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Deere & Company


Deere & Company is a manufacturer and marketer of agricultural machinery and equipment under the John Deere brand name. The company, headquartered in Moline, IL, offers various products, including tractors, combine harvesters, cotton harvesters, balers, planters/seeders, sprayers, and UTVs. Deere & Company also offers lawn, ground, and turf care equipment such as mowers, lawn tractors, and snow blowers.
(309) 765-8000
Moline, IL USA
Primary Address:
One John Deere Place
Moline, IL 61265
Parent Company:
Deere & Company

Employees (50)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
M*** A*******Manager, Engineeringa**********[email protected](309) 765-****
P**** A***Program Managera*******[email protected](309) 765-****
D**** A******Manager, Tradeshows, Events & Promotionsa***********[email protected](913) 310-****
M****** A*********Manager, Sales - Golf & Sports Turfa****************[email protected](913) 310-****
E*** B*****Manager, Business to Business, Customer Connections, Agriculture & Turf Divisionb**********[email protected](919) 804-****
B**** B******Project Manager, National Eventsb***********[email protected](309) 765-****
C**** B******Digital Product Managerb**********[email protected](309) 765-****
B*** B*****Director, Brand Center, Excellenceb***********[email protected](913) 310-****
P***** B******Manager, Customer Outcome Marketingb***********[email protected](913) 310-****
J**** C*****Creative Direction & Brand Identity Managerc*********[email protected](309) 765-****
T** C*****Manager, Aftermarket Growth Toolsc*******[email protected](309) 765-****
G***** C***Manager, Agricultural & Turf Sales - Canadac********[email protected](309) 765-****
J**** D***Global Director, Production Systems, Technology & Marketingj********[email protected](309) 765-****
W**** D*************Associate Director, Global Ethics & Compliancew*************[email protected](913) 310-****
G*** D****Project Manager, Advertisingd********[email protected](913) 310-****
J**** F****Senior Advisor to the Office, Chairmanf********[email protected]
T*** F*******Manager, Editorial Servicesf**********[email protected]
P*** G*****Product Manager, Connected Supportg********[email protected]
G**** G*****Manager, Division Businessg*********[email protected]
D**** G*******Manager, National Accounts - Sales & Marketingg**********[email protected]
J** G******Manager, Global Product Marketing & Planning - Construction Equipmentg********[email protected]
M**** G******Project Manager - Diversity & Inclusionz**********[email protected]
K******* G******Interim Associate Director, Enterprise Citizenshipg********[email protected]
T***** G******Strategic Communication Lead, Innovation, Strategy & Visionb************[email protected]
J** H*******Director, Strategic Public Relations & Enterprise Social Mediah***************[email protected]
M******* H******Market Researchh**************[email protected]
M*** H****Group President, Lifecycle Solutions & Chief Administrative Officerm*******[email protected]
M*** J****Senior Vice President & General Counselj*******[email protected]
R***** K*******Chief Information Officer & President - John Deere Financialr************[email protected]
N***** K***Manager, Tactical Marketingk*********[email protected]
K**** N*****Human Resources Division Managern*********[email protected]
G****** N**Vice President & Deputy General Counseln********[email protected]
B****** ** M*****Vice President, Work Relationsb*****[email protected]
T** M******m********[email protected]
H**** M*****Public Relations & Social Media Managerm*********[email protected]
T**** L*****Manager, Product Marketing - Golft*****[email protected]
D**** L***Product Marketing Managerl********[email protected]
J*** M**Chief Executive Officer & Chairman, Directorsj******[email protected]
S**** M******Client Insight Leads******[email protected]
C*** R***President, Global Agriculture, Turf, Large & Precision Agriculturer******[email protected]
D**** R*******Manager, Global Factory Technology Integrationd*******[email protected]
N***** S********LifeCycle Solutions Communications Manager
K**** S********Manager, Research & Analysiss************[email protected]
C***** S*****Division Business Managerc**********[email protected]
D**** T*****Vice President, Turf & Utility Businesst*********[email protected]
B*** T******Marketing Manager - Used Equipmentt*************[email protected]
B** T****Program Managert******[email protected]
B**** V*******Public Relations Managerv***********[email protected]
B**** W****Division Sales Manager, Hitachi Construction & Mining - Americasw*********[email protected]
L***** W*****Manager, Global Internet Strategyw**********[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020