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Duff & Phelps Corporation


Duff & Phelps provides financial advisory and investment banking services. The company provides services that include merger and acquisition advisory, tax services, real estate and fixed asset services, restructuring advisory, and financial reporting valuation. Duff & Phelps Corporation is headquartered in New York, NY.
(212) 871-2000
New York, NY USA
Primary Address:
55 East 52nd Street
New York, NY 10055
Parent Company:
Duff & Phelps Corporation

Employees (40)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
B** B******Managing Director & Global Head, Corporate Financeb*********[email protected](212) 871-****
(312) 697-****
K******* B*****Director & Head, Integrated Marketingk*************[email protected](212) 871-****
(916) 743-****
P****** B****Managing Directorp***********[email protected](212) 871-****
G****** B******Managing Director - Site Selectorg*************[email protected](212) 871-****
(248) 675-****
D***** B******Director, Digital Productsd************[email protected](212) 871-****
(610) 883-****
S****** B***Managing Director & Global Head, Mergers & Acquisitionss********[email protected](212) 871-****
(312) 697-****
A***** C*******Managing Directora*************[email protected](212) 871-****
A****** C***********Managing Directora******************[email protected](212) 871-****
(212) 871-****
N******* C******Managing Directorn**************[email protected](212) 871-****
H******* C*******Managing Director & Co, Head - Finance Sponsors Grouph***************[email protected](212) 871-****
M**** D****Chief Marketing & Communications Officerm*********[email protected](212) 871-****
M****** ** D****Managing Director & Head - New York Citym***********[email protected](212) 871-****
K**** D****Chief Information Officerk*********[email protected](212) 871-****
(512) 671-****
J** F******Managing Directorj***********[email protected]
C**** F******Managing Director - Portfolio Valuationc***********[email protected]
A** G******** ******Managing Directora***********[email protected]
B**** G***Managing Director, Valuation Advisory Services - Chicagob********[email protected]
N*** G*********Chairman & Chief Executive OfficerN*************[email protected]
N***** H*******Managing Director - Disputes & Investigationsn*************[email protected]
C*** J******Managing Director & Head - Governance, Risk, Investigations & Disputesc**********[email protected]
R***** K**Managing Directorr********[email protected]
C**** N****Managing Director - Philadelphiac*********[email protected]
L**** M*********Managing Directorl**************[email protected]
C********** M*******Managing Director & Assistant General Counselc************[email protected]
M*** K******Managing Directorm**********[email protected]
M****** L*****Managing Directorm************[email protected]
E*** L*****Managing Director - Global Electronic Discovery & Investigationse*********[email protected]
S**** L****Directors*********[email protected]
B**** M*******Chief Operating OfficerB************[email protected]
R***** P*****Managing Directorr***********[email protected]
P****** P*******Chief Financial Officerp**************[email protected]
M***** R****Managing Directorm**********[email protected]
S***** S*******Marketing Directors*************[email protected]
B****** S*****Managing Directorb************[email protected]
D**** S****Managing Director - Energy & Infrastructure Groupd*********[email protected]
J**** S********Presidentj*************[email protected]
M*** S*****Managing Director - Property Taxm*********[email protected]
M******* T*******Directorm**********************[email protected]
L**** W****Managing Directorl*********[email protected]
D*** Y*****Director, Commercial Operationsd*********[email protected]
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