executive Director, Global Social Media & Media Partnershipsi******[email protected]
J*** S****** *****Vice President, eCommercej******[email protected]
M****** S****Chief Information Officerm*****[email protected]
T*** S*****Executive Director, Global Digital Marketingt*****[email protected]
L***** S******Senior Vice President & General Manager, Est?e Lauder and Aerin Beauty - North Americal******[email protected]
K****** S****Director, Digital Marketing - La Merk****[email protected]
J******* T*****Senior Manager, North America Consumer Engagement - Jo Malone Londonj*****[email protected]
S******* T*******Director, Global Product Marketing - La Mers*******[email protected]
T***** T*****Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officert*****[email protected]
R***** T******Executive Director, Philanthropic Partnerships & Global Corporate Citizenship & Sustainabilityr******[email protected]
O****** V*****Global General Manager, Senior Vice President Bobbi Brown Internationalo*****[email protected]
F****** W****President - Prestige, Artisanal Fragrances & ELC Venturesf****[email protected]
C*** W** ****Executive Director, BioActivesc***[email protected]
A****** W******Executive Director, Innovation & Marketing Operations - Travel Retail Worldwidea******[email protected]
J*** W****Senior Vice President, Integrated Marketing, Travel Retail Worldwidej****[email protected]
R****** W******Director, Global Media & Corporate Marketingr******[email protected]
V***** W*Vice President, Global Indirect Procurementv**[email protected]
E*** Y****Global Marketing Director - Aveda Digital & Loyaltye****[email protected]
B*** Y****Vice President, Global Creative - La Merb****[email protected]
N*** Y**Manager, Global Product Marketing - Originsn**[email protected]
J*** Z****Vice President, Marketing - Jo Malone North Americaj****[email protected]
Y*** Z***Manager, Consumer Insights & Analysis, Originsy***[email protected]
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