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E. & J. Gallo Winery


E. & J. Gallo, located in Modesto, California, are the largest family-owned wineries in the world. The company produces wines that are marketed domestically and internationally. Production takes place in the wine regions of California and their offerings include table wines, sparkling wines and distilled wine-based spirits.
(209) 341-3111
Modesto, CA USA
Primary Address:
600 Yosemite Boulevard
Modesto, CA 95354
Parent Company:
E. & J. Gallo Winery

Employees (127)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
J**** A******Design Manager(209) 341-****
(209) 341-****
S****** A****Senior Associate Brand Manager - Luxury Portfolios***********[email protected](209) 341-****
(209) 341-****
H****** A*****Director, Marketing - Apothic Winesh************[email protected](209) 341-****
(209) 341-****
J**** B*****Manager, Business Development - Southeast Regionj**********[email protected](209) 341-****
S******* B****Senior Associate Brand Managers************[email protected](209) 341-****
(209) 341-****
N***** B*****Senior Brand Managern***********[email protected](209) 341-****
(209) 341-****
A*** B***Vice President, Marketinga*******[email protected](209) 341-****
(209) 341-****
V**** B******Vice President, Planning & eCommercev***********[email protected](209) 341-****
(209) 341-****
J******* B*********Senior Manager, Customer Marketing - LATAM & Caribbeanj*****************[email protected](209) 341-****
C********** B*******Senior Brand Managerc******************[email protected](209) 341-****
A***** B******Manager, Shopper Marketing Systems Client Supporta************[email protected](209) 341-****
J**** C***Director, Marketingj********[email protected](209) 341-****
(209) 341-****
J****** C*******Senior Manager, Shopper Insightsj**************[email protected](209) 341-****
(209) 341-****
M******* C****Senior Creative Directorm************[email protected](209) 341-****
J**** C******Co-Chairmanj***********[email protected](209) 341-****
(209) 341-****
C******* C********Manager, Marketingc****************[email protected](209) 341-****
(209) 341-****
A***** C****** *******Senior Brand Activation Managera************[email protected](209) 341-****
(209) 341-****
H***** C**********Senior Associate, Brand Manager - E&J Brandyh****************[email protected](209) 341-****
A******* D******Senior Director, Marketinga**************[email protected](209) 341-****
(209) 341-****
D***** D**Senior Director, New Brands, Innovation & Insightsd********[email protected](209) 341-****
(209) 341-****
M**** D****Vice President, Marketingm*********[email protected](209) 341-****
(209) 341-****
M**** D****Manager, Brandm*********[email protected](209) 341-****
B**** D******Creative Directorb***********[email protected](209) 341-****
(209) 341-****
H***** D******Senior Associate Brand Managerh************[email protected](209) 341-****
S****** D************Commerce Brand Manager - Luxury Brandss*******************[email protected](209) 341-****
(209) 341-****
K**** D******Director, Global Consumer Engagementk***********[email protected](209) 341-****
(209) 341-****
C******** D**Partner Brand Manager - Spirits Portfolioc***********[email protected](209) 341-****
(209) 341-****
C****** D******Brand Managerc*************[email protected](209) 341-****
(707) 265-****
R** D*****Vice President, Supply Chainr********[email protected](209) 341-****
(209) 341-****
C****** D******Chief StorytellerC*************[email protected](209) 341-****
(707) 529-****
S***** E****Brand Manager - Dark Horse Wines**********[email protected](209) 341-****
(209) 341-****
S**** E***Director, Creatives********[email protected](209) 341-****
(209) 341-****
D**** E***Multicultural Marketing Managerd********[email protected](209) 341-****
L*** E***Integrated Marketing & Communications Strategy Manager - Luxury BU & DTCl*******[email protected](209) 341-****
S**** F*****Brand Manager, Barefoot Wines**********[email protected]
J**** F*****Director, Shopper & Customer Marketingj**********[email protected]
M**** F***National Director, Commerce Marketingm********[email protected]
J***** G****Co-President & Chief Executive Officerj**********[email protected]
B** G****Co-President & Co-Chairmanb*******[email protected]
S******** G****Chief Marketing Officers*************[email protected]
K**** G*******National Manager, Experiential Marketing - Barefoot Winek************[email protected]
T***** G*******Associate Brand Managert*************[email protected]
N*** G****Project Manager, New Brand & Product Development
K*** G******Senior Manager, Ecommerce Salesk**********[email protected]
M****** G*****Partnership Marketing & Experiential Marketing Managerm************[email protected]
D***** H*******Senior Marketing Planning Specialistd*************[email protected]
J**** H*****Shopper Marketing Managerj**********[email protected]
H**** H*******Assistant Brand Marketing Managerh************[email protected]
J**** H*****Senior Manager, Wine & Spirits Educationj**********[email protected]
S**** H******Vice President, Human Resourcess***********[email protected]
S**** H***Principal, Innovations********[email protected]
S****** H*******Manager, Influencer Marketing & Consumer Public Relationss**************[email protected]
C**** H****Director, Creativec*********[email protected]
E******** H*****Senior Director, Customer Innovation & New Business Developmente**************[email protected]
