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Eastern Bank Corporation


Eastern Bank Corporation is a mutually owned regional bank. The institution, headquartered in Boston, MA, offers retail and commercial banking products, including checking and savings accounts, investments, and credit cards to clients throughout the state of Massachusetts.
(617) 897-1100
Boston, MA USA
Primary Address:
265 Franklin Street
Boston, MA 2110
Parent Company:
Eastern Bank Corporation

Employees (14)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
D**** A*******Senior Vice President & Controllerd********[email protected](617) 897-****
S***** A********Executive Vice President & Director - Enterprise Risk Managements**************[email protected](617) 897-****
D****** B*******Vice President, Secondary Marketing & Vendor Managementd********[email protected](617) 897-****
J*** B*******Senior Vice President & Director, Residential Mortgage Bankingj********[email protected](617) 897-****
C***** B****Assistant Vice President & Product Marketing Managerc*****[email protected](617) 897-****
J*** F*****Senior Vice President & Senior Credit Officerj******[email protected]
D***** F****Senior Vice Presidentd*****[email protected]
B****** ** H********Executive Vice President - Enterprise Risk Managementb*********[email protected]
R*** H*******Chairman & Chief Executive Officerr********[email protected]
D******* K*************Vice President, Creative & Manager - Brand Activation & Eventsd*********[email protected]
Q***** M*****Presidentq******[email protected]
R***** R*****Chairman & Chief Executive Officerr******[email protected]
N**** S*****Executive Vice President, Human Resourcesn******[email protected]
S***** Y****Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020