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ESPN, Inc.


ESPN, Inc. is a global cable television network dedicated to producing and broadcasting sports-related programming 24-hours a day. Most of ESPN's operations are run out of the Bristol, CT and the New York, NY offices.
(860) 766-2000
Bristol, CT USA
Primary Address:
545 Middle Street
Bristol, CT 6010
Parent Company:
ESPN, Inc.

Employees (92)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
S*** A***Vice President, Brand Marketings*******[email protected](212) 456-****
C********* A*****Vice President, Strategyc***************[email protected](860) 766-****
K***** A*****Vice President, Communicationsk***********[email protected](860) 766-****
(860) 766-****
N*** B******Director, Production & Content - X Gamesn**********[email protected](860) 766-****
A*** B*****Lead, Media Operatora*********[email protected](860) 766-****
L***** B********Director, Sports MarketingL*************[email protected](860) 766-****
M******* B*****Senior Digital Designer(860) 766-****
E******** B****Deputy Editore*************[email protected](860) 766-****
M******* B****Vice President, Sports Marketingm************[email protected](212) 456-****
M******* B****Senior Director, Marketing - SEC Networkm************[email protected](860) 766-****
B****** B*****Manager, Digital Marketingb************[email protected](212) 456-****
T** B*****Senior Director, Revenue Partnershipst********[email protected](860) 766-****
(206) 664-****
J**** B****Director, Associate Directorj*********[email protected](212) 456-****
(212) 456-****
S**** B****Director, Communicationss*********[email protected](212) 456-****
J*** B*****Director, Digital Content Growthj*********[email protected](860) 766-****
C**** B****Senior Vice President, Affiliate Marketingc*********[email protected](212) 456-****
C***** B**************Vice President, Marketing & Head - ESPN CreativeWorksc***************[email protected](212) 456-****
T** B******Senior Vice President, International Programming, Production & Marketingt*********[email protected](860) 766-****
(347) 539-****
C****** C*****Director, Event Talentc************[email protected](860) 766-****
R**** C******Associate Director, Strategic & Brand Insightsr***************[email protected](212) 456-****
K****** C**** *****Director, Communicationsk***********[email protected](212) 456-****
(646) 547-****
P**** C******News Editor & Program Director, News & Information Content - ESPN Radiop**********[email protected](860) 766-****
(860) 877-****
K****** C***Associate Director, Project Managementk**********[email protected](212) 456-****
M******* D****Associate Director, Sports Marketing - College Football Playoffm************[email protected](860) 766-****
C**** D*******Manager, Media Clearancec**************[email protected](860) 766-****
(860) 766-****
L**** F******Director, Marketing - NBAl***********[email protected]
A**** G******Senior Marketing Manager - Sports Brand Solutionsa***********[email protected]
J****** G******Senior Interactive Digital Designer - ESPN CreativeWorks
T****** G********Account Executivet***************[email protected]
L**** G******Executive Vice President, Marketing - ESPN & Networksl***********[email protected]
P*** G********Senior Director, Radio Programming & Digital Audio Contentp*************[email protected]
M****** G****Technology Support Engineerm***********[email protected]
K**** H***Manager, Brand & Strategy Insights
D** H****Senior Director
E***** H********Director, Media Strategy & Planninge**************[email protected]
I****** I*******Senior Director, Digital Marketingi**************[email protected]
J** J** *******Senior Director, Communication - ESPN Films & Original Contentj************[email protected]
K**** J******Vice President, Advertising & Marketing Intelligencek***********[email protected]
C****** J*****Manager, Revenue Management & Client Servicesc************[email protected]
I*** K***Vice President, Media Strategy & Planningi*******[email protected]
P**** M******Director, Brand Marketingp*************[email protected]
A****** N*****Vice President, Production - ESPN Creativeworksa**************[email protected]
B******* O******Manager, Brand Solutions - Sportsb***************[email protected]
S**** M****Production CoordinatorS*********[email protected]
R*** M*****Associate ESPN Plus Logger - Disney Bamtechmedia
K**** M*****Senior Vice President & Editor-in-Chiefk**********[email protected]
R*** M*********Director, Event Development & Marketingr***************[email protected]
S**** M*****Vice President, Affiliate Marketing Brand Strategys**********[email protected]
J*** K********Vice President, Public Communications - Collage Networksj************[email protected]
D**** L***Vice President, Corporate Communicationsd********[email protected]
C**** L******Senior Vice President, Corporate Communicationsc***********[email protected]
J*** L*****Vice President, Content Strategy & Acquisitionsj***********[email protected]
T****** L******Senior Marketing Managert*************[email protected]
B**** M*****Executive Vice President, Programming & Schedulingb**********[email protected]
B**** M***Senior Director, Multimedia Salesb********[email protected]
J** M*******Head, Creative - ESPN CreativeWorksJ**********[email protected]
K**** M*******Vice President, Corporate Citizenshipk**************[email protected]
R****** M*******Vice President, Deportes & International Productionr****************[email protected]
B** M**Senior Director, Sports Management - SEC Networkb*****[email protected]
J*** O*******Associate Director Ij*************[email protected]
E**** O******Vice President, Sports Marketinge***********[email protected]
K**** O**Director, Communications
A***** O*******Vice President, Editorial Director & Executive Producer - Storytelling & Special Projectsa*************[email protected]
S**** P*******Director, Multimedia & Sponsorship Sales - Disney & ESPN NetworksS************[email protected]
J******* R****Senior Director, Fan Relationship Management & Insights
O**** R****Senior Director, Content - ESPN Desporteso*********[email protected]
P*** R*********Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Chief Diversity Officer - The Walt Disney Co.p*************[email protected]
J**** R********Associate Director, Marketing - SEC Networkj*************[email protected]
F***** R****Vice President & General Manager - ESPN Deportesf**********[email protected]
E**** R****Senior Director, Audience & Content Insightse*********[email protected]
C******** S*****Production Manager - ESPN Films & 30 for 30 Podcasts
R*** S****Manager, Brand Marketing - NBAr********[email protected]
J******* S******Associate Directorj**************[email protected]
R***** S********Sports Marketing Manager - ACC Networkr****************[email protected]
D**** S*********Account Executived**************[email protected]
B****** S*****Vice President, Advertiser Insights & Strategyb**************[email protected]
T***** S****Director, Motion Control Graphics - Creative Servicest**********[email protected]
J**** S*******Senior Vice President, Content Business Operations & Strategyj************[email protected]
M*** S*****Vice President, Communicationsm*********[email protected]
P****** S*******Vice President & Director, Editorial - Global Digital Contentp**************[email protected]
C**** S****Vice President, Programming & Acquisitionsc*********[email protected]
N***** S**Senior Director, Corporate Strategyn********[email protected]
K**** S*******Senior Writer & Producerk**************[email protected]
P***** T*******Senior Director & Head, Consumer Marketing, College Sports
T*** T*******Senior Vice President, Content Operationst***********[email protected]
C******* T*****Associate Manager, Strategy & Marketing - College Football
K***** V********* ******Vice President, Communicationsk***********[email protected]
J*** W****Executive Editor - ESPN
P*** W******Coordinating Producer IIp***********[email protected]
M****** W****Coordinating Editor- SportsCenter & Newsm***********[email protected]
N**** W*********Executive Vice President, Productionn**************[email protected]
P*** W*****Director, Multimedia Sponsorship Integration & Strategy - ESPN CreativeWorksP***********[email protected]
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