A***** J****Senior Associate Brand Manager - LUX Wines - www.luxwines.coma**********[email protected]
M****** J******Brand Managerm*************[email protected]
J****** J******Brand Manager - La Marcaj*************[email protected]
J**** K****Associate Brand Managerj*********[email protected]
B*** K******Director, Marketing - Napa & Sonoma DTC Brandsb**********[email protected]
J** K*****Senior Director, Consumer & Product Insightsj**********[email protected]
R**** N*******Senior Vice President & General Manager - Premium Wines
B*** N****Vice President, Marketing Operationsb********[email protected]
C***** N******Senior Director, Marketing Communications Planningc*****************[email protected]
L*** N**Manager, Business Development - Spiritsl******[email protected]
C********* N******Associate Manager, Brandc****************[email protected]
C******* O******Director, Marketing & Premium Wine Innovationc*************[email protected]
M****** M******Manager, Brand Strategy & Insightsm*************[email protected]
C***** M*****Manager, Employment Branding & Recruitment Marketingc***********[email protected]
R****** M*********Senior Associate Commerce Marketing Managerr****************[email protected]
K*** M*****Business Manager - Barefoot Salesk*********[email protected]
W****** M*****Associate Manager, Brand - Louis M. Martiniw************[email protected]
H**** M*******Customer Marketing Managerh************[email protected]
A***** M****Associate Brand Managera**********[email protected]
J***** K*****Director, Paid Mediaj***********[email protected]
R*** K********Vice President & General ManagerR************[email protected]
A**** K****Senior Brand Managera*********[email protected]
C***** K****Senior Brand Activation Managerc**********[email protected]
A***** K******Senior Brand Activation Managera************[email protected]
C****** L*****Senior Associate Brand Manager - Barefoot
S****** L***Senior Associate Brand Manager - Luxurys**********[email protected]
A*** L**Director, Marketinga******[email protected]
T**** L******Web Marketing Managert***********[email protected]
L***** L***Assistant Spokesperson Manager
A** L***Vice President, Creative & Marketing Communicationsa******[email protected]
T***** M******Associate Brand Managert************[email protected]
T***** M********Manager, Digital Marketing & Communications Strategy
E**** M****Manager, Field Marketing - Barefoot Winee*********[email protected]
R****** M********Brand Manager, Premium Innovation
B*** O*****Vice President, Commerce Marketingb*********[email protected]
P*** P******National Director, Sales & Marketing - Orin Swift Cellarsp**********[email protected]
J******* P*****Communications Strategist - Barefoot Winej*************[email protected]
J****** R*****Director, Insights & Brand Marketing Insights & Strategyj************[email protected]
D******* R****Area Sales Manager - Gallo Wine Sales of New Jerseyd************[email protected]
C**** R******Senior Associate Brand Manager
B***** R****Manager, Vineyard - Monte Rosso Vineyardb**********[email protected]
R***** R***********Vice President, Marketing - Spirits Business Unitr*****************[email protected]
M****** S****Director, Marketing - Spiritsm***********[email protected]
E*** S******Director, Creative - Premium Winese**********[email protected]
M****** S*******Director, Innovationm**************[email protected]
T** S*****Vice President, Sales Strategyt********[email protected]
L***** S*******Director, Production & Creative Servicesl*************[email protected]
J****** S*****Strategist, Experiential Marketingj************[email protected]
G** S****Senior Brand Manager - Luxury Spiritsg*******[email protected]
M**** S******Assistant Brand Managerm***********[email protected]
S***** S***********Chief Information Officers*****************[email protected]
M******* S*******Director, Retailm***************[email protected]
A****** S*****Brand Ambassador - RumHaven & High Noona************[email protected]
M*** S*******Account Manager, Customer Developmentm***********[email protected]
H***** S******Senior Commerce Marketing Managerh************[email protected]
E**** S********Manager, Innovation Strategye*************[email protected]
D**** T********Senior Media Planner, Spirits Business Unitd*************[email protected]
G**** T*****Senior Marketing Analystg**********[email protected]
N***** T*******Senior Brand Manager - Premium Wine Portfolio
S******** T*****Senior Manager, Strategic Sales Operations
J*** T*****Director, Creative - New Media & Orin Swiftj*********[email protected]
D** V*Director, Marketing - Barefootd****[email protected]
D**** W*****Vice President, Winemaking & Spirits Makingd**********[email protected]
A*** W*******Director, Brand Marketinga***********[email protected]
B**** W***Vice President & General Manager - Spirits
N****** W********Coordinator, Tour & Eventn***************[email protected]
N*** W*******Senior Associate Brand Managern***********[email protected]
J******* ** W******Vice President, Consumer & Product Insights, Development & Innovation
C***** W***Specialist, Mediac*********[email protected]
G**** W******Vice President & Assistant General Managerg***********[email protected]
J***** Y*********National Accounts Managerj***************[email protected]
M**** Z***Assistant Marketing Managerm********[email protected]
A*** Z****Senior Brand Manager
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