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Delta Air Lines, Inc.


Based in Atlanta, GA, Delta Air Lines, Inc,, is one of the largest airline carriers in the world and a leader in destinations offered. The company provides domestic flights and international flights for passengers and cargo.
(404) 715-2600
Atlanta, GA USA
Primary Address:
1030 Delta Boulevard
Atlanta, GA 30354-6001
Parent Company:
Delta Air Lines, Inc.

Employees (57)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
A****** A******Chief Customer Experience Officer & Executive Vice Presidenta*************[email protected](404) 715-****
C********* B******Manager, Online Distributionc****************[email protected](404) 715-****
S** B*****Vice President, International(404) 715-****
E***** B******Chief Executive Officere********[email protected](404) 715-****
B*** B***General Manager, US Sponsorship & Brand Activationw**********[email protected](404) 715-****
A****** B****General Manager, Corporate Communicationsa*************[email protected](404) 715-****
(404) 677-****
T*** C*****President, Delta Technical Operationsa************[email protected](404) 715-****
K**** C*****Senior Marketing Manager, Regional & International Market Strategyk*********[email protected](404) 715-****
R***** C*******Senior Vice President, Global Distribution & Digital Strategyr***************[email protected](404) 715-****
A****** C*****Program Manager - In-Flight Service Communicationa************[email protected](404) 715-****
K****** D***Marketing Specialist(404) 715-****
R*** E*******General Manager, International Customer Experience Insightr***********[email protected](404) 715-****
M*** E*******Managing Director, Labor Relationsm***********[email protected]
G****** F*****Specialist - Global Events & Trade Showsg**************[email protected]
J******* G******General Manager - Paid Media & Retail Planningj**************[email protected]
J****** G*****Senior Manager, SkyMiles Partnership Engagement & Developmentj************[email protected]
C******* G******General Manager, Supply Chain - Marketingc**************[email protected]
J****** H***General Manager, Customer Service & Airport Operationsj**********[email protected]
G*** H*********Presidentg***************[email protected]
K****** H*******Foresight Program Managerk**************[email protected]
J*** H****General Manager, Training Operations - In-Flight Serviced************[email protected]
S******* H*********General Manager, Executive Communicationss*****************[email protected]
N***** J****Managing Director, Global Sales Supportn************[email protected]
T**** N*Gift Card Program Manager
K****** N****Manager, Social Media Contentk***********[email protected]
G*** M******Director, Partnership Marketing - Delta Vacationsg*******[email protected]
G**** M****General Manager - Brand Strategy & Design Servicesg*********[email protected]
K****** M*****Media Managerk************[email protected]
S*** M*******Director, Supply Chains***********[email protected]
P*** M****General Managerp********[email protected]
E***** M*****Director, Distribution & Logisticse***********[email protected]
G**** L******Consumer & Brand Insights Managerg***************[email protected]
B******* L*****Manager, Business to Business to Consumer Marketingb*************[email protected]
T** M****Chief Marketing & Communications Officer & Senior Vice Presidentt*********[email protected]
J******* M*****Managing Director, In-Flight Field Operationsj***************[email protected]
L**** M*******General Manager, Consumer Research & Insightl*********[email protected]
J******* M*******Manager, FlyDelta Appj*****************[email protected]
F**** M*******Digital Agency Program Manager - Egencia & Orbitzf************[email protected]
J**** O******Senior Manager, Customer Experience Marketingj**********[email protected]
J******* P*****Senior Partnership Marketing Manager - Delta Vacations
M***** P****Senior Manager, Digital Self Service Discovery & Strategym**********[email protected]
S******* P*****Non-Air Partnerships, SkyMiles
P****** R***General Manager, Online Distributionp******[email protected]
R****** R******Senior Manager, Global Employee Recognition & Engagementr*************[email protected]
S***** R****Project Leader, Sales Messaging Strategys**********[email protected]
R**** S*****Chief Information Officer & Executive Vice Presidentr**********[email protected]
A***** S******Senior Manager, Global Brand Communicationsa************[email protected]
J***** S****Chief People Officer & Executive Vice Presidentj************[email protected]
L**** S****General Manager, Employee Campaignsl**********[email protected]
S**** S****Online Distribution Managers*********[email protected]
J*** S****Manager, Product Strategy Analytics & Developmentj********[email protected]
M****** S***** *******Senior Manager, Mediam*************[email protected]
K****** T*****Senior Vice Presidentk************[email protected]
T***** V********Senior Media Coordinatort**************[email protected]
G** W***Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officerg******[email protected]
B***** W*******Operation Project Analystb*************[email protected]
K*** W******President - Delta Vacationsk**********[email protected]
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